'UFO Hunters' Investigate the 1994 Holland, Michigan Sightings

Whatever Grand Haven Township resident Cindy Pravda saw the night of March 8, 1994, it wasn't a bird.

Or a plane.

Or even Underdog.

"It was late, about 9 p.m., when I saw it — and it was there for a good half-hour," said Pravda, who lives in the township off U.S. 31 near M-45. "I was looking out my kitchen window out in the backyard, and saw four lights at tree level. You think plane or helicopter, but I realized quickly that it wasn't."

Whatever Cindy saw was called into the 911 dispatch centers by at least four other residents in Allegan and Ottawa counties.

Transcripts from the Ottawa County Dispatch Center show callers referred to an object with "at least four lights ... flashing in sequence ... in a circular motion." Other witnesses said it was similar to a "string of Christmas lights."

More than 300 people in 42 counties supposedly saw a UFO between March 8 and March 11, 1994.

The unidentified flying object was so mysterious and yet visible that it caused the dispatch center to send police to the area for patrol. They saw the object, too, but had no answers.

When police turned up nothing, dispatchers contacted the National Weather Service, who couldn't solve the mystery either.

"There (were) three, length-wise, separated by about 5,000 feet in height," a NWS employee told the 911 dispatch. The same weather bureau employee later said he saw an additional "cylinder-like shape."

Leo Grenier of the weather bureau office in Muskegon said that the object "zipped from South Haven to about 10 miles offshore in 10 seconds" at a height of 15,000 feet.

"It's something pretty solid — not precipitation or anything, especially up at that height," Grenier said.

Eighteen years later, the History Channel is producing a documentary on the sightings. Creators of the cable network's "UFO Hunters" show spent Friday and Saturday filming and interviewing witnesses in Ottawa County.

"UFO Hunters" is a running series featuring accounts of sightings across the country. The hosts offer a variety of specialties on the subject, ranging from publisher of a leading UFO magazine to a former NASA employee.

"It's a great case for our show," Jonathan Walton, a host of the show said. "What makes this different than most other cases is the number of extremely reliable witnesses. Uniformed officers — people we trust, respect and turn to in times of need — (saw this)."

Walton's plan is to film everywhere the UFO was reportedly spotted.

According to Walton, the episode is slated for a September airing, but is subject to change.

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