UFO Investigator: Lump of Metal Piece of Berwyn Mountains Alien Crash

If you think the existence of Martians is all nonsense, then here’s something you should know: alien hunter Russ Kellett has revealed a lump of mystery metal which he says was recovered from a crashed UFO 34 years ago.

The shiny one-and-a-half inch melted blob was found near Llandrillo in Berwyn Mountains, Wales, after reports of a spaceship plunging to earth.

Russ says it is similar to melted aluminium, yet heavier.

Police logs described a “terrific explosion” shaking houses on January 23, 1974, and locals said hundreds of cops and military personnel ordered everyone off the mountain.

It has been claimed that alien spacemen were whisked off to a secret military installation – all hushed up by the Government.

“That and this piece of metal from the spaceship proves in my mind the existence of aliens. The metal was picked up by someone who was on the mountain at the time. They have since died and it was passed to me about a year ago,” The Sun quoted Russ, as saying.

“I passed it to a jeweller who showed it to an expert but they have no idea what it is,” he added.

Russ, who started studying UFOs after being surrounded by inexplicable lights while on a motorbike in 1988, said: “None of these incidents surprise me. It is only a matter of time before we get conclusive proof.”

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