UFO / OVNI Flotillas Reported Over Italy

Witnesses filmed swarms of white spheres for over 45 minutes hovering in the Italian skies. The ones that follow closely the ufo phenomenon, use to think of ufo “flotillas” as a peculiar show in South America, and this is confirmed by the fact that ufo researchers worldwide, keep referring to this particular kind of ufo event using the Spanish word “flotilla” (tr. little fleet).

But what are ufo “flotillas”? Simply put it’s a swarm of UFOs, mostly white spheres, moving in formation and reaching even thousands of units in a single display, and are often translated in mass sightings, due to the huge size and time span of the sighting itself.

Sometimes those “white spheres” just hover in a fixed formation moving slowly in the sky or just staying there for minutes, even hours, sometimes a few of them break formation and change their pattern as if they wish to “communicate” somehow, resembling symbols or even constellations.

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