MUFON Confirms Mt.Adams Area 'Full Of Anomalies'

We reported on videos and images taken at the ECETI Ranch in Washington State, USA by 2 Hong Kong. A number of skeptics and photographic experts contacted us to suggest that images were of military aircraft, lens flare and or birds causing our credibility as a news source to be questioned.

The Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, which is one of the oldest and largest UFO investigative organizations in the United States has confirmed that for centuries, the area around Mt Adams in Washington has been associated with "anomalies" that cannot be explained by conventional technology.

The letter below from MUFON State Directors, Dr. Marilyn Childs and Laurence Childs confirms the long standing of ECETI Ranch and Mount Adams as areas of considerable interest to UFO investigators.

Not all images and videos taken at Mt Adams can be explained.

The pilots visited the ranch as guests of James Gilliland and witnessed flying objects that glowed when hit with laser light and dodged beams as if playing. Videos and still images were captured which prove that aircraft with capabilities beyond known human technology frequent Mt Adams.

Here is the letter from MUFON confirming the history of "anomalies".


Dear Mr. Brenner,

Subject: Re: ECETI Ranch

Yes, some members of our organization have investigated the sightings at the Gilliland ranch.

Although we know that careful scientific methods are not practiced at the ranch by some who have no knowledge of astronomical anomalies, there have been some interesting photos that have been taken there.

The ranch is difficult to get to and we have not been able to go there personally because of lack of nearby medical facilities.

Some of our research people have taken photos there.

My own research of the area shows a long standing issue of unusual sightings from early native American historical records which were recorded by early white explorers.

The area is also full of anomalies attested to by records from the last hundred years.

I believe this area bears further extensive scientific research but is difficult to get to and it just is in Gilliland's ranch that we find cabins and food. We have had reports from the entire area around Mt.Adams. You can google search for Native American legends in that area.

I do not know about the photos the pilots have taken. Thank you for informing us.


Dr. Marilyn Childs and Laurence Childs
Washington MUFON State Directors

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