Paranormal Incidents Continue At The Middleboro, Massachusetts Town Hall

Though they weren’t included on the invitation list, ghosts may have attended a May wedding held in the Grand Ballroom at Town Hall.

Ed Beaulieu of Paranormal Investigators of New England told selectmen Monday night he has been called in to study three photographs taken at a wedding that may include “orbs.”

Beaulieu said two of the pictures warrant further investigation. One picture of guests at the wedding shows a large orb high above them. Another shows an orb in between the bride and a guest who are dancing.

Beaulieu said an orb is a transparent sphere that indicates paranormal activity.

“I think we need a warning, ‘Parties may be crashed by ghosts,’” selectmen Chairman Adam Bond joked when Beaulieu informed selectmen of the pictures.

Beaulieu said Fox 25 News received the three pictures electronically from a guest at the wedding and asked him to review the photos. They then reported on their 10 o’clock newscast Monday night that Beaulieu found “enough evidence to warrant further investigation.”

He also told Fox News that manifestations of ghosts often show up at weddings.

The Grand Ballroom at the Town Hall is located on the second floor and is formally decorated in mahogany. It is rented throughout the year for a variety of activities, including dance recitals, school proms and weddings.

Paranormal Investigators of New England reported some evidence of paranormal activity through sound recordings and photographs when they conducted an investigation in March of the Town Hall, which is more than 100 years old. Last week selectmen granted permission to another paranormal group, Enfield Paranormal Society of Enfield, Conn., to conduct a study in July.

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