Second UFO Reported Over St. Augustine, Florida

Some strange things have been seen in the skies around St. Augustine... like the orange glowing lights seen near the Castillo de San Marcos this past Saturday.

12-year-old Brandon Puckett says he thinks the video he shot shows UFOs.

Puckett said the two fiery balls were flying along the coast in formation.

One was slightly in front of the other, but both were going the same speed.

Skeptics say the lights in the home video are something called sky lanterns.

Others are not convinced.

Monday, First Coast News learned that Saturday's sighting is the second UFO report in two weeks in the St. Augustine area.

This other sighting was in St. Augustine Beach in the very early morning hours of April 14th.

However, that was a different experience.

In fact it was down right scary to the people who say they saw it.

Bryan Cooper of the St. Augustine Airport took a call from a woman who says she and her husband saw something over the Intra-Coastal Waterway. It was a very large white light.

Cooper told First Coast News, "She felt it zoomed at her and charged at her and then stopped fairly close, and then it backed away and hovered a little bit. Then it moved over and came again and pulled back. It scared them so much they went inside."

Cooper checked out the airport's radar from April 14th between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. and found nothing.

"However," Cooper explained, "the radar information I have only responds to airplanes or helicopters that have been assigned a transponder code."

Nevertheless, Cooper said he believed the witness was sincere and credible.

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