Video: 4th Kind Close Encounter in Australia

UFO - Encounters australia
Video recreation, evidence and interview of a close encounter of the 4th kind in Australia in 1993.

The Ghostly History of the Kehoe House

On one edge of Columbia Square in Savannah, Georgia, sits the massive Kehoe House, built in 1892 for William Kehoe. The Queen Anne style mansion was built as the Kehoe residence, and it showcased what William was known for in Savannah: iron. What else would the owner of an ironworks foundry use to adorn his house but cast iron railings, Corinthian columns, porches, balconies, and window moldings? The house was built for the sum of $25,000.

William Kehoe is fondly remembered by his granddaughter, Anne C. Rizert, in a November, 1969 issue of the Savannah News Press Magazine. She remembered him as “a small person but he stood tall because he had that intangible presence of a man who recognizes his own worth, knowing it was God’s graceful gift.” She goes on to say that “he was very young when he became involved in the Civil War. He had the misfortune to be poor and on the losing side but this was irrelevant to him. Irishmen always seemed to fight well for lost causes.”

Perhaps this poor Irish upbringing explains why he was so fair with his workers. One amusing story involves a worker named Woodrow, who was a ‘jack of all trades’ for the Kehoe family for many years. Woodrow had a weakness for strong drink which often landed him at the Brown Farm, a now-defunct work farm for misdemeanor offenders. Mr. Kehoe went looking for Woodrow one day at the Brown, and no one was sentenced there by that name. There was, however, someone named ‘Kehoe’, which of course Woodrow had used as a pseudonym. Rather than being insulted, Kehoe was touched that Woodrow would think enough of him to adopt him.

The Kehoe family was very large—ten children in all. This number may not include stillborn or children who died as infants or very young.

Over the years it was a private residence, but it spent the majority of the 20th century as a funeral home. Today, it is a bed and breakfast, one of the only 4-Star bed and breakfasts in the South, and the only one in Savannah. It is also quite possibly America’s only haunted 4-Star establishment.

A Tragic End for Twins?

A persistent story, perhaps legend and perhaps not, told about the Kehoe family is that twins were born into the Kehoe family, and that they supposedly died while playing in a chimney in one of the rooms. The fireplaces have all been blocked up, and decorated with angels—perhaps symbolizing the lost children. A series of hauntings have been attributed to these children. Guests on the second floor have often heard children’s laughter and small footsteps running down the hall. Some guests have even complained the next morning to the front desk, not realizing that children are strongly discouraged from staying in such a prestigious inn. Even if the rumors of the twins dying in the fireplace are not true, it would not be unusual for the sounds of children’s feet running down the halls at the Kehoe House, given the size of the Kehoe clan.

Many of the stories in the house center on the rooms 201 and 203. A guest of room 201 said she awoke in the middle of the night after feeling someone softly stroking her hair and cheek. Thinking that it was her husband, she opened her eyes to find a young child caressing her face—a child who then vanished. No word on whether her screams woke her husband!

In room 203, two sisters had an odd occurrence. One awoke feeling as if someone was sitting next to her. When she opened her eyes, she saw that her sister was sound asleep on the other side of the room, but there was an impression of someone unseen sitting right next to her on the bed.

Even the staff has had some strange incidents. A member of the front desk claims that the doorbell rang one day, even though she could clearly see that no one was there through the beautiful cut-glass door. She ignored this, thinking perhaps that it was a wiring problem. The doorbell rang a second and then a third time. She was about to call for maintenance when suddenly the door unlocked and opened by itself. She found that not only had that happened with the front door, but it had happened to all the outside doors in the house. Apparently she was dealing with a ghost that did not like to be kept waiting.

William Kehoe had a weakness for cupolas. His granddaughter Anne theorized that it was perhaps his way of “being the lord of all he surveyed. His cottage at Tybee, his foundry, (and) his home all had one and it was his private preserve for meditation and escape.” This may explain why the cupola’s window in the Kehoe House is frequently lit long after dusk. The staff professes no desire to go up into the drafty rafters of the old house, so perhaps it is William, once again feeling like the lord of his domain.

One night a tour guide was passing by the northern side of the Kehoe House with her tour group, and she heard the voice of a little boy, who said, “Play... come play with me.” She simply assumed that she was imagining things, until a member of her tour cried out, “Oh my God, did you just hear that?” The guide simply turned back towards her tour and smiled—it was not the first time strange things had happened on one of her tours. All of the tour goers had heard the disembodied voice of the small boy.

Perhaps the scariest story involving the Kehoe House has nothing to do with ghosts. The house was bought in 1980 by Joe Namath, former New York Jets quarterback (and celebrated pitchman for pantyhose). The persistent rumor is that ‘Broadway Joe’, as he was called, planned on turning the Kehoe House into nightclub and disco. The residents around Columbia Square voiced an outcry, and the planned nighttime hotspot never materialized. The conservative families around Columbia Square apparently did not have Boogie Fever, and there is a chance they would have turned Joe Namath’s nightclub into a Disco Inferno. Burn, baby burn, indeed. However, as an investment for Namath, the house did very well: bought in 1980 for $80,000, the house sold in 1989 for $530,000.

Haunting in Deadwood: Bullock's Hotel

People in Deadwood say the old brothels are haunted, but they certainly don’t have a monopoly on the city’s ghost stories. Many people have reported seeing ghostly apparitions in Deadwood’s historic hotels over the years. Nowhere is this more true than at the Bullock Hotel on the corner of Main and Wall Streets.Completed in 1896, the Bullock was constructed by its namesake - steely-eyed sheriff Seth Bullock, who came to Deadwood in 1876 as a lawman and entrepreneur. He did very well, becoming accomplished in everything from politics to ranching. Bizarrely, it was being a good rancher that led him to meet Theodore Roosevelt. The pair remained good friends all their lives.

Bullock died in 1919, but his hotel lived on, getting a ghostly reputation in the process. Deadwood citizens became convinced that these paranormal experiences were the fault of Seth’s ghost. The stories became so well-known that NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries did a segment on them back in the early 1990s. I don’t think I’ve seen the show since it was first on, and I didn’t really expect to see it again. I should have known that TV never dies, because there’s Robert Stack up on YouTube, in all his narrating glory. If you’ve got a few minutes, kick back and watch the episode - it lays out the story very well.

People still say the Bullock Hotel is haunted, as guests and employees continue to share first-hand experiences. As far as I know, none of them have been negative. In fact, some people find comfort in the idea that the ghost of Seth Bullock might still be on duty in Deadwood.

Yvette Fielding to Launch 'Paranormal Channel'

Television paranormal guru Yvette Fielding is launching her own channel, she has revealed.

The former Blue Peter presenter - who has spent recent years hunting ghosts for Living TV's Most Haunted - said the channel would begin broadcasting on Sky on June 9th.

The Paranormal Channel is operated by Monster Pictures Limited, a company owned by Fielding and Karl Beattie, her cameraman husband.

"We are putting on air, on June 9, the very first paranormal channel in Great Britain," said Fielding, speaking on last night's Paul O'Grady Show.

"[It will be] available on Sky [and feature] anything from Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle, through to ghosts. We are putting it on 24 hours a day, so just tune in and enjoy."

Paul Mady, who has been developing the channel for Monster Pictures, said it was looking for carriage on other TV services, though talks are at an early stage. Initially it will be available as a free-to-view channel through satellite only.

Mady told Digital Spy that the channel would feature original programming from Fielding's Antix Productions as well as recent and older archive material.

"It is very much about covering the whole genre, independent of what they are doing for LivingTV and ITV," he said. The channel will initially air blocks of repeated programming.

"As we build up a following we will increase the hours of new programming and increase original programming."

The channel's position in the Sky electronic programme guide - which it expects to be in the entertainment section - will be confirmed in May.

Video: English Schoolhouse Haunting - True Story

Video describes a true haunting that occurred in an English schoolhouse in 1988.

Video: UFO Over Plattsburgh, New York

News video of UFO reported over Plattsburgh, NY on April 21st. The actual UFO video was made by two SUNY Plattsburgh students.

Men Beat Mother to Death in Exorcism Rite

Three men have appeared in court in Ghaziabad - a suburb of India's capital Delhi - in connection with the killing of their mother, police say.

The 55-year-old woman was allegedly beaten to death by her sons who thought she was possessed by an evil spirit.

Police are investigating the incident which has shocked residents.

Though similar incidents are sometimes reported from rural India, such a crime being allegedly committed by well-educated city people is rare.

'Knocking her head'

"A case has been filed under a law relating to culpable homicide not amounting to murder," Senior Superintendent of Police in Ghaziabad, Deepak Ratan, told the BBC.

He said four people, including three sons of the woman, were arrested on Sunday.

Mr Ratan said the sons were well educated - one has an engineering diploma while the other is studying business management. The third is a senior school student.

The sons said they started beating their mother in order to rid her of the evil spirit of a relative who died a few months ago, Mr Ratan said.

The incident took place during a family gathering when, according to eyewitnesses, the mother started behaving strangely, knocking her head against the wall in front of the guests.


Police said they had reports that the woman was mentally unstable.

The incident has horrified the neighbours.

In remote rural India, sometimes women are branded as witches are killed, but what many find shocking is that such a crime has been allegedly committed by well-educated people so close to the capital Delhi.

Experts say a majority of mental illnesses, even in urban India, are passed off as a result of being possessed by evil spirits and the patients in most cases are never offered any treatment.

Reports suggest nearly 1% of India's over one billion population suffer from serious mental illnesses, while another 10% suffer from some degree of mental health problems.

Experts also point out that with only 3,500 trained psychiatrists available in the country there is an acute shortage of specialist help.

Tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony to be Uncovered

Archaeologists have revealed plans to uncover the 2000 year-old tomb of ancient Egypt's most famous lovers, Cleopatra and the Roman general Mark Antony later this year.

Zahi Hawass, prominent archaeologist and director of Egypt's superior council for antiquities announced a proposal to test the theory that the couple were buried together.

He discussed the project in Cairo at a media conference about the ancient pharaohs.

Hawass said that the remains of the legendary Egyptian queen and her Roman lover, Mark Antony, were inside a temple called Tabusiris Magna, 30 kilometres from the port city of Alexandria in northern Egypt.

Until recently access to the tomb has been hindered because it is under water, but archaeologists plan to drain the site so they can begin excavation in November.

Among the clues to suggest that the temple may contain Cleopatra's remains is the discovery of numerous coins with the face of the queen.

According to Hawas, Egyptologists have also uncovered a 120-metre-long underground tunnel with many rooms, some of which could contain more details about Cleopatra.

Born in Rome, Mark Antony was a military general and commander, as well as supporter of Julius Caesar. He was also Cleopatra's lover and bore him a son, called Caesarion.

After Julius Caesar's assassination in March 44 B.C., Antony formed a triumvirate with Octavian, also known as Augustus, and Marcus Lepidus.

Civil war ensued in Rome due to disagreements between Antony and Octavian, who was Julius Caesar's heir and who later became Rome's first emperor.

Antony was subsequently defeated by Octavian and he later committed suicide.

Cleopatra, who came to power at 18 years of age, was once the ruler of Egypt and considered the last of seven queens of the same name.

She was famous for her intelligence, her beauty and her political power.

Cleopatra who also bore Mark Antony twins, committed suicide after his death in August 30 B.C.

The 'Red Rain of Southern India' Mystery

The 'Red Rain of Southern India' anomaly mystery. The living cells in the rain had strange properties and some considered it extraterrestrial. Conventional wisdom suggests that it was nothing more than a type of red algae though it could not be proven either way.

Bizarre Practice: Baby Tossing In Solapur, India

Religious traditions around the world vary in their levels of quirkiness - but rarely do they involve throwing infants off the side of buildings.

One exception however, is the case of the small town of Solapur, Maharashtra, India. In this town, chucking infants from tall towers to test the health of their children, is the norm.

While the practice to most people would seem extreme and dangerous, the devotees strongly believe that the ritual will not harm their children.

"It's our family tradition and so we follow it" a devotee said.

And while the bizarre practice may not have drawn any casualties so far, Indian rationalists are protesting the activity on the grounds that it endangers the lives of children.

“Such bizarre rituals should be banned and the state government should intervene. Such practices are a challenge to our sensibilities and the basic concept of common well-being,” President of Rationalist International Sanal Edamaruku said.

Off The Wall says: This is an Off The Wall story that is quite literally, Off The Wall. We are certain however, that the safety-in-numbers strong hold of The Indian Rationalists will be able to stop this bizarre practice promptly.

Exorcist Beckoned For Hostile Pub Spirit

An exorcist was called in to purge a haunted pub after it was claimed a ghost tried to kill a barmaid and her brother.

Ghostbuster Ian Lawman, 39, had to take drastic action against the violent poltergeist, believed to be a former landlord at the 230-year-old Crown Inn pub in Farnham Common.

Lainie Rutter and her brother, Mitchell, have been living in fear in a small flat at the pub. They struggled to get a night’s sleep after furniture mysteriously moved across the floor, and shelves fell off the wall.

The final straw came for pub owner Mike Orme when a fire broke out and a terrified manager refused to live at the Crown Lane local because of the bizarre goings on.

Mr Orme, said: “I have been here for about two years and strange things have happened the entire time. A flat on the premises constantly had CD-racks falling from the wall in the middle of the night and when an electrical fire broke out in Mitch’s room, we decided to call on the help of a television programme the ‘Living with the Dead’ to help us deal with the problem.”

A seance was ordered by Mr Lawman, a member of the Christian spiritualist church which believes in life after death.

Miss Rutter, 20, from Burnham said: “When we called the medium in to conduct the seance, we found out that the spirit was a former landlord of the pub who had tried to commit suicide in the room which is now our flat.

“He used really bad language and said that he hated all women and wanted to take Mitch’s body because it was young and strong.

“It was always quite nerve-wracking knowing we had a ghost in our flat, but to find out that it was a hostile spirit determined to kill us – that was terrifying.”

Mr Lawman who carried out the seance and exorcism last month, said: “When I got to the room I instantly noticed poltergeist energy, which is always negative.

“At first I was going to use the Ouija board, but the spirit became aggressive and hurled a roulette wheel and chips across the room. This obviously spooked everyone and we decided to have a seance instead.

“When he was asked why he had done that, he replied that he did not want anyone to succeed and profit in the pub because he had failed. The spirit was a former landlord in 1904 who had become bankrupt and lost everything, including his family.

He decided to hang himself, but failed at the first attempt, but eventually hung himself a few days later in the old cellar, which has now been shut off.

“Once an exorcism has been completed, the spirit is usually gone for good, though there can still be some residual energy remaining for a few weeks.”

Exorcisms date back hundreds of years and are usually performed by qualified people with strong beliefs, such as religious figures or psychics.

UFO Mystery in Decatur, Alabama

What was it last night around Decatur that had people talking?

Friday night and into today, our newsroom has been flooded with people inquiring about a strange sighting in the western sky.

What did people see?

What we do know is that an object was in the sky that night. What it was is the focus of tonight's WAFF 48 Investigators Report.

"I saw it coming thru the sky back that way and it".

Cody Terry was driving by the Aquadome Recreation Center Friday night in Decatur when he happened to look up in the sky and he notice something strange.

When it was coming through the sky, I really thought it was an airplane that lost control so I came to a complete stop on the road. When I got out and looked at it was no sound coming from it."

No sound, and he says it didn't appear to be an aircraft.

"It speed up to maybe two hundred miles per hour it went straight to the ground and disappeared."

Some people say they saw Med-Flight back here but some people say they saw something else.

Cody says he saw three military helicopters in the air and ambulance on the ground.

"We saw what was in the ambulance and to me it looked like what was a giant pearl and it was shiny. It put off kind of like a diamond type reflection on it"."

For now what ever was in the sky will remain a mystery.

WAFF 48 talked to the director of Med-Flight about an hour ago and he did confirm they had one helicopter in the area and no other helicopters were in the air around that time.

He also says one of his pilots saw a meteorite in the sky last night.

Video: The Mystery of the Mothman

Post with video: On the night of November 15, 1966, two married couples from Point Pleasant Steve and Mary Mallete as well as Roger and Linda Scarberry were travelling. They passed an abandoned WWII TNT factory which was called the West Virginia Ordnance Works. There, they observed two red lights in the darkness. They stopped the car. The lights ended up belonging to a creature. The lights were eyes. The creature was described as being "shaped like a man, but bigger, maybe six and a half or seven feet tall, with big wings folded against its back."

Video: Anomaly In Elting Memorial Library

This video clip from the security camera was recorded in the oldest part of the Elting Memorial Library in New Paltz, New York last October 25, 2007. It shows what observers have described variously as a ghost, an anomaly, even an "electro quark plasma field."

Satan, Not Driver, Guilty In Deadly Crash

A woman who told police Satan was driving her car after she killed a mother and daughter has been cleared of causing death by dangerous driving.

Jane Malkin, 51, and Nicole Townshend, 24, were hit by the car when it mounted the pavement in Saffron Lane, Leicester, in January last year.

The jury at Leicester Crown Court cleared Gemma Montanaro, 41, by reason of insanity.

Ms Montanoro will be made the subject of an order of the court.

The court heard before the collision, Ms Montanaro had been seen by witnesses driving on the wrong side of the road and through red lights at speeds of up to 70mph.

The Vauxhall Astra turned over in the collision but the defendant climbed out of the vehicle and ran from the scene, the jury heard.

Arrested a short time later, a police officer asked her if she was the driver of the car involved in the crash. The defendant replied "Yeah, sort of".

She told investigators, "Somebody had their foot on my foot and their hand on my hand - it wasn't me driving, it was Satan".

A child was also slightly injured and a second child and a woman escaped unhurt during the incident.

The jury took just 15 minutes to deliver its verdict after hearing claims she was insane at the time of the crash.

Independent review

In a police interview, she claimed she had been in the grip of schizophrenia when her car hit the pavement and killed the two women instantly.

Home treatment staff, based at Leicester Royal Infirmary, released Ms Montanaro when she sought their help the day before the collision, despite the concerns of psychiatrists, the court heard.

Giving evidence, psychiatrist Dr Susan Smith said: "I would say she was severely unwell because she was so out of touch with reality she was unable to converse with people.

"My opinion was that she should have been admitted to hospital." she said.

The NHS East Midlands Strategic Health Authority has decided to conduct an independent review.

Ms Montanaro has been ordered to return to Leicester Crown Court on 27 June to be made subject of an order of the court.

Video: Ghostly Image of Prostitute

St Bathans is a meagre shithole in Central Otago, South Island (New Zealand). Used to be a happenin' gold rushin' whore fillin' town back in the day, and in Room One of the Vulcan Hotel a prostitute haunts the premises. This unfortunate soul is aggressive and bitter, and wrecks havoc for anyone who stays the night in her room. In other words, the Vulcan Hotel, particularly Room One, is haunted by a man hating, colonial hooker who will try anything she can to scare you away from the premises.

Video: Was This An Actual Alien Abuction?

Supposed video of an alien abduction. Security camera seems to capture the dissappearence and reappearence of an employee.

Maine Hair Salon Ghostly Activity Impresses Paranormal Investigators

Ghost hunters think there is indeed something funny going on at Lori Higgins' Jack & Jill Hair Fashions on Main Street.

It gives the customers something more to smile about, anyway.

While exploring the building, at the invitation of its owner, founders of the Maine Ghost Hunters Society say they found what they call "an extensive amount of evidence indicating high amounts of paranormal activity."

Digital photos exhibited by South Gardiner ghost hunters Julie Velez and Robin Coleman show what they call "orbs" floating in a room.

They claim that digital-sound recordings taken from the salon, and posted on the group's Web site, capture an unearthly voice asking for help.

When Velez and Coleman posed a question to the air, asking what year it was, they say a voice answered "1791." They posted what they call a recording of that response on the Society's Web site.

But there's more.

Another voice was recorded as saying "We like it here," the ghost hunters say.

Unexplained activity began occurring at the 150 Main St. location in August 2004, Higgins said, when she began remodeling the store front in the brick Masonic building.

Loud squeals, moving furniture, unintelligible sounds and mysteriously moving objects were experienced by Higgins and her customers, she said.

After seeing a 2006 Morning Sentinel article online about Higgins' claims, Velez and Colman contacted Higgins for permission to poke around.

The Society, currently with seven members, was founded last year. The group has posted its adventures in what they call haunted homes in Gardiner and in Monmouth, as well as the Fairfield location.

Society members said they used "electromagnetic field detectors" to reveal the presence of an entity perhaps trying to materialize for them. They also said they detected unexplained noises, movements and temperature drops.

As for the 1791 date, Mark McPheters of the Fairfield Historical Society said the brick structure where Jack & Jill is located on the ground floor -- the Masonic Building -- was constructed circa 1900.

"Before that, there were wooden stores side-by-side from when the town was built," McPheters said. "Fairfield was founded in 1788. Buildings were put along the street, shoe stores, harnesses and a hardware store at the corner, whatever people needed."

Velez and Coleman "were really very impressed in what we got," Velez said. "We would like to come back to do some further investigating."

Russian Tourist Photographs UFO in South London

A foreign student on a sightseeing spree in South London has claimed to have seen and photographed a UFO.

Anastasiya Gavrilenko from Russia insists that she had seen and captured the mysterious object speeding through the sky while walking through a park in Croydon, south London.

I went to the park because I wanted to take some nice photos in England. But then I heard something in the sky. I looked up and noticed this thing in the sky, The Sun quoted Gavrilenko, as saying.

It was quite large and moving really fast. It was size of a plane but did not look like one it looked more like a big mushroom, she added.

Gavrilenko said that she was stunned to see her snaps.

I never believed in things like UFOs before I took this picture but now I think they could be true, she said.

Audio: The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Real Exorcism of Anneliese Michel
From her birth on the 21st of September, 1952, Anneliese Michel enjoyed the life of a normal, religiously nurtured young girl. Without warning, her life changed on a day in 1968 when she began shaking and found she was unable to control her body. She could not call out for her parents, Josef and Anna, or any of her 3 sisters. A neurologist at the Psychiatric Clinic Wurzburg diagnosed her with "Grand Mal" epilepsy. Because of the strength of the epileptic fits, and the severity of the depression that followed, Anneliese was admitted for treatment at the hospital.

Soon after the attacks began, Anneliese started seeing devilish grimaces during her daily praying. It was the fall of 1970, and while the young people of the world were enjoying the liberal freedoms of the time, Anneliese was battling with the belief that she was possessed. It seemed there was no other explanation for the appearance of devilish visions during her prayers. Voices also began following her, saying Anneliese will "stew in hell". She mentioned the "demons" to the doctors only once, explaining that they have started to give her orders. The doctors seem unable to help, and Anneliese lost hope that medicine was going to be able to cure her.

In the summer of 1973, her parents visited different pastors to request an exorcism. Their requests were rejected and they were given recommendations that the now 20 year old Anneliese should continue with medication and treatment. It was explained that the process by which the Church proves a possession (Infestatio) is strictly defined, and until all the criteria are met, a Bishop can not approve an exorcism. The requirements, to name a few, include an aversion to religious objects, speaking in a language the person has never learned, and supernatural powers.

In 1974, after supervising Anneliese for some time, Pastor Ernst Alt requested a permit to perform the exorcism from the Bishop of Wurzburg. The request was rejected, and a recommendation soon followed saying that Anneliese should live even more of a religious lifestyle in order to find peace. The attacks did not diminish, and her behavior become more erratic. At her parents' house in Klingenberg, she insulted, beat, and began biting the other members of her family. She refused to eat because the demons would not allow it. Anneliese slept on the stone floor, ate spiders, flies, and coal, and even began drinking her own urine. She could be heard screaming throughout the house for hours while breaking crucifixes, destroying paintings of Jesus, and pulling apart rosaries. Anneliese began committing acts of self-mutilation at this time, and the act of tearing off her clothes and urinating on the floor became commonplace.

After making an exact verification of the possession in September 1975, the Bishop of Wurzburg, Josef Stangl, assigned Father Arnold Renz and Pastor Ernst Alt with the order to perform "The Great Exorcism" on Anneliese Michel. The basis for this ritual was the "Rituale Romanum", which was still, at the time, a valid Cannon Law from the 17th century. It was determined that Anneliese must be saved from the possession by several demons, including Lucifer, Judas Iscariot, Nero, Cain, Hitler, and Fleischmann, a disgraced Frankish Priest from the 16th century, and some other damned souls which had manifested through her. From September '75 until July '76, one or two exorcism sessions were held each week. Anneliese's attacks were sometimes so strong that she would have to be held down by 3 men, or even chained up. During this time, Anneliese found her life somewhat return to normal as she could again go to school, take final examinations at the Pedagogic Academy in Wurzburg, and go to church.

The attacks, however, did not stop. In fact, she would more often find herself paralyzed and falling unconscious than before. The exorcism continued over many months, always with the same prayers and incantations. Sometimes family members and visitors, like one married couple that claims to have "discovered" Anneliese, would be present during the rituals. For several weeks, Anneliese denied all food. Her knees ruptured due to the 600 genuflections she performed obsessively during the daily exorcism. Over 40 audio tapes record the process, in order to preserve the details.

The last day of the Exorcism Rite was on June 30th, 1976, and Anneliese was suffering at this point from Pneumonia. She was also totally emaciated, and running a high fever. Exhausted and unable to physically perform the genuflections herself, her parents stood in and helped carry her through the motions. "Beg for Absolution" is the last statement Anneliese made to the exorcists. To her mother, she said, "Mother, I'm afraid." Anna Michel recorded the death of her daughter on the following day, July 1st, 1976, and at noon, Pastor Ernst Alt informed the authorities in Aschaffenburg. The senior prosecutor began investigating immediately.

A short time before these final events unfolded, William Friedkin's "The Exorcist" (1974) came to the cinemas in Germany, bringing with it a wave of paranormal hysteria that flooded the nation. Psychiatrists all over Europe reported an increase of obsessive ideas among their patients. Prosecutors took more than 2 years to to take Annaliese's case to court, using that time to sort through the bizarre facts. Anneliese's parents and the two exorcists were accused of negligent homocide. The "Klingenberg Case" would be decided upon two questions: What caused the death of Anneliese Michel, and who was responsible?

According the forensic evidence, "Anneliese starved to death". Specialists claimed that if the accused would have begun with forced feeding one week before her death, Anneliese's life would have been saved. One sister told the court that Anneliese did not want to go to a mental home where she would be sedated and forced to eat. The exorcists tried to prove the presence of the demons, playing taped recordings of strange dialogues like that of two demons arguing about which one of them would have to leave Anneliese's body first. One of the demons called himself Hitler, and spoke with a Frankish accent (Hitler was born in Austria). Not one of those present during the exorcism ever had a doubt about the authenticity of the presence of these demons.

The psychiatrists, who had been ordered to testify by the court, spoke about the "Doctrinaire Induction". They said that the priests had provided Anneliese with the contents of her psychotic behavior. Consequentially, they claimed, she later accepted her behavior as a form of demonic possession. They also offered that Anneliese's unsettled sexual development, along with her diagnosed Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, had influenced the psychosis.

The verdict was considered by many as not as harsh as they expected. Anneliese's parents, as well as the exorcists, were found guilty of manslaughter resulting from negligence and omitting first aid. They were sentenced to 6 months in jail and probation. The verdict included the opinion of the court that the accused should have helped by taking care of the medical treatment that the girl needed, but instead, their use of naive practices aggravated Anneliese's already poor constitution.

A commission of the German Bishop-Conference later declared that Anneliese Michel was not possessed, however, this did not keep believers from supporting her struggles, and it was because so many believed in her that Anneliese's body did not find peace with death. Her corpse was exhumed eleven and a half years after her burial, only to confirm that it had decayed as would have been expected under normal circumstances. Today, her grave remains a place of pilgrimage for rosary-praying and for those who believe that Anneliese Michel bravely fought the devil.

In 1999, Cardinal Medina Estevez presented journalists in Vatican-City the new version of the "Rituale Romanum" that has been used by the Catholic Church since 1614. The updates came after more than 10 years of editing and is called "De exorcismis et supplicationibus quibusdam" otherwise known as "The exorcism for the upcoming millennium". The Pope approbated the new Exorcism Rite, which is now allowed for worldwide use. This new form of exorcism came after the German Bishop-Conference demanded to ultimately abolish the "Rituale Romanum". It also came more than 20 years after Anneliese Michel had died.

Searching for Bigfoot in Fresno County, California

Whether you want to believe it or not, there are a lot of people in Central California who think they've had a brush with a Bigfoot, or Sasquatch.

Many won't talk about it for fear of being ridiculed. But others are convinced they are real, and think science is about to prove they really do exist.

Lurking in the forests of the high Sierra are people, like Bill Compton. A cell phone salesman during the week, he spends many weekends in search of the elusive Bigfoot. He says," I truly believe there is a bi-pedal primate roaming the terrain. I've seen too many footprints, seen beasts walk away from me on two legs that look like giant, hairy animals."

Bill and his partners regularly search an area in the Sequoia National Forest in Southeastern Fresno County. Bills tells us," In that area we've had a lot of activity, that's why we constantly go back to it." Local hunters and hikers have reported Bigfoot like sightings, along with what they think are the sounds and smells of the creature on the website of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization. 17 alleged Bigfoot encounters are listed in Fresno County. Web sites like this are full of pictures, videos and supposed eyewitness accounts.

Such stories are no surprise to the Native American tribes living in the Sierra. To them Bigfoot was just like the bear, mountain lions, wolves and coyotes. Ron Goode of the North Fork band of Mono Indians tells us, "We have an understanding that Bigfoot was here, is here. That he once he existed. The Mono's have two names for him. One that was in the mountains, Kooseekoosnow, and then one for the foothills is Kakownow, Kakownah." Goode says he hasn't seen a Bigfoot, but thinks he smelled one. "It had kind of followed me along and really scared the heck out of me because I was running for a little bit and I could smell this thing and it smelled terrible."

Another encounter near North Fork involved not smell, but sound. Susan Larson, an accountant believes she heard a Bigfoot outside her window one night. She says, "The scream was so scary, that you would no way in your right mind go out that door and go looking for it, and it's a shame I didn't have the guts."

Susan says she didn't know she'd heard a Bigfoot, until listening to a recording on a Bigfoot web site. Listening to the sound, "Ooooappp....ooooapp..." She tells us, "That's exactly what I heard."

She later took pictures of footprints she thinks could belong to Bigfoot, or maybe a bear. Casts of footprints, along with pictures, videos and other Bigfoot evidence is on display for all to see at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum near Santa Cruz. Museum owner and curator Michael Rugg says, "We are trying to come up with definitive proof that there are Bigfoot out there."

Rugg has wanted to prove Bigfoot lives ever since he saw one as a kid, while camping with his parents along a creek in Humboldt County. He recalled the incident. "Stepped out on a sandbar and there was a great big hairy man standing there looking at me and I looked at him and he looked down at me." The creature ran off when Rugg's parents called out to him. Rugg says he didn't realize he'd seen a Bigfoot until years later. After retiring as a graphic artist he opened the museum to help further Bigfoot research.

One of the few academically credentialed scientists who will acknowledge the possibility Bigfoot exists is Jeff Meldrum. A biology professor at Idaho State University in Pocatello. His book, "Sasquatch, Legend Meets Science," has been cited in some of the most recent documentaries on Bigfoot. He believes he has almost found a scientific basis for the legendary creature from a site in Ontario, Canada. Meldrum says,"We collected tissue, the remains of blood as well as muscle tissue as well as some hairs." Meldrum explains the creature stepped on a board with screws in it, leaving the flesh behind, giving researchers a sample from which to obtain DNA for testing. He says a preliminary test indicated a feature in a strand of DNA that appeared to put the creature somewhere between a human and chimpanzee.

Meldrum admits much more DNA testing is needed, but, says he thinks there's something out there. He says," Based on all the evidence I have seen it suggests this is an unrecognized species of great ape."

That however, is not a conclusion shared by most of the scientific community. Stephen Lewis is a professor of Earth Sciences at California State University Fresno. A Geologist he teaches a course on popular myths masquerading as science. He puts Bigfoot in the same category as UFO's and Power Crystals. He says, "This whole Bigfoot topic is what can be classified as pseudo science." He adds," There's really no credible evidence that's ever been turned up that a giant six hundred pound hairy, hominid creature, man-like except bigger, inhabits the Pacific Northwest, or Fresno County or anywhere else. There's just no evidence of that."

Many Bigfoot believers say "what more could you need?" They believe the evidence, from Indian legends to eyewitness accounts, along with film and videos is already overwhelming. But even those on Bigfoot's trail, like Bill Compton of Fresno, admit the absolute proof they need may be very hard to come by. He says, "We go to investigate and can't find anything. Very mysterious, it drives us nuts. " But he says, "I truly believe we have them in the Central Valley. Bigfoot's, and it will come out, someday."

The obvious question is, "Why can't anyone seem to find a real Bigfoot, dead or alive?"

The Native Americans believe the creatures live and die hidden underground, in tunnels and caves that run for hundreds of miles through the Sierra, and only come out to feed now and then. Others believe they're just too smart to be discovered. With the sensory skills of wild animals, and near human intelligence, they are presumably, incredibly elusive.

It will take actually finding one to convince skeptics they exist, but as long as there's no way to prove they don't exist, some people will keep looking for and believing in Bigfoot.

Paranormal Investigation of the Welland Historical Museum

"Get out and stay out," said a low, whispering voice. "Help me," said another.

Yesterday when the Welland Historical Museum closed its doors for the day, the Niagara Area Paranormal Society sat down with director John Robertson to reveal findings that they say prove spirits roam the museum building.

They also had some stories of unusual occurrences that happened to their team during more than four hours of investigation.

On April 5, six members of the paranormal team went to museum to hunt for ghosts with a slew of equipment like digital recorders, infrared cameras, electromagnetic field meters, infrared thermometers, and laptops.

"We had some personal experiences," said investigator Carol Taylor. "We didn't capture it on video unfortunately."

One investigator, she said, was setting up equipment in the children's art room when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He turned to a white dry eraser board, which had its top corner's taped to the wall and it "flew off at him," said Taylor. It was unusual, since it should have fallen or slid off the counter if it was just a matter of it being off balance, she said.

"I asked John about it and he told me it's never moved in the two years he's been here," she said. The board has now been screwed to the wall.

Another member of the team, she said, went downstairs to the basement to use the washroom when she saw a ball, similar to a ping-pong ball, hit the floor and roll.

"We looked for it after but we couldn't find the ball," she said.

With all the video footage, Taylor said there was nothing unusual captured, but the team has more than 90 EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recordings that have clips of what they believe to be voices of the mischievous spirits that have routinely played pranks on museum staff.

When the team recorded the audio, Taylor said at times they asked a question then waited for a response. While they may not have heard anything at the time, when they played back the tape, an answer can be heard.

Taylor said she did hear what she thought was someone whisper her name. She made a note of it, then went back to check the recording and heard "Carol" when none of the team members were speaking.

"We did end up with voices that were interactive," she said. "We did get answers to some of our questions. Some are very clear."

Voices can be heard saying things such as: "Dave, are you in the room"; "I found you"; "Where are they"; and "Hey, get over here."

No one knows a Dave, Gloria or Larry but those names were picked up on the recordings, said Taylor.

The team did hear mumbling, whispering, giggling and even a key being played on the piano when no one was there. They played numerous EVP recordings for Robertson yesterday. At times only a word can be made out, a few words or an unexplained noise is picked up.

"A couple of the voices were very clear," said Robertson. "The growling voice ... a goose bump raiser that was."

Robertson said the thought of spirits in the museum is something staff have come to terms with. They all believe there is a male spirit who seems more of a prankster, by mysteriously moving objects from one place to another. Museum staff have nicknamed the spirit Tom Foolery, he said.

"I've been in the heritage business for a long time, I've never been in a place that wasn't haunted," Robertson said. "For us, it's educational."

Robertson said it helps to confirm staff's suspicions that they're not entirely alone when they are working on exhibits or walking through the building. Yesterday, Robertson said the staff was trying to put together a new exhibit and everything that could go wrong did.

"There was a lot of finger wagging. We're trying to put together an exhibit for Saturday and everything's falling apart," said Robertson. Staff, he said, have been telling their spirit friend Tom that "enough is enough."

Black Leopard Roaming Lake Placid, New York

A black leopard (or jaguar) was sighted Saturday morning off Schaefer Road in Keene.

“Honey, I think there is a bear in the compost,” said Tsermaa Plumley around 9:30 a.m. as she listened to the sounds coming in from the outside.

“It’s too early in the season for bears,” said Dan. “Maybe it’s a fisher.”

“I heard something in the compost,” said Tsermaa to me the next day. “For some reason I looked through the window and I said, ‘It’s a huge black cat!’”

That got Dan’s attention. He got up, looked out the window and saw a huge cat. Really huge. “Stay where you are,” he said, heading down the stairs to grab his camera and race outside.

“It was walking around very slowly,” said Tsermaa. “Just roaming around. It had this very large and long tail that would wave slowly from side to side. Swish, swish. I was watching him walk on our driveway. Dan came out. He was looking for the cat but he couldn’t see him.”

“He came so close,” said their daughter Evella. “The cat was behind him.”

“The cat was just sitting there and started washing his face,” said Tsermaa. “Evella and I started yelling. The animal heard the distant noise. His ears perked up. He got attentive. Then he spotted Dan.”

“It was freaky,” said Evella. “My dad was so close to it.”

“I got a perfect view of its shoulders. They rolled when it walked. Its tail was so long. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at,” said Tsermaa.

“Clearly someone must have let it go,” said Dan. “This must have been an exotic pet that had gotten too big for its owners. Either they let it go or it escaped. Had I known it was going to hang around I would have brought the camera upstairs and photographed it from there. It had to be four and a half to five feet long from its head to the tail. I judged its length in comparison to the driveway. I think it didn’t hear me because I was in my bare feet.”

“It had a long and heavy tail,” said Tsermaa. “When it turned its head and saw Dan it loped off. When Dan showed me a picture of a black leopard on the Internet, I said, “’Oh my gosh. That’s it. That’s exactly what we saw.”

Some might think, a black panther, but they do not exist. Panther is the generic name for a variety of large cats, which includes cougars and leopards. Black leopards are actually not black but a very dark brown, and they are spotted, but the color of the spots and the fur is so close they tend to be thought of as being solid black. Nor are they native to the Americas; however, the black jaguar is. It can be found along the border with Mexico and, like the leopard, is not truly black but spotted and very dark brown. According to Wikipedia there have been a few sightings in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. And they tend to run about 50 inches long — about the size the Plumley family saw. Since the female’s home range is about 9 square miles and the males about 39 square miles, the Plumleys and others in Keene may have this visitor more than once.

Cougars used to live in the region. They are also known as pumas, mountain lions and panthers, amongst others. While they are still fairly well established in the west, and Canada, the Eastern cougar is rare, although sightings do occur as has happened this year a couple times near E-town. However, they are tan, not black. Western cougars get to be about 150 pounds for males and 100 for females.

Black jaguars can get bigger that that, but that’s the South American variety. They will eat most any protein ranging from beetles and rodents to fish and deer. Dusk and dawn are their favorite times to be out hunting, and they are not as nocturnal as once assumed. They tend to kill their prey by using their powerful jaws to bite through the heads. Once dead, they tend to haul prey into trees and dine on them there. So if you hear a crunching sound coming from above it could be our visitor.

“It was very powerful,” said Tsermaa. “It’s head moved from side to side as it walked.”

Is CNN Reporter An Alien Shapeshifter?

OK, this is a reach...but it is a very intriguing video. It may just be pixel distortion or a photoshop job (poster swears it's original)....or maybe not.

German Artist Needs Volunteer Willing To Die For Art

PRIZE-winning German artist Gregor Schneider has caused an uproar by launching a search for a volunteer willing to die for art.

The enfant terrible of the German cultural scene is looking for someone whose dying hours will be spent in an art gallery with the public admiring the way the light plays on the flesh of a person gasping for the last breath.

The 39-year-old artist has been concerned with death for much of his career. He gained critical acclaim for a sculpture, Hannelore Reuen, of a dead woman.

He has been hatching his latest idea since 1996, and now has a pathologist and art collector to help to find a candidate who wants to become a work of art in the final days of his or her life.

"The dying person would determine everything in advance, he would be the absolute centre of attention," said Mr Schneider.

"Everything will be done in consultation with the relatives, and the public will watch the death in an appropriately private atmosphere."

Death is commonly seen as the last taboo, although artists have been trying hard to demystify it.

Gunther von Hagens, nicknamed Doctor Death, has been travelling the world with an exhibition of plastinated corpses, showing genuine human bodies in living poses, playing chess or on horseback. The Wellcome Collection in London has an exhibition of portraits of people pictured before and after death by two German photographers.

The Schneider project, however, seems to have gone too far. It is being compared with watching executions in the US.

The influential gallery owner Beatrix Kalwa spoke for many German curators who rule out the idea of giving space to Schneider's artistic endeavour.

"Existential matters like death, birth or the act of reproduction do not belong in a museum," she said.

"There is a fundamental difference between portraying these acts in an art form, and showing them in actuality."

The head of the German hospice foundation that provides care for the terminally ill, Eugen Brysch, said: "This is pure voyeurism and makes a mockery of those who are dying."

But Schneider argues that death is already undignified and that his aim is to restore its grace.

Missouri Locals Scour the Woods for Bigfoot

To some people, the big, hairy, half-man, half-ape known as Bigfoot is pure folklore, but to others, he is a living creature who has eluded capture for far too long.

A local group of believers hopes to change that.

They are on the hunt for Bigfoot.They set up cameras in the wilderness along animal trails. On occasion, they arm themselves with shotguns and venture in, looking for large footprints and nesting spots. They otherwise keep their ears on alert for what they describe as a guttural scream that sounds like no animal they recognize.

"I have hunted all my life, here and in Colorado, and there's no sound that compares to this. It will stop you in your tracks cold. It's a really creepy sound," said Lorain Fender, the gentle-speaking grandmother who co-founded the Tri-County Bigfoot Group.

Fender relayed a story about how a couple of younger members entered the woods at night, shotguns in hand, and were sent running when they heard it. One was so frightened he dropped his shotgun. He went back to retrieve it in the daylight.

The "Tri" in the group's name encompasses Franklin, Jefferson and St. Louis counties. The group meets at 5 p.m. on the third Saturday of each month at the Great Pacific Coffee House, 220 S. First St. in Pacific. At meetings, they exchange Bigfoot stories, evaluate new evidence from around the world, and determine the game plan for the next exploration.

Members of the nine-person group encourage people with their own Bigfoot stories to join them.

"We'd like to get the word out, so more people will share their experiences, and we can compile the information," said member Annie Burnette, adding there is strength in numbers. "Sometimes it takes a group to come out without fear of ridicule."

Burnette said she has not heard the strange guttural sound. She had passed off what others have heard as an animal in pain, but now she is unsure. She wonders if Bigfoot might just be one of those undiscovered animals.

"I'm the type of person who has to see it to believe it, but I can't disqualify people who are so adamant about it," Burnette said.

"There's a lot out there that we don't know yet," she said, which is why she thinks more evidence is needed, and not the kind that can be explained away by something else.

"I would like something more concrete for my own edification," she said.

Other members are not wishy-washy about Bigfoot's existence, even if outsiders put it in the same category as UFOs, ghosts and the Loch Ness Monster.

"Just because they don't believe in it doesn't mean it doesn't exist," Fender said. "They could never convince me that he doesn't. Never. Never."

If one could judge a Bigfoot hunter on looks and demeanor, it would seem the group's sweet-natured co-founder would be more apt to welcome Bigfoot with freshly baked cookies rather than a shotgun blast, but neither is the case.

"We don't plan on shooting anything; we don't want to harm the creature," Fender said. "We just want to gather as much information as possible (and) do something nobody else has: get an actual photograph or other concrete evidence."

So far, the group has stories. Many members have heard the scream, and one reported seeing the creature many years ago in Franklin County.

"When he first saw it, he thought it was a bear standing on its hind legs. It was at least 6 feet tall," Fender said. "It was shaking a tree, and it had hands."

She said it is believed that this half-man, half-ape species travels in packs as a family. They nest in wooded, unpopulated areas near water and feed on whatever they find. She added that there are no reported cases of the creature hurting a human, but Bigfoot does not like barking dogs. She attributes at least a few dog disappearances and deaths in the area to Bigfoot.

In the hopes of catching Bigfoot on film, the group installs a "critter cam" in the woods. The camera is activated by a motion detector.

"We thought we had something one night, but it ended up being a doe," Fender said.

Group members said Bigfoot has gone undiscovered because he has heightened senses. He can hear, smell and see humans coming and go into hiding before they are caught.

Then again, numerous Bigfoot sightings from across the United States are posted at, the Web site for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. The organization boasts one of the most extensive databases on Bigfoot-related topics.

The BFRO site shows 61 reported encounters in Missouri, five of them in the tri-county area.

Anthony "Tony" Gerard, a biology instructor at Shawnee Community College in Ullin, Ill., is a former researcher for BFRO. He said scientists do not run the organization and no longer do the research, so people should be cautious when they visit the site.

He originally joined BFRO because of a lifelong fascination with monster stories. Even now, he is a crew member on "Monsterquest," a show on The History Channel.

"We need monsters," Gerard said. "The world is a sadder place without them."

Science long ago ruined his belief in the Loch Ness Monster, he said, but "I'm still holding out for Bigfoot.

"But I'm not holding my breath," he said.

Even if you take science out of the equation, he said, "I'm unconvinced that in 300 years of gun-toting American history - during which time cougars, bears and wolves were wiped out in Missouri and Illinois - that someone hasn't dragged one in."

Gerard said those animals had keen senses and couldn't escape man. Logically, if Bigfoot exists, he would have been caught, too.

He attributes the guttural scream to a barred owl.

"They make a world of sounds, and one of their screams would raise the hairs on your neck," he said.

When Gerard worked with the BFRO, people told him about their Bigfoot encounters. He recalled talking with a person whose back door was clawed by Bigfoot.

He asked the person, "What makes you think it wasn't a bear?" The person replied, "We don't have bears here."

At that moment, Gerard thought to himself, "But you have Bigfoot?"

He said a few sightings seemed plausible, mostly due to a string of coincidences and the witnesses' demeanor. In those cases, "I can't dismiss the sincere people who saw or heard something they are quite certain about," he said. "Something was going on, and I don't know what."

It is likely that believers will always believe, Gerard said, because a negative can't be proved.

On the other hand, if someone presents a body, the scientific world might recognize Bigfoot as a species rather than folklore.

The scientist recommended that the group keep doing its thing.

"It can't hurt, and it's a lot of fun," he said. "If they come up with any evidence, good footprints or pictures, I'd love to see it."

Brookline, New Hampshire Fisherman Claims Alligator Snapped At Him

A Brookline fisherman is claiming he caught something unexpected at Melendy Pond on Tuesday night -- a 5-foot alligator.

The man said the alligator lunged at him and tried to bite him before swimming into the pond.

"He was over here on the other side fishing, and he was jumping up and down yelling at me," resident Tom Hodgson said. He was yelling something about catching something out here."

Police said the fisherman said he had it on his line, waiting for officers to arrive, but the line snapped and the animal went back into the pond.

Fish and Game Department officials investigated on Wednesday. They said they didn't have a chance to speak to the fisherman directly, but they got the story through the police department.

"I don't know how close it was to him," Fish and Game Officer Todd Szewczyk said. "A lot of times when we get reports like this, it's a snapping turtle, not an alligator. I don't know how close it was when it was seen. When the police officer arrived from Brookline, the line was broken off, and he didn't get a chance to see it."

Szewczyk checked the pond's shoreline. He said an alligator could not have survived the winter and could only recently have been dumped in the water.

"The water temperatures are 50 degrees, and if it were here, it would be on shore, and we have not been able to find it yet today," Szewczyk said.

Fish and Game officials said they can't say conclusively that there is no alligator, but they couldn't find one or any evidence of one when they searched.

Poltergeist Activity Video

Very interesting poltergeist activity video including demonolgists Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Michelle Williams Claims Visits By Heath Ledger's Ghost

Heath Ledger's former lover claims she is being haunted by his ghost.

Actress Michelle Williams told friends that Ledger, who died aged 28 of an accidental drug overdose in January, had twice visited her as a 'shadowy apparition'.

The first time, she was woken at night after hearing furniture move.

In another 'visitation', she said he apologised to her for not being there to help raise their two-year-old daughter, Matilda.

Williams, 27, claimed the hauntings helped her grieve.

Florida Woman Discovers 8-Foot Alligator In Kitchen

An eight-foot alligator walked through the living room, down a hall and into the kitchen of a 69-year-old woman before she realized the reptile was in her house and called authorities.

Sandra Frost, who lives east of Tampa, said she heard a noise coming from the kitchen at about 10:30 p.m. on Monday night.

Frost said the gator must have pushed through the back porch screen door and gone inside through an open sliding glass door. Seems the alligator was trying to make a meal of Frost's cat.

A trapper with Animal Capture of Florida removed the alligator, which had been cut when a plate was knocked to the ground. Frost and her cat were not injured.

Drake University Dorm Under Ghostly Investigation

Tony Tandeski ( J4), an assistant residence hall coordinator for Drake University, crawled into bed in his Herriott Hall apartment after a long day of classes and meetings. Just as he was drifting off to sleep, the sound of a deep male voice startled him back to consciousness.

"Just shut it!" the voice demanded.

Positive that his apartment was empty, Tandeski attempted to rationalize the strange voice. Maybe it was the residents on the floor above him, but it didn't sound like anyone he knew.

"That is definitely not one of the freshman boys," Tandeski said.

This was just one of many curious happenings in Herriott Hall, leading residents to deem it haunted.

"People said the showers were going on and off when no one was in them, or people have reported being touched when no one is around," said Marissa Lawson ( J3), a Herriott RA.

Lawson also reported hearing the mysterious voice that Tandeski had heard in her own room at a different time. The voice told Lawson to "stop talking."

"Apparently it's demanding," Tandeski said with a laugh.

Tandeski and Lawson decided to find out what was going on, so who did they call?

The Iowa Ghost Hunters!

The Iowa Ghost Hunters, formally known as the Iowa Paranormal Advanced Research Team (IPART), are members of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, or TAPS family, known for the science fiction show "Ghost Hunters."

According to IPART's Web site, iowaghosthunters. com, the organization promises to "bring professionalism, personality and confidentiality to each case we investigate. We will then help you understand some of the nature of the problem, supplying you with the information to understand why this is happening and how little danger is actually involved."

According to their Web site, IPART usually conducts an investigation of a house - or in this case, a college dormitory - "using equipment that can measure and record the paranormal," including voice and video recorders.

"They bring cameras and set them up throughout the night," Lawson said. "Then they store (the recording) on a hard drive so they can go back and look at it later, like when things show up in pictures that you don't see before they're developed."

Tandeksi said the ghost hunters use electronic voice perception as well. "It's kind of the same thing - you go back and listen to see if you hear anything you missed before," he said.

On the night of March 15, after all the dorm's residents had left for Spring Break, about 15 IPART members trained in detecting the supernatural set up shop in Herriott Hall. While there, several of the ghost hunters saw a basement shower turn on and off seemingly of its own accord, and three others witnessed a heavy, metal trash can slide across the floor unaided. Another team member reported seeing the silhouette of a hand reaching for the door handle of a second floor fire escape.

Additional findings included an electromagnetic field over Tandeski's bed. According to the Ghost Research Foundation's Web site, an electromagnetic field occurs any time electricity passes through a wire or an appliance that is operating. When using an EMF detector, hunters must first rule out any possible sources of the field, including wiring, running appliances or nearby buildings.

"We checked under my bed and in the room for electronics that could be causing it, but there weren't any," Tandeski said. "Then when we checked above my bed again, (the EMF reading) was gone."

According to, a field that seems to move or appears and disappears while the background readings remain constant may indicate paranormal activity. There was also an unexplained, high-pitched scream during the night. The only people in the hall at the time were Lawson, Tandeski and the ghost hunters, and no one said they screamed. In fact, the ghost hunters who were upstairs at the time said they didn't even hear it, even though, according to Tandeski, the scream sounded like it came from the stairwell.

Despite the unusual occurrences, the ghost hunters will not consider anything to be definite proof of the paranormal until they analyze their footage. They collected approximately six hours of video and audio information, and it is expected to take about two weeks to examine it all.

However, Tandeski and Lawson both said they "definitely" believe in ghosts.

"Especially after everything (that's happened)," Lawson said. "I've always believed, though. And we tried explaining these things through science, but we can't."

"Yeah, we always try explaining it first," Tandeski said. "It's not like we're just jumping to conclusions. I'm a skeptic at heart."

New Reports / Video of 'Phoenix Lights'

Strange lights appeared above the Valley sky in formation on Monday night.

Witnesses reported the lights formed a vertical line, then a diamond shape, followed by a u-shape.

The lights reportedly moved from side to side and upward before disappearing one by one.

A Phoenix Police Department pilot apparently saw the lights. He is scheduled to speak with the media at 4:30 p.m. about his encounters.

Look for a LIVE update from that news conference on ABC15 News at 6 p.m. and throughout the evening here on

FAA officials told ABC15 on Tuesday that air traffic controllers in the Sky Harbor tower saw the lights, but noticed nothing on their radar, meaning it was not an aircraft.

An official with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said they checked with their command center that monitors the skies to see what is entering the Earth's atmosphere. They have no reports of anything entering the Phoenix area.

A spokesperson from Luke Air Force Base in the West Valley also told ABC15 that the pattern of these lights was not common to an F-16 and that the lights were not from Luke.

The base had no aircraft in the air at the time of the sightings, according to that spokesperson.

Residents like Tony Toporkek caught the lights on camera and shared his video with

Toporek was talking with his neighbors in north Phoenix when the lights appeared at about 8 p.m.

He grabbed his video camera and started taping.

A Tuesday morning call to Vandenberg Air Force Base on the central coast of California also confirmed they had no activity during the evening and were not tracking anything.

Officials from the Yuma Air Station, the Arizona National Guard and White Sands in New Mexico told ABC15 they had no activity Monday night.


These are the same lights that appear in the Goodyear Buckeye area at least 3 to 4 times a month; they fade then come back; there's always 3 to 4 little dots that are red.
From BostonBritt820

Have someone tell you that flares move because they don't. These things moved, I got a frantic call from a good friend of mine explaing the whole scene while I was rushing to capture them on my camcorder. They were moving in different shapes. Flares stay stationary. These WERE NOT stationary.
From Brad, Scottsdale

These lights have been appearing in the Phoenix area since 1992. They are flares attached to parachutes dropped by the air force over a local bombing range for practice exercises. They have been discussed on local TV stations numerous times.
From Annis Scott, Scottsdale, AZ

Those lights used to be common above Ft. Irwin in the desert outside of Barstow, Ca. They are flares to illuminate the ground below, are extremely bright, and can be seen for miles. The movement of the lights are just the winds aloft and the flares often do "go out" and re-ignite as they expire.
From Rick Haynes

UFO's are real. You might want to take a look at this eerie prediction made about a month ago (April 3rd) about this. He made it on the conspiracy website and everyone thought he was just another crazy kid (that's about to change).
From Corbin Bohne

We got a call from our son at about 8:00 telling us that he saw four lights in a diamond shape in the sky. by the time we saw them there was only two. I immediately grabbed my binoculars and adjusted them to bring the lights into focus. I could tell by the adjustment of the focus that they were over the city rather than out in space. Because I was using binoculars I could not tell if the moving was the lights or the unsteady binoculars but they appeared to stay in the same spot.

Before disappearing the two lights were flashing at the same frequency.
They disappeared and one came back and was flashing again. Then the flashing stopped and it faded away. We viewed them from 59th Avenue and the 101 facing East. If I had to guess I would say they were over Tom's Thumb in the McDowell Mountains. We could see them for about five to ten minutes.
From Jeff Johnson

That very same night I saw what looked like a really big falling star.
It seemed to be falling right on top of me, then poof... gone! 2:45 AM.
From Leah Walton

The strange lights in the sky look like a real Hoax! I think they are from a huge kite with lights!
From Sue in Chandler

That very same night I saw what looked like a really big falling star.
It seemed to be falling right on top of me, then poof... gone! 2:45 AM.
I live in Playa del Rey, CA.
From Leah Walton

I live in Atlanta GA, and I saw simliar lights over downtown Atlanta on March 25th this year. The pattern and movement was almost identical to what your city has seen. Have you all heard reports from other cities yet?
From Clint Hawkins

I read your story on the mysterious lights that appeared Monday night. I saw the lights as well but they were last Thursday. I don’t know why no one has reported seeing them last Thursday. I was coming home from school at ASU’s Polytechnics Campus which is on Williams Field east of Power rd. I was traveling west on Williams Field and saw four bright lights in the distance high in the air traveling away from me. At first I didn’t know what to think of them, but I was drawn to them…I couldn’t stop looking at them. They were definitely different than airplanes because they were obviously far away based on how slowly their movements were yet they were brighter than planes that were closer to me. They also moved in and out of formations. Sometimes a straight line and other times a sort of U. By the time I reached the 202 Loop on Williams Field they had disappeared. I believe this was all around 8:30pm. I have never seen anything like it before and the stories about last night’s sightings is definitely referring to the same thing I saw.
Just wanted to share.
From Jon Kistler

I saw the lights as I was driving home on the 101 freeway about 8 o'clock. They were very red and were in a straight line when I saw them.
Because I was driving in traffic I couldn't do more than occasionaly glimpse them as I was driving. They appeared to be hovering with no
discernible movement.
From Wayne Williamson, Peoria, AZ

Hello, I did not see the lights last night but last week I saw one light flying in the sky which appeard to me to be an airplane with its landing lights on, however it was not flying in the usual flight pattern that we see when they are comming in from the north into sky harbor. It was flying southeast and was very bright. I thought it was strange and my husband and I watched it for sevral minutes as it came closer. He suggested that it was a flare and we ruled that out by the way it flew horizontally across the night sky. Then we thought maybe it was a plane coming into Deer Valley airport, however it did not go east toward the airport. We watched for about 15 minutes. The sky was unbelievably clear.It flew over our home and did not have any flashing lights and it did not make a sound like aircraft we can identify. Then the light suddenly turned orange and disappeard. This happened last Wednesday night about 8. It was so strange that I got on my computer afterwards and googled disappearing lights in the sky and found many recent scenarios all across america and particulary in the western part of the US that matched identically what we saw. For what its worth!
From Shannon Kelso

My Son and I saw the lights; around 8 pm. My home is at scottsdale rd. and dynamite; the lights were in the SW sky. We saw them primarily in a vertical stacking with the top two off center from the bottom two. There seemed to be flashing that was without any particular pattern. I looked through binoculars and basically just saw perfectly round red lights. The bottom two dissapeared and then the top two stayed for a while; there was more flashing, and then the bottom one of these two dissapeared. The top one stayed a while, became faint; dissappeared and then returned briefly and was then gone.
From Jordan Perlow

Everyone I know is so interested in this story!!
Please keep investigating what these lights were and keep reporting on it. It's very interesting to all who live in the valley!
From Andrea

Sci Fi Channel Orders More 'Ghost Hunters,' 'Destination Truth'

America's foremost paranormal plumbers will have more chances to check out a haunting near you.

Sci Fi Channel has ordered 13 new episodes of "Ghost Hunters" and seven more episodes of "Destination Truth," extending their current seasons.

"Ghost Hunters," in its fourth season, follows Roto Rooter employees/investigators Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson moonlighting as ghostbusters. With their TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) team, they seek out reported hauntings and use equipment to test moving furniture, bumps in the night, mysterious voices and eerie visages to determine their ghostly authenticity.

On April 9, the episode in which a U.S. Air Force base was investigated attracted 1.8 million adults 24-54, the best ever for a Sci Fi original reality series telecast.

The show will follow up on its success with its third annual "Ghost Hunters Live" special on Halloweeen night. The show also recently launched a successful spinoff, "Ghost Hunters International."

"Destination Truth" is in its sophomore season and centers on the exotic travels of Josh Gates, who seeks to find answers to some of the world's most notorious unexplained mysteries.

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