Massachusetts I-95 UFO Sighting Triggers More Local Reports

Since Robert and James Mace spotted what they believe to have been a UFO over Interstate 95 last Friday, Robert Mace has been inundated with phone calls.

"I've probably talked to over 15 people telling me about their experiences," Mace said. "I have to screen my calls now."

Once news of the sighting spread, Mace heard from one man who did not give his name saying he had seen the exact same thing while golfing at Old Newbury Golf Course around the same time on Friday. Another man, retired from the military, called to tell him about a UFO he saw in Florida and is still affected by.

Mace said one of the most outrageous calls he received was from a woman who remembers being chased home by a UFO after dining at The Hungry Traveler in Salisbury one night more than 20 years ago and has since dedicated her life to researching UFOs.

"I'm not really interested in everyone else's story," Mace said. "I just know what I saw, and that it was once in a lifetime."

Mace notes the first two nights after he saw the object in the sky he had trouble sleeping at night. He is still surprised by local reaction to his story.

"I'm just amazed by how many people believe in them," Mace said. "I know this world doesn't have the technology I saw, and if we did, we wouldn't have to worry about any other country (threatening us.) It's not a bad experience with everyone calling, I just am not going to spend my whole life talking and thinking about UFOs."

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