Chupacabras Attack in Champoton, Mexico

Chupacabras reappeared in the municipality of Champotón, where it left dead eight hens and a turkey and without blood, but also a live rooster, in the house of Aurelio Tamay.

The birds were inside the hen house, where the entity or unknown arrived and sucked the blood from them and later escapes without leaving sign.

Tamay narrated that the dawn of the past Sunday [March 30, 2008] he listened to a great uproar and something like roars in the patio of his house. He went to investigate and in the penumbra he saw an animal of strange form that moved away.

The neighbors said that he is the Chupacabras, because the attack to the fowl has the same characteristics of when some years ago animal slaughters were registered in other parts of the country.

Alarmed by the strange event, several people integrated a brigade to look in bordering hills of the city, but they did not find anything.

The facts happened in the house of the family Tamay Ac, located in street 18 by 19, colony the Beach, in Champotón - distant coastal locality 75 kilometers to the north of this capital and nobody has explained how it is that the rooster survived the attack of this being.

The settlers assure that he is the Chupacabras, because the attacks to the hens and the turkey have the same characteristics of previous slaughters of goats, yearling calves and animals of corral.

The owner of the birds speaks

Tamay insisted on to have listened to uproar and a roar in the patio, and when leaving, it saw to an animal moving away. Later it discovered its destroyed birds and without blood, it related.

“The rare thing” Tamay declared - is that there were no tracks of which the animal has entered into the hen house, but the four hens that were inside had died in the same way that those of outside.

The case has become a mystery that caused commotion in Champotón. The neighbors of the colony the Beach have declared their fear by the supposed presence of chupacabras and they are already taking their precautions to avoid more attacks.

So far, all birds and animals have been protected inside of the houses, and a brigade crosses the streets by the nights with poles and machetes to catch or to kill the assumed chupacabras.

The family Tamay Ac requested additional surveillance by the police, whose agents indicated that until now there are no signs of Chupacabras.

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