New Reports / Video of 'Phoenix Lights'

Strange lights appeared above the Valley sky in formation on Monday night.

Witnesses reported the lights formed a vertical line, then a diamond shape, followed by a u-shape.

The lights reportedly moved from side to side and upward before disappearing one by one.

A Phoenix Police Department pilot apparently saw the lights. He is scheduled to speak with the media at 4:30 p.m. about his encounters.

Look for a LIVE update from that news conference on ABC15 News at 6 p.m. and throughout the evening here on

FAA officials told ABC15 on Tuesday that air traffic controllers in the Sky Harbor tower saw the lights, but noticed nothing on their radar, meaning it was not an aircraft.

An official with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said they checked with their command center that monitors the skies to see what is entering the Earth's atmosphere. They have no reports of anything entering the Phoenix area.

A spokesperson from Luke Air Force Base in the West Valley also told ABC15 that the pattern of these lights was not common to an F-16 and that the lights were not from Luke.

The base had no aircraft in the air at the time of the sightings, according to that spokesperson.

Residents like Tony Toporkek caught the lights on camera and shared his video with

Toporek was talking with his neighbors in north Phoenix when the lights appeared at about 8 p.m.

He grabbed his video camera and started taping.

A Tuesday morning call to Vandenberg Air Force Base on the central coast of California also confirmed they had no activity during the evening and were not tracking anything.

Officials from the Yuma Air Station, the Arizona National Guard and White Sands in New Mexico told ABC15 they had no activity Monday night.


These are the same lights that appear in the Goodyear Buckeye area at least 3 to 4 times a month; they fade then come back; there's always 3 to 4 little dots that are red.
From BostonBritt820

Have someone tell you that flares move because they don't. These things moved, I got a frantic call from a good friend of mine explaing the whole scene while I was rushing to capture them on my camcorder. They were moving in different shapes. Flares stay stationary. These WERE NOT stationary.
From Brad, Scottsdale

These lights have been appearing in the Phoenix area since 1992. They are flares attached to parachutes dropped by the air force over a local bombing range for practice exercises. They have been discussed on local TV stations numerous times.
From Annis Scott, Scottsdale, AZ

Those lights used to be common above Ft. Irwin in the desert outside of Barstow, Ca. They are flares to illuminate the ground below, are extremely bright, and can be seen for miles. The movement of the lights are just the winds aloft and the flares often do "go out" and re-ignite as they expire.
From Rick Haynes

UFO's are real. You might want to take a look at this eerie prediction made about a month ago (April 3rd) about this. He made it on the conspiracy website and everyone thought he was just another crazy kid (that's about to change).
From Corbin Bohne

We got a call from our son at about 8:00 telling us that he saw four lights in a diamond shape in the sky. by the time we saw them there was only two. I immediately grabbed my binoculars and adjusted them to bring the lights into focus. I could tell by the adjustment of the focus that they were over the city rather than out in space. Because I was using binoculars I could not tell if the moving was the lights or the unsteady binoculars but they appeared to stay in the same spot.

Before disappearing the two lights were flashing at the same frequency.
They disappeared and one came back and was flashing again. Then the flashing stopped and it faded away. We viewed them from 59th Avenue and the 101 facing East. If I had to guess I would say they were over Tom's Thumb in the McDowell Mountains. We could see them for about five to ten minutes.
From Jeff Johnson

That very same night I saw what looked like a really big falling star.
It seemed to be falling right on top of me, then poof... gone! 2:45 AM.
From Leah Walton

The strange lights in the sky look like a real Hoax! I think they are from a huge kite with lights!
From Sue in Chandler

That very same night I saw what looked like a really big falling star.
It seemed to be falling right on top of me, then poof... gone! 2:45 AM.
I live in Playa del Rey, CA.
From Leah Walton

I live in Atlanta GA, and I saw simliar lights over downtown Atlanta on March 25th this year. The pattern and movement was almost identical to what your city has seen. Have you all heard reports from other cities yet?
From Clint Hawkins

I read your story on the mysterious lights that appeared Monday night. I saw the lights as well but they were last Thursday. I don’t know why no one has reported seeing them last Thursday. I was coming home from school at ASU’s Polytechnics Campus which is on Williams Field east of Power rd. I was traveling west on Williams Field and saw four bright lights in the distance high in the air traveling away from me. At first I didn’t know what to think of them, but I was drawn to them…I couldn’t stop looking at them. They were definitely different than airplanes because they were obviously far away based on how slowly their movements were yet they were brighter than planes that were closer to me. They also moved in and out of formations. Sometimes a straight line and other times a sort of U. By the time I reached the 202 Loop on Williams Field they had disappeared. I believe this was all around 8:30pm. I have never seen anything like it before and the stories about last night’s sightings is definitely referring to the same thing I saw.
Just wanted to share.
From Jon Kistler

I saw the lights as I was driving home on the 101 freeway about 8 o'clock. They were very red and were in a straight line when I saw them.
Because I was driving in traffic I couldn't do more than occasionaly glimpse them as I was driving. They appeared to be hovering with no
discernible movement.
From Wayne Williamson, Peoria, AZ

Hello, I did not see the lights last night but last week I saw one light flying in the sky which appeard to me to be an airplane with its landing lights on, however it was not flying in the usual flight pattern that we see when they are comming in from the north into sky harbor. It was flying southeast and was very bright. I thought it was strange and my husband and I watched it for sevral minutes as it came closer. He suggested that it was a flare and we ruled that out by the way it flew horizontally across the night sky. Then we thought maybe it was a plane coming into Deer Valley airport, however it did not go east toward the airport. We watched for about 15 minutes. The sky was unbelievably clear.It flew over our home and did not have any flashing lights and it did not make a sound like aircraft we can identify. Then the light suddenly turned orange and disappeard. This happened last Wednesday night about 8. It was so strange that I got on my computer afterwards and googled disappearing lights in the sky and found many recent scenarios all across america and particulary in the western part of the US that matched identically what we saw. For what its worth!
From Shannon Kelso

My Son and I saw the lights; around 8 pm. My home is at scottsdale rd. and dynamite; the lights were in the SW sky. We saw them primarily in a vertical stacking with the top two off center from the bottom two. There seemed to be flashing that was without any particular pattern. I looked through binoculars and basically just saw perfectly round red lights. The bottom two dissapeared and then the top two stayed for a while; there was more flashing, and then the bottom one of these two dissapeared. The top one stayed a while, became faint; dissappeared and then returned briefly and was then gone.
From Jordan Perlow

Everyone I know is so interested in this story!!
Please keep investigating what these lights were and keep reporting on it. It's very interesting to all who live in the valley!
From Andrea

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