Haunted Lancashire Pub Owner Still a Non-Believer

The ghosts said to lurk at one Lancashire pub have received worldwide attention - but their landlord remains a non-believer.

Euxton Mills near Chorley is as well-known for its ghostly goings-on as it is for its award-winning floral displays and service.

The pub, in Wigan Road, Euxton, has been visited by famous medium Derek Acorah and a team of ghost hunters from the USA making a video of haunted places for American TV.

Landlord Keith Burgess, who has had the pub for 10 years, admits things have been switched on and off in the cellar he hasn't been able to account for, and one or two of the staff have had a couple of "scares" - but he still doesn't believe in ghosts.

Keith has been told there are three ghosts at the pub he runs with wife Alma. There is a floating grey lady, a ghostly presence in the cellar and another in the ladies toilets.

And although the film crew were "over the moon" with their investigations at the pub, which dates back to the 1760s, Keith remains a sceptic.

He said: "People ring up all the time and say one thing or another and come in asking about them. I don't believe."

Keith even features in one of Derek Acorah's books, where the famous medium refers to him as a "non-believer".

But not even Keith could argue with one of the famous medium's predictions.

He revealed: "Derek Acorah talked to me and said 'you're going to have a big win this year, it's not going to be the football coupon or lottery but you're going to have a big win around late September, early October'. Lo and behold, I won Best Kept Pub in Lancashire at the end of September!"

The pub scooped top awards in 2001, 2004 and 2006 with highly commended the other years.

And pub's the success has continued - only this week it was awarded Camra Pub Of The Season.

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