Update: Bigfoot Video - Muntii Vrancei, Romania

I received this statement from Jan with the video: A friend of mine from Romania posted a video about a "creature" on YouTube. He said it's made in the same region (Vrance mountains) where those pictures were taken. No other information was provided. I will attempt to contact the videographer and Jan for more information on this video.

UPDATE: This statement came from the videographer 6/18/08.

"We've been in Lepsa, Vrancea region, on Saturday and after 5-6km deep in the forest we saw something on the right side. As a matter of fact we heard someone walking in the woods, near the road. I thought it could be a bear - there are many bears in that area. What I saw was something very strange, it made a strong impression on me. Tell me what you want to know and I'll try to give you all the
information you need."

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