Bizarre Practice: Baby Tossing In Solapur, India

Religious traditions around the world vary in their levels of quirkiness - but rarely do they involve throwing infants off the side of buildings.

One exception however, is the case of the small town of Solapur, Maharashtra, India. In this town, chucking infants from tall towers to test the health of their children, is the norm.

While the practice to most people would seem extreme and dangerous, the devotees strongly believe that the ritual will not harm their children.

"It's our family tradition and so we follow it" a devotee said.

And while the bizarre practice may not have drawn any casualties so far, Indian rationalists are protesting the activity on the grounds that it endangers the lives of children.

“Such bizarre rituals should be banned and the state government should intervene. Such practices are a challenge to our sensibilities and the basic concept of common well-being,” President of Rationalist International Sanal Edamaruku said.

Off The Wall says: This is an Off The Wall story that is quite literally, Off The Wall. We are certain however, that the safety-in-numbers strong hold of The Indian Rationalists will be able to stop this bizarre practice promptly.

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