Is The Octagon Hall Museum Haunted?

The Octagon House, located in Simpson County Kentucky just north of Franklin, was built in 1843 by Andrew Jackson Caldwell. During the Civil War, Andrew Caldwell offered shelter to many Confederate soldiers. According to an article by Amy Biggs published in the Franklin Favorite Feb. 1, 2001, as many as 12,000 Confederate soldiers camped on the property surrounding the home on Feb. 13, 1862. And generals Johnston, Hardee and Breckenridge spent the night inside the home.

When the Union troops moved in they were not as welcome. Because Caldwell was a slave owner, the house was concidered enemy territory. The Union troops took what they wanted and the family's favorite cow, Spot, was killed and the remains were thrown in the drinking well, contaminating it for months.

It is also said that Confederate soldiers were hid in the house while it was being occupied by federal troops. One Confederate soldier lost a leg due to a gunshot wound. He was quickly helped to the attic when Union soldiers came to the house. After the Union soldiers left, the Confederate soldier was found dead-he had bleed to death. There is rumored to be a secret tunnel that leads from the basement to the barn. This tunnel may also have been used to hide soldiers.

It is rumored that a small girl, possibly Caldwell's daughter was playing in the winter kitchen when a spark set her dress on fire. It is said that she later died in the sick room upstairs from the infuries suffered from the burns.

Her name is reported to be Mary Elizabeth and many paranormal groups have captured EVP's of the little girl.

Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers will be conducting a paranormal investigation at this reported haunted location on May 10, 2008. Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers, or MTGC for short, will bring state of the art equipment to measure the sightness of change in the building.

Tommy Golden, the founder and president of MTGC, had a chance to investigate this place and has sparked this upcoming full investigation. According to Tommy, they heard a small child playing in the downstairs areas. They captured an EVP which says "Don't touch my horse" and the funny thing is that they were moving a camera around on a rocking chair that is shaped like a horse.

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