MUFON Submitted UFO Sighting/Photos - California - December 2007


I was looking out the window in my kitchen early one A.M. when a particularly bright star caught my eye. It was e.s.e. in the sky above the tree tops in my back yard.

I had recently bought a digital camera and unencumbered by the price of film I used it regularly. I got the camera and began to video tape the star, mostly to check out the capabilities of my new toy. Then I snapped a few stills, zooming in and out etc.

It wasn't until several months later, when my memory was full( my camera mem.) that I started clearing out all the images that I'd saved. When I got to the star photos, which by the way I'd totally forgotten, I decided to see just how close I could zoom in. I played back the video, freezing it on the images that were not blurred by my movements and began to zoom in.

I was shocked to find what was there.

The shape alone was peculiar. Then I looked a little deeper, I saw something enshrouded by the glow. Inside of it.

I sent these images earlier this year to you guys (MUFON) but never heard back from any one. I would sure like any input you might have.

I'm a 40 year old totally sane male. I never gave much thought to aliens beyond thinking that the universe was much to vast to be home to only Earth.

Look froward to any response.


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