Club Staff Spooked By Strange Anamolies

Ghostly goings on have spooked staff at a workingmen's club after a mystery light was spotted flying around the bar.

Pallion's club steward, Lenny McKitterick, 49, was alone in the office at the end of the night when the paranormal activity started.

Now, Lenny has shown the Echo CCTV footage of the unusual light.

It was midnight when the security camera picked up a glowing orb of light hovering over furniture and floating around the room.

Lenny went to the bar to see what it was, but when he got there the room was dark and quiet.

Lenny said: "When I went back in the office and stared at the screen the thing was flying about all over the shop. It was unbelievable.

"I watched it for about half an hour thinking what the hell is it? After that I'd had enough, I thought I'm going home, this is too scary."

Two hours of eerie CCTV footage shows the centre table in the lounge, surrounded by five chairs, lit up as though a spotlight is shining on it.

But there were no lights on in the room and the blinds were shut.

A large orb of light appears on the right side of the screen. It moves and changes shape before shooting up to the ceiling and flying over the centre table.

Later on in the night, a ghostly figure appears at the table and sits with its back to the camera, before the light flies through the chair and goes to the men's toilets.

The Working Men's club celebrated its centenary last year and the building itself, thought to have been a railway hotel, is even older.

Cleaning staff at the Merle Terrace club often work alone in the building and are in no doubt the place is haunted.

The cleaners claim when they are on their own in the building, they can hear furniture moving and glasses clinking.

Some staff have dubbed the mystery spirit Arthur and say they are not scared of him.

Other strange activities include the kegs in the cellar of the pub being rearranged.

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