Large Black Cat Reported In Lambton County, Ontario

A large cat was reportedly seen in central Lambton County on Wednesday, one day after a black bear was spotted just east of the county line.

Lambton OPP said the cat was spotted walking across Forest Road between Highway 402 and London Line, before entering a wheat field just west of Warwick.

The animal was described as black in colour and weighing between 150 and 200 pounds.

The sighting remains unconfirmed and there is no concern for public safety, police said.

It joins a growing list of unconfirmed cougar sightings in and around Sarnia-Lambton.

The Ministry of Natural Resources was made aware of the incident.

On Tuesday, Two Adelaide Metcalfe residents phoned Middlesex OPP to report a bear near Wood Road and Crathie Drive. The municipality is just east of Arkona and borders Lambton County.

"It's probably a young male trying to find its own territory where there's good food sources and habitat," said Bev Stephenson, a fish and wildlife specialist with ministry's Clinton office.

People shouldn't panic, he added.

"Generally, bears are afraid of people and will run away," he said. "Bears rarely attack humans, so there's no reason for alarm."

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