Russian Tourist Photographs UFO in South London

A foreign student on a sightseeing spree in South London has claimed to have seen and photographed a UFO.

Anastasiya Gavrilenko from Russia insists that she had seen and captured the mysterious object speeding through the sky while walking through a park in Croydon, south London.

I went to the park because I wanted to take some nice photos in England. But then I heard something in the sky. I looked up and noticed this thing in the sky, The Sun quoted Gavrilenko, as saying.

It was quite large and moving really fast. It was size of a plane but did not look like one it looked more like a big mushroom, she added.

Gavrilenko said that she was stunned to see her snaps.

I never believed in things like UFOs before I took this picture but now I think they could be true, she said.

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