Fearful Filipinos Say An 'Aswang' Is Killing Livestock

Was it an ‘aswang’ (the Filipino’s version of a vampire) that killed sheep and goats in Barangay Lower Manongol here?

On Sunday, three goats owned by Cielo Alonzo were seen dead and disemboweled, in a vacant lot owned by Danny Guerero in Purok 2A, Barangay Lower Manongol here, around 2:30 p.m.

Some residents believed the folkloric creature was the attacker, as the internal organs of the domesticated livestock were gone. But police dismissed the story as baseless.

Glenda Canete, caretaker of Alonzo’s goats, said a stray dog could not have killed the animals.

“Something that is bigger than the dog, or a wolf maybe, or something that has supernatural powers could be behind the killing,” said Canete.

The incident last Sunday was the second since May, according to Edgar de Jesus, president of Purok 2A.

Last May, a flock of 23 sheep was also killed in the same manner supposedly by the same attacker.

The animals, owned by a state university here, also had “their internal organs feasted on by the ‘killer’,” de Jesus said.

The purok official also pointed to the ‘aswang’ as the culprit.

"After our animals, they might kill our children or those weak individuals. The killing must be stopped," he said.

Police, however, refused to buy the line that an ‘aswang’ was the attacker.

“We can not say that one hundred percent, an aswang could be behind the killing. We’re in a modern world now. Yang aswang, sa mga pelikula lang ‘yan (That aswang thing is only in the movies),” said a police officer.

Chief Insp. Leo Ajero, city police director, has ordered a thorough investigation on the killing. “We will find out who did the killing and make those responsible for it accountable,” he said.

Filipino superstition describes the ‘aswang’ as a human being by day and a bloodsucking creature by night. It is believed to be capable of transforming into a black dog, pig or bull.

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