Ghost Hunters: 'Fort Delaware is Haunted'

The ghost stories at Fort Delaware date back to World War II. Hauntings, noises and even moving objects. Recently, the State Park near Delaware City, was investigated by Ghost Hunters, a show on the Sci-Fi channel.

Some visitors come to Fort Delaware hoping for an education, others are searching for a sign of ghosts, but sometimes they leave with both.

"All of a sudden, the oil lamp slides across the window sill and crashed to the floor right next to me, I ended up with glass all over," said Chris Polo, who was alone in a bedroom inside the fort.

Polo says it happened two years ago and the experience is too much to bear.

"I won't go back up in there, it scared me too badly, it really did," she said.

During the Civil War, Fort Delaware was a prison for Confederate Prisoners of war. During the war, more than 2,400 people died there, on Pea Patch Island.

"Ghosts or no ghosts, the fort does play games with your mind, you will hear things, you will see things," said Scott Debski, who heard noises his first night there.

And that is why this site caught the attention of the Ghost Hunters. Their experts came to Fort Delaware to investigate and try to debunk the stories.

For visitors and employees at the fort who have experienced it first-hand, they say it is something they will never forget.

"A short time later, we heard dogs barking and we're a mile from land, there are no dogs on the island, but there were several years ago," Debski said.

And with more experiences, come more tales to tell.

"Who doesn't love a good ghost story, it really makes the visit enhanced," said Historian Lee Jennings.

Ghost Hunters said with all the evidence their team collected, they have determined that Fort Delaware is haunted.

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