Photo: UFOs Reported Over Valparaiso, Chile

On Wednesday, June 25, young Pedro Rivera Sepulveda took a photo of a strange object at 22:13 hours with his digital camera from a sector of Cerro Cordillera.

The "La Estrella" de Valparaiso newspaper published nearly two full pages regarding this photo. The daily also requested the cooperation of ufologist Marcelo Moya, asking him to render a preliminary opinion on the photograph.

Marcelo Moya said: "Every so often we get this sort of UFO photograph, and I use the acronym "UFO" because some people are obviously facing certain photographic anomalies that tend to be uncommon. With regard to the photo taken in Valparaiso, it is customary to see "orbs" appearing when photos are taken during moments of darkness. A mystical or paranomal connotation is usually given to this sort of event, but to my understanding, they could be explained through conventional terms. The explanation involves the actuation of the camera's flash [when a photo is taken]: it lights up small, suspended dust particles that are near the camera..."

Researchers of the IIEE in Santiago de Chile traveled to see the analyses performed by this ufologist. He repeated that the photograph merited detailed study and that there are still a few missing details before a verdict can be emitted.

Marcelo Moya has become known for a detailed and highly elaborate study in Valparaiso and its environs, achiving thrhough his investigations the necessary equilibrium between working alone and cooperating with various research organizations.

Fearful Filipinos Say An 'Aswang' Is Killing Livestock

Was it an ‘aswang’ (the Filipino’s version of a vampire) that killed sheep and goats in Barangay Lower Manongol here?

On Sunday, three goats owned by Cielo Alonzo were seen dead and disemboweled, in a vacant lot owned by Danny Guerero in Purok 2A, Barangay Lower Manongol here, around 2:30 p.m.

Some residents believed the folkloric creature was the attacker, as the internal organs of the domesticated livestock were gone. But police dismissed the story as baseless.

Glenda Canete, caretaker of Alonzo’s goats, said a stray dog could not have killed the animals.

“Something that is bigger than the dog, or a wolf maybe, or something that has supernatural powers could be behind the killing,” said Canete.

The incident last Sunday was the second since May, according to Edgar de Jesus, president of Purok 2A.

Last May, a flock of 23 sheep was also killed in the same manner supposedly by the same attacker.

The animals, owned by a state university here, also had “their internal organs feasted on by the ‘killer’,” de Jesus said.

The purok official also pointed to the ‘aswang’ as the culprit.

"After our animals, they might kill our children or those weak individuals. The killing must be stopped," he said.

Police, however, refused to buy the line that an ‘aswang’ was the attacker.

“We can not say that one hundred percent, an aswang could be behind the killing. We’re in a modern world now. Yang aswang, sa mga pelikula lang ‘yan (That aswang thing is only in the movies),” said a police officer.

Chief Insp. Leo Ajero, city police director, has ordered a thorough investigation on the killing. “We will find out who did the killing and make those responsible for it accountable,” he said.

Filipino superstition describes the ‘aswang’ as a human being by day and a bloodsucking creature by night. It is believed to be capable of transforming into a black dog, pig or bull.

Napoleon Dynamite: o mais diferente dos quase-nerds

Dica (in) útil de filme para hoje (ou qualquer outro dia):


Usando um clima de comedia por as vezes até ingênuo, lembrando “clássicos nerd-oitentistas, curiosamente, o esquisito NAPOLEON DYNAMITE ganhou a simpatia do publico estadunidense, conseguindo conquistar na época o tradicional MTV MOVIE AWARDS de melhor filme (derrubou ninguém menos que HOMEM-ARANHA 2). Muito desse mérito foi resultado da “inspirada” atuação do até então desconhecido Jon Heder (visto recentemente no longa ESCORREGANDO PARA GLORIA).

Napoleon é um adolescente bastante deslocado e extremamente impopular. Logo depois de fazer amizade com um latino também rejeitado, o personagem-título vê na eleição para presidente do grêmio escolar a grande oportunidade de fazer algo de “grande importância” para sua insignificante existência – quem sabe essa não seja uma chance de dar o troco em todos que durante um longo tempo zombaram do seu estilo, incluindo o irmão (viciado em internet) e o recém-chegado tio, folgado e picareta.

Basicamente o filme poderia render até melhores resultados dado o interessante enredo, não fosse à fraca direção de Jared Hess (do também estranho, porem fraco NACHO LIBRE). O fato mais curioso do longa é sem duvida a ambientaçao, os costumes e a cultura do lugar onde a historia se passa(tudo remete praticamente aos anos 80 – no modo de vestir, nas musicas tocadas, nos antigos bailes estudantis, etc...). De qualquer forma, espero que todos tenham a oportunidade de conhecer essa inusitada comedia-adolescente.

Napoleon Dynamite
(Napoleon Dynamite, EUA, 2004

Diretor: Jared Hess


nota para o filme: 7.5

feito por Jeniss Alves Walker

Fort Benton's Bloody History Still Haunts Town

Once home to the “bloodiest street in the West,” Fort Benton, Montana naturally has a few former residents who aren’t too happy about how they became former residents.

Some of those folks may be sticking around to complain about it. “If there’s any place there’s ghosts, they’re in Fort Benton,” said Jack Lepley, town historian.

Armed with cameras, electromagnetic field readers and digital thermometers, paranormal investigators recently spent the night at the town’s famous 125-year-old hotel, the Grand Union, and uncovered mysterious blue and red orbs, ghostly faces, growling voices and a flashlight that went bump in the night.

“I think there are several people that haunt that place,” said Montana Association of Paranormal Studies founder Michelle Heberle. “Our investigation is ongoing - we have to find out what’s going on there.” The group hopes their research lands them TV time on the Sci-Fi Channel’s Ghost Hunters program.

So far, they have applied their paranormal techniques in Great Falls at the Lobby Bar, the old Cascade County jail and a few professional buildings around town. But considering Fort Benton’s long and sometimes sordid past, the town is a ghost hunter’s spooky Shangri-La.

One street even earned the nickname the Hoodoo Block after buildings mysteriously burned down or blew over for decades. More than a century ago, the jail, which used to be on that block, caught fire and burned a soldier, a Teamster and another person.

“It just seemed like so many people got killed that the newspaper quit reporting it,” said Sharalee Smith, a local historian. “It was just that kind of lawlessness at that time. Some time around the turn of the century, people started seeing ghostly figures.” She estimates that between 25 and 30 people died in Fort Benton in a year’s span.

The list of potential former noteworthy residents and visitors who could have stuck around is long and diverse. A Chinese man hung himself in the back of a laundry and several inmates were beaten and dumped in a well often called the “well of skulls.” On a dare, one cowboy rode his horse up the entry stairs in the Grand Union Hotel, only to be shot by the night clerk, according to town legend.

A notoriously crooked night marshal was conned into buying the rope that vigilantes wrapped around his neck. The dead man dangled from the gallows for two days - the price he paid for beating up drunks instead of enforcing the law, local oral history states.

Then there’s Gov. Thomas Francis Meagher, who drowned in the Missouri River during an 1867 visit to Fort Benton. No one ever said what happened, and his body was never found. “I’d like to talk to his ghost, find out what happened to him,” Lepley said. “He was getting ready to fight an Indian war. I think the Republicans put him to rest.”

Among those who may be hanging around is the scandalous Madame Mustache, who may have returned to Fort Benton, the one town to embrace her business activities.

With so many stories, perhaps the paranormal investigators’ toughest task isn’t finding the ghosts, but narrowing down who is doing the haunting.

The 10-person crew spent eight hours in the Grand Union, taking photos, measuring room temperatures and taking electromagnetic readings. It wasn’t until midnight - after many of the employees went home - that the place came alive.

A few investigators smelled pipe smoke and another caught a brief whiff of lilac perfume. Invisible to the naked eye, a red Tinkerbell-like light floated about in one person’s photos. Other photos are filled with fuzzy blue circles that Heberle and the other investigators believe are ghostly energy balls.

In pictures of the outside of the building, the investigators see gray silhouettes of a Victorian-era woman in a second-floor window, where women used to enter on a back staircase to avoid the unseemly cowboys below. Once the photo is blown up, they swear a bearded man in a duster appears in a third-floor window.

Audio recordings captured a deep raspy voice in the background, which the M.A.P.S. team believes says the mysterious phrase “Vaughn Castle,” and, at one point, lets out an exasperated, “God.”

Thermal images in one third-floor room measured temperatures 20 to 30 degrees warmer than in any other place in the hotel. At times, the images take a seemingly human form.

Perhaps creepiest of all the team’s evidence is the rolling flashlight. The first time it happened, the investigators captured it on audiotape, later they were able capture it on video. In the video, the flashlight, which was stationary on its side on a downstairs table, moves in one direction, pauses and rolls back. Heberle and her crew believe a voice on the audio recording says, “I can make it stop.”

“It was an experience,” Heberle said. “I’ve never seen something move like that.”

Many of the investigators report ghostly experiences at their homes after their Grand Union visit - a sign, they believe, that the spirits may have followed them home.

“Some people are really fascinated with it,” Grand Union co-owner and manager Cheryl Gagnon said of the possibility of the hotel being haunted. “Other people, it gives them chills up their spines when they think about it.”

Fearing more of the latter, Gagnon is reluctant to hype her possibly haunted rooms. But the paranormal investigators believe ghosts are a lure, whether people are just curious or seeking a thrill. “We’re out to make the paranormal, normal,” said M.A.P.S. co-founder Chris Heberle. “We don’t want people to be scared anymore.”

Smith may be skeptical about the red lights and blue orbs, but she has heard some tales in her time that raised the hair on her neck. In one residence, the Chouteau House, people have cleaned out rooms - even putting garbage in outside trash bins - only to find the rooms in their original states the next morning, Smith said. In addition, she has sat for hours in the 1400 block of Front Street, trying to confirm the reports that people hear footsteps crossing the bridge.

Smith, a board member of the Fort Benton history group called the Rivers and Plains Society, has dug through old newspapers and books to collect as many ghost sightings and mysterious deaths as possible. Her long-term goal is to put them together in a ghost tour guide, hoping it draws people to town for a haunted walking tour. “If you start talking to people about it, they’ll tell you stories,” Smith said. “I really think a lot of people have just gotten used to it.”

The house of Connie Jenkins, who lives on the Hoodoo Block, would be one stop on the tour. A decade ago, her young grandson said he spotted a lady dressed in white with long black hair in the kitchen. Jenkins added that her lights flicker on and off and footsteps can be heard on the stairs.

Jenkins has invited the M.A.P.S. team into her house, hoping members will get a chance to see the lady and a second friendly ghost the family named “Charlie.” “It doesn’t spook me at all,” she said. “It’s been going on for so long that I’m just used to it.”

The paranormal investigators also are planning a second visit to the Grand Union in the fall, once the tourist season dies down.

The goal is to send their evidence to the Sci-Fi Channel, which will post the video, audio and pictures on its Web site. Ghost Hunter fans will narrow the choices on the site to the top four, and the Atlantic Paranormal Society, which stars in the reality TV show, will pick its favorite.

If the Grand Union footage is picked, a television crew would come to Fort Benton to film an episode of the show. In addition, the Montana ghost hunters would spend Halloween weekend at the Stanley Hotel, where horror classic The Shining was filmed.

The Grand Union is happy to play a part in their quest - as long as the only spirits bothering the guests are served at the bar.

“I guess I couldn’t say if I’m a believer or a nonbeliever,” Gagnon said after seeing the M.A.P.S. members’ computer presentation. “It’s certainly interesting. It makes you think.”

Video: Unusual UFO / OVNI - Caribbean Near Haiti

Video of a strange UFO with numerous lights off the coast of Haiti in the Caribbean.

New Evidence Points to Meteor Theory For 1908 Tunguska Blast

International researchers investigating the Tunguska Event, an explosion exactly 100 years ago in central Siberia, say acid rain traces in the region back up the theory that the blast was caused by a meteorite.

On June 30, 1908, an explosion equivalent to between 5 and 30 megatons of TNT occurred approximately 7-10 km (3-6 miles) above the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in a remote Siberian region.

"Extremely high temperatures occurred as the meteorite entered the atmosphere, during which the oxygen in the atmosphere reacted with nitrogen causing a build up of nitrogen oxides," one of the authors of the joint research, Natalia Kolesnikova, told RIA Novosti.

Kolesnikova said a similar impact 66 million years ago wiped out a significant portion of life on Earth, including the dinosaurs.

The Tunguska blast flattened 80 million trees, destroying an area of around 2,150 sq km (830 sq miles). However, despite the shockwaves being detected as far away as the United Kingdom, the Tunguska Event went largely unnoticed, eclipsed by global events leading up to WWI, the Russian Revolution and subsequent civil war.

If the explosion had occurred some 4 hours and 47 minutes later, due to the Earth's rotation it would have completely destroyed the then Russian imperial capital of St. Petersburg.

It took almost 20 years, until 1927, before a research expedition led by Leonid Kulik, a leading meteorite expert at the Academy of Sciences, first managed to visit the remote Siberian region and see the awesome destruction caused by the blast, and to take witness statements from locals living in the area.

It was assumed that a huge meteorite had hit the area, although Kulik failed, during his research in Siberia, to find an obvious crater.

In 1930, a British astronomer suggested the blast could have been caused by a small comet, composed of ice and dust, which would have been vaporized on impact with the Earth's atmosphere.

The research carried out by the Moscow State Lomonosov University, Italy's Bologna University and Germany's Center for Environmental Research in Leipzig backs up the most likely theory of a meteor explosion.

However it is unlikely to put a stop to speculation on theories ranging from alien attacks, UFOs, antimatter, doomsday events and black holes.

Mães Natureza

E não é que a natureza sempre encontra um jeito de nos surpreender? Não é de hoje que ficamos sabendo de casos de adoções no mundo animal. Nesses últimos dias, novos fatos vieram ao conhecimento do grande público, dentre eles alguns que citarei aqui.

Nessa semana, no Jornal do Almoço, foi mostrado uma cadelinha que adotou os filhos de uma gata que acabou rejeitando a cria depois que nasceram. A cadelinha para poder cuidar dos gatos começou a produzir leite para seus filhos. A cadelinha que não podia ter filhos encontrou um jeito bastante incomum de ter seus filhos.

Na China, outra cadelinha adotou dois filhotes de tigres siberianos que a mãe não pode cuidar devido a problemas depois do parto. Os tigres siberianos são animais de hábitos noturnos e solitários parecem ter gostado da nova mãe como a foto abaixo mostra.

Já na Croácia, no vilarejo de Rasinja, uma galinha virou babá de filhotes de gatos. Enquanto a mãe dá uma volta por aí, a babá assume o posto de guardiã dos filhotes. Para fechar, uma cadelinha nos EUA adotou um filhote de veado. Ambos vivem muito bem na casa de Gale Frederick. O filhote foi abandonado pela mãe que deu a luz para outros dois filhotes.

Pois é! A natureza sempre acha um jeito de mostrar que é uma mãe. Agora falta os seres humanos tomarem esse tipo de consciência.

Piscas Para Seres Humanos

Quem de vocês nunca se deparou com a seguinte situação: você, para variar com pressa, anda no centro desviando dos obstáculos (pedestres) que não sabem para que lado estão indo, estão na velocidade mínima da mínima, param sem mais nem menos, vão andando em zigue-zague, enfim, parece que estão perdidos nesse mundo. Quem de você nunca se deparou nessa situação? E pior, quem nunca teve que frear quando alguém se meteu na sua frente aparecendo do nada? Pois é! Bem vindo ao maravilhoso mundo globalizado!

Baseado nisso, começa aqui a “Campanha Nacional de Pistas Para Seres Humanos”! Vai dizer que os piscas em seres humanos não seria útil? Você saberia quando elas seguiriam para esquerda, para direita, parariam ou mesmo reduziram a velocidade. Em curvas, o pisca mostraria que lado ultrapassar, em esquinas estão nem se fala. O que vocês acham? Será que seria mais útil? Piscas para as pessoas? Será que pega?

Que seria incrivelmente útil, ah isso seria, ainda mais para tirar das calçadas as pessoas com piscas estragados. Ninguém merece ficar adivinhando para que lado a pessoa da frente vai, ou mesmo quando você tenta ultrapassar e ela te tranca ou mesmo quando você está em velocidade alta e logo mais a frente uma barreira começa a se fechar.

Campanha Piscas Para Seres Humanos. Será que pega? Hehe!


Essa semana algo estranho e diferente aconteceu, motivo esse que originou esse texto que leremos aqui. Vamos a história!

Essa semana, em um dia de chuva e frio, abri um dos meus e-mails e logo de cara vi que tinha uma resposta de uma piada que tinha mandado no dia anterior. Fui imediatamente a resposta por pensar ser algo interessante. Para minha surpresa, o e-mail era extremamente desaforado e mal-educado. Sim, afinal de contas essa pessoa estava pedindo para que não mandasse mais e-mails, mas com as seguintes palavras:


Educado, não? Pois é! Depois disso eu fui pesquisar uma politica para mandar e-mails, logo, regrinhas de etiqueta sobre e-mail, e aqui estão elas.

Saiba se a pessoa gosta de receber e-mails antes de mais nada. Como fazer isso já que anotamos os e-mails dos nossos amigos e de quebra acabamos mandando o que achamos interessante. Pois é! Essa é a questão, por isso mesmo, se você não gosta de receber e-mails, comunique educadamente a pessoa que você não gosta ou não tem tempo para ler. Se você não falar nada, não tem moral para reclamar. Ninguém lê mentes. Conforme-se em deletar e nada mais. Nunca mande correntes já que ninguém, mas ninguém mesmo, suporta receber esse tipo de coisas. Piadas, julgue se achar necessário encaminhá-las. Fotos de acidentes, depende de quem realmente curte isso. Existe um número x's de e-mails para mandar por dia? E por semana? Depende. Se você recebe muito, claro que terá mais material para mandar. Se possível, não mande para a pessoa que te encaminhou algo essa mesma coisa. Isso é irritante.

Basicamente essas são regrinhas básicas para quem usa e-mails. Uma coisa também que não poderia deixar de citar, recentemente li uma notícia muito pertinente e importante. Usar e-mail de trabalho para mandar mensagens, piadas, filmes, enfim, usar o e-mail de trabalho para algo que não seja trabalho pode resultar em demissão por justa causa. Isso é correto já que se espera que você use seu e-mail de trabalho para trabalhar.

Essa semana ficamos assim. A qualquer momento um novo post será liberado. Ainda falando em e-mail, quem quiser mandar e-mails com sugestões ou idéias, enfim, comentar sobre algum assunto, pode mandar para e mandar ver. Até!

The Habsburg Curse: Archduke Franz Ferdinand's Death Car

The Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand was the heir to the throne of Austro-Hungary, but never made it to that position due to his assassination, which eventually brought about war between Austria and Serbia. This is one of the starting points to World War I. On June 28th, 1914, Franz Ferdinand and his wife were killed in Sarajevo while they rode about in their limousine. Legend has it that the limousine carries a curse from that fateful day.

Dating back to the Habsburg dynasty within imperial Austria, the open-topped limo was bestowed upon Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was in place to take over the throne (which carried along with it some rather troubled baggage). His assassination took place while he was conducting a state visit to Sarajevo, which was then located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The imperial court of Vienna, causing unrest among the people, had recently annexed the state. On this particular event, Ferdinand brought along his wife, who rarely accompanied on these visits. It was an anniversary gift to the then pregnant Sophie. The driver of the car also chauffeured General Potiorek of the Austrian army, as well as three other dignitaries.

As they traveled down the road, an ambitious young nationalist by the name of Gavrilo Princip walked in front of the limo and shot the Archduke and his wife. Unknowingly, Princip was responsible for creating the event, which set World War I in motion.

The car was not put away or set on display; it became the property of one of the original riders on the assassination date: General Potiorek. While the war was into a couple of weeks, his armies suffered losses by members of the Serbian armies. Emperor Franz Josef I called for the General to return to Vienna. When he returned, he was greeted by those who looked down upon his failures. This destroyed his reputation, causing him to go into a great state of depression and eventually died.

At this point, no one looked at the car as being cursed. The next owner was a captain within Potiorek's army. In less than ten days, while riding in the car, he was involved in a nasty accident. He killed two peasants while driving the vehicle, swerving upon contact. He then hit a tree, where he too lost his life. After the end of the war, the governor of Yugoslavia became the new owner of the car. One after another, he encountered a host of unfortunate accidents. It is said that he dealt with four accidents over the course of four months. One of them caused the loss of his left arm. He sold the car to a doctor, who was crushed to death when he overturned the limo in a ditch. He had only owned it for six months.

A diamond dealer named Simon Mantharides took over possession of the car. He too died�by his own hands. The car then became the possession of a Swiss racing driver, who later died in an accident involving this same vehicle. Some sources that he met his death by being thrown over a stone wall. A Serbian farmer then paid a hefty amount of money to own the car because he admired the historical significance. He soon lost his life when an unusual accident involving the car, a horse and a cart.

The next lives taken by the car was a garage owner who was returning from a wedding. He tried to pass a long line of cars, but was killed when the car spun out of his control. Other sources state that he also killed a few of his friends in the car as well. This is the last time that the limo has been driven on the road. It now resides within a Viennese museum.

Video: UFOs / OVNI - Panama City, Panama - June 26, 2008

Videographer states: This UFO sighting was captured by V Santos Gonzalez. He said "I am Víctor, and until some hours ago I did not believed in OVNIS (OVNI is the same as UFO in Spanish), UFOS or any related phenomenon, my premise of life was "IF I DO NOT SEE IT, I DO NOT BELIEVE IT" but when I got home from work and looking out from my balcony in the distance I saw 5 lights, with strange movements not looking like they came from something made by the hand of man, immediately I grabbed and recorded the video. As you can see they do not correspond to a helicopter, neither to an aeroplane or something like that, this led me to think that definitely "WE ARE NOT ALONE", that there is something more out there.

Video: UFO / OVNI - Kiev, Ukraine - June 2008

Video of cigar shaped UFO cruising over Kiev, Ukraine in June 2008

Video: UFOs Over Alkmaar, Netherlands - June 26, 2008

Videographer states: These two UfO's are exactly the same as the one I caught on film four days earlier and these two are also filmed over Alkmaar.

The local newspaper's and radio station's are buzzing with sightings and their appears to be a North Holland flap at the moment along with Australia, Liverpool England and Wales, Shropshire

Welsh UFO Sightings to be Investigated by 'UFO Hunters'

A mysterious UFO seen hovering in the sky above Wales is set to be the subject of a US TV show.

International interest in little green men was sparked after it was reported earlier this month that a police helicopter had almost been involved in a collision with a flying saucer while waiting for landing clearance at the Ministry of Defence’s base in St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan.

The alleged incident saw the whole of Wales gripped by extraterrestrial excitement, prompting the phone lines in the office of Media Wales to jam as floods of readers rang in to tell of similar experiences with strange sights in our skies.

Now hit American investigative show UFO Hunters is looking for people who may have witnessed the events on or around June 8 to take part in a programme for its next series, due to begin filming in August.

“After the news of the incident over St Athan broke it went all over the world and the team behind UFO Hunters were straight on the phone to me asking for help find possible witnesses to that and other unexplained incidents,” said Philip Mantle, 50, of UFO DATA magazine who is working as a consultant for the upcoming Wales-based episode.

“Wales has been a hotbed for UFO sightings over the years but what makes St Athan so extraordinary is that the story came from an official source, the police – that gives it that extra bit of credence.”

But Philip added he’d also found some civilians who had seen it too.

“One woman we interviewed said she was standing in her back yard at around half past midnight that night having a final cigarette before bed and couldn’t believe what she was seeing,” he said.

“She saw the helicopter chasing another aircraft, but it was failing to keep up because this thing was going like a bat out of hell apparently.”

And Philip himself is no stranger to close encounters of the third kind, having spotted two unusual lights in the sky while driving home from work in 1984.

“It was at 9.57pm exactly on July 23, not that it made much on an impression on me, mind,” he said.

“I saw two big luminous circles, like two white pearls hovering on the horizon out the passenger side window, which disappeared before my very eyes.”

Philip added that his sighting was among the top-secret government records being made public for the first time in the next four years when they are handed over to the National Archives – more than 160 MoD files which contain 11,000 reported sightings from the last 30 years

“UFOs are clearly as popular a subject as ever and I’m sure the show is going to be a huge success,” he said.

Any who thinks they may have seen any unidentified flying object can contact Philip at

Other UFO sightings:

Days before the St Athan incident a Bridgend man saw two aircraft, one at 200ft and the other at about 1,000ft, with “bright white lights at the front and flickering red and green lights at the rear.” They flew silently, only emitting a faint drone as they turned and disappeared.

In May a 100ft high green and blue triangle was seen over Pont Robert, Powys, along with ‘pink pulsating lights’.

Spotted near Port Talbot, two clusters of amber, orange and white lights in triangular formations, moving ‘like a bobbing cork’.

Last year one holidaymaker in Cardiff claimed to have seen “spaceships” and that little green men had “abducted his dog, car and tent”.

A silent bright orange globe-shaped light was seen by a Bridgend woman in February 2007, hovering over her mother’s house. “It made me feel weird,” she said.

In March 2006 a pensioner saw cigar shaped lights in the sky, moving down the Garth Mountain at speed for 30 minutes before vanishing.

UFO Investigator: Lump of Metal Piece of Berwyn Mountains Alien Crash

If you think the existence of Martians is all nonsense, then here’s something you should know: alien hunter Russ Kellett has revealed a lump of mystery metal which he says was recovered from a crashed UFO 34 years ago.

The shiny one-and-a-half inch melted blob was found near Llandrillo in Berwyn Mountains, Wales, after reports of a spaceship plunging to earth.

Russ says it is similar to melted aluminium, yet heavier.

Police logs described a “terrific explosion” shaking houses on January 23, 1974, and locals said hundreds of cops and military personnel ordered everyone off the mountain.

It has been claimed that alien spacemen were whisked off to a secret military installation – all hushed up by the Government.

“That and this piece of metal from the spaceship proves in my mind the existence of aliens. The metal was picked up by someone who was on the mountain at the time. They have since died and it was passed to me about a year ago,” The Sun quoted Russ, as saying.

“I passed it to a jeweller who showed it to an expert but they have no idea what it is,” he added.

Russ, who started studying UFOs after being surrounded by inexplicable lights while on a motorbike in 1988, said: “None of these incidents surprise me. It is only a matter of time before we get conclusive proof.”

vencedores e indicados, 200 filmes, 2 musicas e dois filmes

Varzea Grande, 28 de junho de 2008. 02:00pm


Normalmente faço meus posts pela madrugada. Porem ontem decidi não escrever por aqui porque estava pesquisando novos links de downloads de filmes. Ainda há de chegar o dia que eu conseguirei achar todos os vencedores e indicados ao oscar em vários blogs, já que em um único acho muito, mas muito improvável. Encontrei um novo site disponibilizando grandes filmes de décadas passadas. Já testei alguns links e por enquanto tudo esta ok.

Preciso encontrar um antigo caderno sobre anotações de filmes que vi. Lembro que 2006 foi o ultimo ano que assisti mais de 200 filmes (ano passado mal cheguei a 100!). decidi que a partir de hoje ficarei um dia do fim de semana sem postar por aqui (deveria ter feito isso antes). hoje tem rock n roll aqui na cidade onde moro – e por um preço bem chamativo. Volto na segunda-feira para comentar isso e outras coisas com vocês. por enquanto e isso. Tenham todos um excelente fim-de-semana, que Deus os proteja e até mais.

Escutando enquanto escrevo: “espumas ao vento” – FAGNER; “vinte e nove” da histórica banda LEGIAO URBANA


VOO UNITED 93(united 93)
AS TORRES GEMEAS(world trade center)

Cinco anos depois dos multiplos atentados terroristas ocorridos em vários pontos dferentes dos EUA dizimando milhares de pessoas, os cineastas Paul Greengrass (O ULTIMATO BOURNE) e Oliver Stone (ALEXANDRE), famosos por terem nno currículo excelentes filmes de caráter polemico, narraram duas historias sobre o fatídico 11-09-2001.

O roteiro de VOO UNITED 93 é baseado nas ultimas ligações telefônicas feitas pelos tripulantes que estavam no avião da companhia united airlines, que ia para São Francisco e foi seqüestrado em pleno vôo por aproximadamente 4 jovens muçulmanos. Desesperados, alguns reféns secretamente começam a ligar para suas famílias como se essa fosse uma ultima conversa. Porem, alguns outros passageiros mais calmos, percebem que podem tomar o controle da aeronave novamente já que são a maioria, mesmo desarmados.

O que dá para notar logo de inicio é que o filme UNITED 93 tem um aspecto de documentário. Filmando toda a ação sempre com câmera na mão, Greengrass consegue entregar uma obra cuja angustia crescente nem nos faz lembrar do que de fato aconteceu no fim – sem querer chega determinado momento que você passa a torcer inutilmente para que os passageiros consigam de fato, sair daquela terrível situação. Esse espírito de heroísmo trágico por parte de alguns personagens é a força motivadora do filme, itens itens inseridos no roteiro que creditam a obra uma assustadora verossimilhança. Uma das grandes realizações cnematograficas de 2006, VOO UNITED 93 foi na época, indicado para vários prêmios da academia, incluindo melhor diretor (revelado internacionalmente com o excelente DOMINGO SANGRENTO, em 2002)

varias pessoas ligadas ao cinema (fãs e críticos) se entusiasmaram com a noticia que o renoado e oscrizado Oliver Stone (melhor diretor,1986 por PLATOON; melhor diretor em 1989 por NASCIDO EM 04 DE JULHO) iria dirigir um filme sobre o atentado as torres gêmeas, em Nova York. Particularmente imaginei que, assim como JFK a fita viria carregada de polemicas. No fim das contas, AS TORRES GEMEAS teve um efeito mais leve que o “concorrente” similar do mesmo ano. Talvez tenha sido opção do diretor, adaptar os fatos de uma maneira mais fiel.

Toda a ação de AS TORRES GEMEAS é contada sob o ponto de vista de dois policiais, John McLoughlin (Nicolas Cage e seu bigodinho) e Will Jimeno (Michael Pena, humilde Chaveiro de CRASH – NO LIMITE). Ambs são enviados ao local do acidentes minutos depois da colisão de um avião com um dos prédios (!) e junto com os bombeiros (e outros policiais voluntários) os dois entram dentro do edifico semi-destruido a procura de feridos, ao mesmo tempo em que pedem aos outros que não estiverem nas equipes de salvamento para que evacuem o lugar o quanto antes. porem, sem saberem, a torre onde estão desmorona completamente (uma das melhores cenas do longa). Por sorte, John e Will sobrevivem mas, estão presos debaxo de quilos e quilos de concreto; muito machucados e sabendo que se adormecerem provavelmente não mais acordarão um tenta manter o outro “aceso” na base da conversa fiada e das lembranças familiares. Enquanto isso, suas respectivas esposas se desesperam ao saber da noticia que os maridos estavam no exato local do acidentes.

Apesar de ser uma fita completamente diferente do estilo anárquico que marcou a carreira do diretor Stone, é inegalve sua eximia habilidade em especial, nas cenas mais emergentes, mostrando controle total sobre sues colaboradores técnicos(o lugar onde os protagonistas ficam presos é claustrofobicamente apavorante. É visível também o respeito que o roteiro mantem sobre os reias fatos em relação aos personagems reias que a trama inspirou-se. Tirando algumas liberdades artísticas duvidosas (o policial que enxerga Cristo lhe trazendo um pouco de água, ou o fuzileiro naval divinamente inspirado – literalmente ) é sempre bem vinda a atitude de um cineasta do calibre que Oliver Stone tem, de contar um fato tragico de maneira Sensível. Pode ser essa a razão de AS TORRES GEMEAS ter sido mais feliz nas bilheterias que UNITED 93, mesmo o 1° citado ser de qualidade inferior.

Já que os dois principais filmes sobre o 11-09 estao disponíveis em dvd, aproveite para assisti-los juntos em um fim-de-semana qualquer (ou não!)


Vôo United 93
(United 93, França, Inglaterra, EUA, 2006)

Gênero: Drama
Duração: 111 min.

Diretor(es): Paul Greengrass

Elenco: Christian Clemenson, Trish Gates, David Alan Basche, Cheyenne Jackson, Opal Alladin, Starla Benford, J.J. Johnson (2), Nancy McDoniel, Polly Adams, Richard Bekins, Susan Blommaert, Ray Charleson, Gary Commock, Liza Colón-Zayas, Lorna Dallas

As Torres Gêmeas
(World Trade Center, EUA, 2006)

Gênero: Drama
Duração: 129 min.

Distribuidora(s): UIP, Paramount Pictures do Brasil


Oliver Stone

Nicolas Cage , Michael Pena, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Maria Bello, Nick Damici, Frank Whaley, Jon Bernthal, Morgan Flynn, Jay Hernandez, Armando Riesco, Alexa Gerasimovich, Brad William Henke

trailer final AS TORRES GEMEAS:

trailer final VOO UNITED 93:

nota para VOO UNITED 93: 9.0

nota para AS TORRES GEMEAS: 7.5

feito por Jeniss Alves Walker

Video: Red UFO - Gulf Breeze, Florida

Video of a bright red UFO taken near Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Strange Skeleton Found On Longboat Key, Florida Beach

The skeleton of a Gulf of Mexico animal, found by siblings Reagan, Rylee and Kyle Robinson of McKinney, Texas has scientists baffled.

A set of bones found on a Longboat Key, Florida beach has stirred a scientific mystery, as scientists and researchers struggle to identify the strange remains.

A family on vacation found half a torso — with a large head and sharp, daggerlike fins last week on the beach.

Scientists at Mote Marine Laboratory could not come up with a definitive answer. Nor could a taxidermist who prepped the bones so one of the children could hang it in his room.

Professors at the University of South Florida have opined about it — a Goliath Grouper, a red drum — to no avail.

This afternoon, Tiffany Robinson and her children are headed to Bradenton to meet with a paleontology expert for answers.

“It looks like a pterodactyl,” she says. “Of course it’s not. But you never know.”

Large Black Cat Reported In Lambton County, Ontario

A large cat was reportedly seen in central Lambton County on Wednesday, one day after a black bear was spotted just east of the county line.

Lambton OPP said the cat was spotted walking across Forest Road between Highway 402 and London Line, before entering a wheat field just west of Warwick.

The animal was described as black in colour and weighing between 150 and 200 pounds.

The sighting remains unconfirmed and there is no concern for public safety, police said.

It joins a growing list of unconfirmed cougar sightings in and around Sarnia-Lambton.

The Ministry of Natural Resources was made aware of the incident.

On Tuesday, Two Adelaide Metcalfe residents phoned Middlesex OPP to report a bear near Wood Road and Crathie Drive. The municipality is just east of Arkona and borders Lambton County.

"It's probably a young male trying to find its own territory where there's good food sources and habitat," said Bev Stephenson, a fish and wildlife specialist with ministry's Clinton office.

People shouldn't panic, he added.

"Generally, bears are afraid of people and will run away," he said. "Bears rarely attack humans, so there's no reason for alarm."

Video: UFO / OVNI - Temple Pyramid of Santa Cecilia, Acatitlan, Mexico

Video of a rotating UFO / OVNI with 4 outer lights taken during the night festival at the Temple Pyramid of Santa Cecilia, Acatitlan, Mexico.

Can The Public Handle A Full UFO/ET Disclosure?

Many of active in the UFO/ET community believe that full open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality is just around the corner. We believe that the world public is ill prepared for such disclosure and that a severe global and social crisis will erupt. Furthermore, we believe this will provide a reasonable rationale for entrenched interest fascist elements worldwide responsible for 60 years of cover-up and suppression of extraterrestrial reality to exert overt control over society. We can expect attempts by these global entrenched interests to impose a so called "temporary" worldwide state of emergency and martial law" so as to overtly consolidate power and protect their interests from public outrage and constitutional justice.

We believe this crisis will be severe and possibly catastrophic to society as a whole the likes of which have never been seen before. This global economic and social crisis will dwarf the crisis presented by World War Two. Yet just as peaceful nations mobilized to face and overcome the crisis presented by World War Two, so to if we prepare properly now we can again do the same.

I think the analogy to World War Two is appropriate in that the United States and other countries were able to mobilize quickly and transform their societies in order to confront the threat. This was only possible because leaders of the United States, Britain and other countries planed and prepared even while their respective populations were not ready to mobilize and go to war to meet the ever growing threat.

These leaders had to work with limited resources and it was not until Pearl Harbor that the United States public was willing to allocate the resources and allow the United States go to war. But because plans were already in place and methods devised to implement these plans quickly the United States was able to mobilize and transform society rapidly to meet and defeat the threat.

Retired Naval Commander C.B. Scott Jones has released a document for policy makers and the public alike that seeks to initiate and process of planning in preparation for the rapidly developing UFO/ET disclosure crisis. This is a work in progress and is being modified as more public input is presented and incorporated into the document.

I highly recommend that both the public, press and policy makers read and seriously consider this document. A open discussion thread on the Open Minds Forum presents the document and opens a serious discussion. Revisions and other alternations to the document can also be found on this thread.

Crítica do ótimo drama de guerra A Conquista da Honra

Varzea Grande, 27 de junho de 2008. 01:00am

...mais um post inútil...

Como tinha dito a vocês ontem, hoje tive a oportunidade de visitar pela 1° vez o teatro da universidade federal, em Cuiabá (cidade ao lado e lugar onde meu irmão é acadêmico de Musica). Nunca tinha visto a apresentação de um coro musical... Para impressão inicial gostei bastante da experiência. Entre os participantes estava meu irmão cantando num grupo de aproximadamente 30 coristas – no caso ele entra com a voz de baixo (são três as classes de voz entre os homens: baixo, barítono e tenor). O pai de um colega de classe do meu irmão disse algo ao mesmo tempo serio e engraçado: “para escutar musica de qualidade ninguém tem coragem de gastar 5 ou 10 reais...mas se tiver um show do Amado Batista o povo faz QUESTAO de pagar até 3 vezes mais esse mesmo valor(obviamente nao desmerecendo o trabalho desse artista). Vai entender...”

Testei ontem um dos links daquele site que tinha falado por aqui ontem (escolhi o filme PERDIDOS NA NOITE[midnight cowboy] – oscar de melhor filme e diretor pelo ano de 1969). Por enquanto tudo esta funcionando. Conforme vou testando alguns links, vou passando a vocês alguns. Agora tenho de ir...ja esta um pouco tarde. Tenham todos (e todas) uma excelente sexta-feira (mais um fim-de-semana chegando!), que Deus os proteja e até mais.

Dica (in) útil de filme para hoje (ou qualquer outro dia)
A CONQUISTA DA HONRA (flag of our fathers). 2006

Poderia uma simples imagem ter o poder de mudar uma determinada situação? No caso de três jovens combatentes de guerra, uma única fotografia trouxe profundas transformações que marcariam para sempre suas vidas. A historia do famoso retrato mostrando 6 homens levantando em solo inimigo uma bandeira norte-americana, durante a importante batalha na ilha vulcânica de Iwo Jima, no Japão, na época da 2° guerra mundial – e o que sucedeu após o ocorrido – é o motor principal de A CONQUISTA DA HONRA (logo após assistir esse filme fica uma incomoda pergunta: Qual foi o infeliz que colocou essa tradução?), ótimo longa produzido por ninguém menos que Steven Spielberg (muito familiarizado com o tema) com direção do eterno “Dirty Harry”, Clint Eastwood. Acertadamente narrando o sangrento conflito tanto sob a ótica dos vencedores quanto dos perdedores (aguardem minha indicação para o filme CARTAS DE IWO JIMA, que é ainda melhor que esse), a dupla Eastwood-Spielberg consegue entregar um imponente trabalho de notável repercussão em 2006.apesar de não faltar cenas de combate – que por acaso, lembram O RESGATE DO SOLDADO RYAN – o grande foco do roteiro é acerca do trauma vivido pelos três jovens sobreviventes, não por terem visto ou sofrido barbáries pelas mãos do inimigo mas sim, por estarem recebendo condecorações devido a ações que pouco (ou nada) tiveram ligação. Resumidamente, o longa nos faz refletir sobre o heroísmo por as vezes, forçado. Vale dar uma conferida.

Ação, Drama, Guerra
132 min.
Warner Bros.

Diretor(es): Clint Eastwood

Elenco: Ryan Phillippe, Jesse Bradford, Adam Beach, John Benjamin Hickey, John Slattery , Barry Pepper, Jamie Bell , Paul Walker , Robert Patrick, Neal McDonough, Melanie Lynskey, Tom McCarthy¹, Chris Bauer , Judith Ivey, Myra Turley

trailer final de cinema:

nota para o filme: 8.0

feito por Jeniss Alves Walker

Why So Many UFO Sightings?

Families in a small Northern Territory outback community claim they have seen three spaceships hovering just metres above their houses.

The claim comes as British ministry of defence chiefs this week face calls to launch an official inquiry into a series of UFO sightings, including one filmed by a soldier on night patrol, across Britain.

In the Australian incident, a number of people at Marlinja, population 112 and 730km south of Darwin, have described how they saw flashing red lights and a huge boom shatter the still of the outback night last Sunday.

Resident Janie Dixon said: "The sound was horrible.

"We thought it was a jet. I saw what I thought at first was the evening star, the first star you usually see at night.

"But then we saw three red lights in the distance, and the sound kept getting louder.

"The ground felt like it was shaking, so we ran inside and shut the doors."

Ms Dixon said the UFO hovered above the homes for what seemed like a couple of hours.

She said at one stage the phone rang, but went dead when she tried to answer it.

"Then the light in the house became so bright, it was like we were sitting in a football stadium," she said.

In Britain, UFO experts believe a number of sightings in south Wales earlier this month are 'particularly significant' because they included observations made by the crew of a police helicopter and military personnel.

Video: Haunted Stairway

Interesting video of a supposed haunted stairway. There are at least 3 anomalies, maybe more (a shadow or apparition, a storage door opens and an orb). I'm very interested in comments.

UFOs Terrorize Marlinja, Northern Territory 'For Hours'

A small territory community is still reeling with shock after four UFOs descended on their outback homes.

Families spent hours in fear as what appeared to be three spaceships hovered in the distance with another just metres above their houses.

The drama at Marlinja, population 112 and 730km south of Darwin, began at 8pm on Sunday.

Resident Janie Dixon said it started as an "ordinary'' night.

"The kids were on the basketball courts, shooting a few hoops, and I was indoors talking to my two nieces when we heard a strange, loud noise,'' she said.

"We ran outside but at first we couldn't see anything -- it was really dark and we could hear the sound.

"The sound was horrible. It sounded like something was going past.

"We thought it was a jet. I saw what I thought at first was the evening star, the first star you usually see at night.

"But then we saw three red lights in the distance, and the sound kept getting louder.

"The ground felt like it was shaking, so we ran inside and shut the doors.

"My nephew and niece were looking out through curtains. The thing came closer, circled around the basketball courts and then came so close above our house.

"The kids at the basketball courts ran -- two girls stood there looking towards the sky.

"They tried to see what it was but all they could see was this bright red light in the pitch black.''

Ms Dixon said the UFO hovered above the homes for what seemed like a couple of hours.

She said at one stage the phone rang, but went dead when she tried to answer it.

"Then the light in the house became so bright, it was like we were sitting in a football stadium,'' she said.

"We heard the noise again and it came back, but disappeared again.''

Help Save the International Cryptozoology Museum

We are asking all friends and readers to help save the International Cryptozoology Museum. Please click the following link to read the facts and to contribute Help Save the International Cryptozoology Museum. Thanks! Lon

Photo: UFO / OVNI Over Ariztia Plant In Monte, Chile

A photograph taken by Alejandro Pardo at the Ariztia Plant on May 4, 2008.

Alejandro works for an engineering consulting firm which is engaged in a survey of the pipe network of the plant in question, which is located in the community of Monte. The image correspond to the photographic record of the facilities (taken with a Samsung U-CA 3 camera).

Big-Headed Fanged Frog Discovered

A new species of dicroglossid frog in the genus Limnonectes has been described from three forested locations in eastern Thailand by D. S. McLeod of the University of Kansas

An analysis of DNA sequence data from 2518 base-pairs of the mitochondrial 12S and 16S gene regions places the species within the complex of frogs currently referred to as Limnonectes kuhlii and demonstrates it to be a separate lineage (>18% sequence divergence from type-material of L. kuhlii from Java). The new species, L. megastomais differs from L. kuhlii by having nuptial pads, a greater snout–vent length, and different relative finger lengths than specimens from Java. It has more extensive toe webbing, a different arrangement of nuptial pads, and a greater snout–vent length than Limnonectes laticeps. The new species, lacks vocal slits and has well developed odontoid process (these are fang-like structures in the lower jaw). The type material was collected from a spring-fed pool at the head of an intermittent stream in deciduous evergreen forest at Sakaerat Environmental Research Station, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand. Adult males reach a body length of 124 mm, adult females are smaller, reaching 86 mm. The species appears to be a sit and wait predator that feeds on insects, other frogs, and birds. The author writes, “The most striking characteristics of the males of this species are their exceptionally large mouths and powerful jaws. It would not be inappropriate to describe this frog as an enormous mouth with a body attached to it.” The full reference for this paper is:
McLeod, D. S. 2008. A new species of big-headed, fanged dicroglossine frog (Genus Limnonectes) from Thailand. Zootaxa 1807: 26–46.

Sobre O Plano Perfeito

Dica (in) útil de filme para hoje (ou qualquer outro dia)

O PLANO PERFEITO (inside man). 2006

Na linha de filmes estilo ação-policial-roubo, Um Dia de Cão, dos anos 70, mostrou ser um padrão a ser seguido nas décadas seguintes nos cines. Não são todas as fitas do gênero que conseguem chegar perto da qualidade do exemplo citado (acho pouco provável que algum o supere nesse quesito). O Plano Perfeito não só é um visível e interessante exemplar do gênero como também um dos poucos cujo roteiro aproveita muito bem de certas características do já clássico policial setentista.

Toda a trama se passa praticamente dentro de uma conhecida e antiga agencia bancaria localizada na ilha de Manhattam, em Nova York. Nenhum dos seguranças do lugar imaginariam que 4 ladrões disfarçados de pintores iriam iniciar um grande assalto, fazendo dezenas de funcionários e clientes como reféns. Para resolver o caso é chamado o detetive Frazier (Denzel Washington, em mais uma colaboração com o diretor) e seu assistente Mitchell (Chiwetel Ejiofor, de KINKY BOOTS) – esses tentarão manter contato com o líder dos “pintores”, Dalton Russell (Clive Owen, de CLOSER). Com o impasse entre Dalton e Frazier se alongando mais que o necessário (para confundir os policiais, o grupo de ladrões obriga a todos os reféns colocarem a mesma roupa que a deles), o responsável principal pelo banco contrata uma misteriosa intermediaria(Jodie Foster) para tentar resolver o assunto, já que a policia parece não conseguir faze-lo.

Como não poderia deixar de faltar, o diretor Spike Lee (anteriormente ele realizou o excelente A ULTIMA NOITE, com Edward Norton) insere diversos coadjuvantes de diferentes etnias para expor – dessa vez não foi tanto – a conturbada relação interpessoal entre culturas (reparem na cena da confusão que a policia faz com um Islâmico). O melhor exemplo esta nas reais intenções do antagonista da trama, um homem vindo do leste europeu com uma pendência antiga a saldar. Assim ele diz no inicio do filme: “por que vou fazer isso? E simples: porque eu posso”.

Mais que recomendável (ou não!).

(Inside Man, EUA, 2006)

Gênero: açao/policial/suspense
Duração: 129 min.

Diretor(es): Spike Lee

com: Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster, Christopher Plummer (1), Willem Dafoe, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Carlos Andrés Gómez, Kim Director, James Ransone, Bernard Rachelle¹, Peter Gerety, Victor Colicchio, Cassandra Freeman, Peter Frechette, Gerry Vichi

trailer de cinema:

nota para o filme: 8.0

feito por Jeniss Alves Walker

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