OK....Who's Missing a Kangaroo?

A large animal — possibly a kangaroo — has been spotted twice on the Pensacola Junior College main campus on Ninth Avenue.

Campus police said the first sighting occurred a week ago when a large animal — believed to be about 5 feet tall — was seen jumping into bushes, PJC Police Chief Nancy Newland said this morning.

On Wednesday morning, a custodian saw what she thought was a kangaroo hopping on campus, said Newland, who has worked in law enforcement for more than 30 years.

“We have rumors of two other sighting on campus,” she said. “We called The Zoo (Northwest Florida) and the circus, and no one is missing a kangaroo.”

Newland said police have checked to see if anyone is the area has a license to keep exotic animals, but the search has yielded no leads.

“We are still searching anytime we get a reported sighting ... even if it’s three in the morning,” she said. “We are just as perplexed as everyone.”

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