M.K. Davis Bigfoot Massacre Theory Raises Controversy

A few weeks ago, I posted a story Ohio Bigfoot Conference: M.K. Davis Presents 'Patty' Theory concerning the 20th Annual Bigfoot Conference/Expo at the Salt Fork Resort & Conference Center where M.K. Davis, an expert on the Patterson-Gimlin film, presented what he said was proof that the film was not hoaxed and that 'Patty', as the hominid has come to be known, is a flesh-and-blood creature. I also referenced an article at Expert: 'Bigfoot' Film Not A Hoax.

At the conference, Davis also made controversial statements in reference to 'Patty' and the Patterson-Gimlin film. His theory is that there was a "massacre' of several Bigfoot creatures days previous to the day 'Patty' was filmed and that the bodies of these creatures were buried at the location by the perpetraitors of the massacre creating a 'red pool' of fluid seen on the film. As well, he feels that 'Patty' was returning to retrieve the remains when Patterson and Gimlin came on the location. Several of the people in this private discussion say that Davis had implied that 'Patty' was shot as well and exhibited evidence of being wounded in the film. Go to the following links for detailed behind-the-conference private discussions reported at
Cryptomundo and at BlogSquatcher also here and here.

Now, Loren Coleman has posted at Cryptomundo that Scott Marlowe, a partner of Davis and John L. Johnsen, decided to send a letter to the District Attorney of Humboldt County, California stating: "There is increasing photographic evidence that the person, or possibly persons, so afflicted were shot and killed by others in the Patterson/Gimlin party who remain unnamed by Mr. Gimlin who survives Robert Patterson….Having been associated with the analysis work of two of the photographic experts examining the film, Mr. Marlon Davis and Mr. John Johnsen, I am compelled to contact you to avoid any hint of complicity in failing to inform the authorities of these potentially criminal acts. I would suggest that it would be prudent for your office to initiate an investigation into this matter in order to ascertain the actual facts surrounding this event and determine if criminal prosecution proceedings should be initiated."

In light of this letter and Johnsen's statement that "Davis, myself and Scott Marlowe had almost simultaneously come to the conclusion that there had been much more than met the eye going on in the film", M.K. Davis has been banned from the Bigfoot Discovery Museum of Felton, California. Curator Michael Rugg stated to Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo “in light of the ridiculous letter written by Scott Marlowe (as shown on Cryptomundo) I thought it was time our opinion on the matter was made public.”

Personally, I am of the opinion that Davis and Marlowe are little more than 'glory hounds' who intended to stir the pot in the cryptozoology world by using a flawed theory to gain recognition. As well, I feel both Davis and Marlowe have set themselves up for tort action by Gimlin and/or Patterson's widow by insinuating that Gimlin assaulted 'Patty' and other possible members of the supposed 'tribe' making his partner Patterson an accessory.

Overall, lets hope this incident is nothing more than a blip on the Bigfoot research radar screen and that it doesn't cause any residual harm.

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