Exorcist Beckoned For Hostile Pub Spirit

An exorcist was called in to purge a haunted pub after it was claimed a ghost tried to kill a barmaid and her brother.

Ghostbuster Ian Lawman, 39, had to take drastic action against the violent poltergeist, believed to be a former landlord at the 230-year-old Crown Inn pub in Farnham Common.

Lainie Rutter and her brother, Mitchell, have been living in fear in a small flat at the pub. They struggled to get a night’s sleep after furniture mysteriously moved across the floor, and shelves fell off the wall.

The final straw came for pub owner Mike Orme when a fire broke out and a terrified manager refused to live at the Crown Lane local because of the bizarre goings on.

Mr Orme, said: “I have been here for about two years and strange things have happened the entire time. A flat on the premises constantly had CD-racks falling from the wall in the middle of the night and when an electrical fire broke out in Mitch’s room, we decided to call on the help of a television programme the ‘Living with the Dead’ to help us deal with the problem.”

A seance was ordered by Mr Lawman, a member of the Christian spiritualist church which believes in life after death.

Miss Rutter, 20, from Burnham said: “When we called the medium in to conduct the seance, we found out that the spirit was a former landlord of the pub who had tried to commit suicide in the room which is now our flat.

“He used really bad language and said that he hated all women and wanted to take Mitch’s body because it was young and strong.

“It was always quite nerve-wracking knowing we had a ghost in our flat, but to find out that it was a hostile spirit determined to kill us – that was terrifying.”

Mr Lawman who carried out the seance and exorcism last month, said: “When I got to the room I instantly noticed poltergeist energy, which is always negative.

“At first I was going to use the Ouija board, but the spirit became aggressive and hurled a roulette wheel and chips across the room. This obviously spooked everyone and we decided to have a seance instead.

“When he was asked why he had done that, he replied that he did not want anyone to succeed and profit in the pub because he had failed. The spirit was a former landlord in 1904 who had become bankrupt and lost everything, including his family.

He decided to hang himself, but failed at the first attempt, but eventually hung himself a few days later in the old cellar, which has now been shut off.

“Once an exorcism has been completed, the spirit is usually gone for good, though there can still be some residual energy remaining for a few weeks.”

Exorcisms date back hundreds of years and are usually performed by qualified people with strong beliefs, such as religious figures or psychics.

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