Killer Claims Vampire Movie Transformed Him Into A Cannibal

WHEN the man asked how to get bloodstains out of clothes it seemed a simple enough conversation in a supermarket between a woman and her son's closest pal.

But Sandra French wasn't in the mood for such questioning, "ask your mother," she replied.

Then she went about her business, her heart heavy with worries about her son, Thomas McKendrick, who had been missing for days.

Cops were swarming all over the small town of Fauldhouse, West Lothian.

Thomas McKendrick was a straight young man, popular with pals and not the type to simply take off without telling his mother and father. The cops were worried.

It was December 2002, but it wasn't until January 15, 2003, that cops made their first breakthrough.

Abag of Thomas's clothes were found near an old quarry outside the town, and now cops feared they were looking for a corpse.

One week later, in thick woodland near the town's community centre they found one. Barely covered in soil, naked, badly decomposed, small wild animals had been eating at Thomas's remains.

All the cops would say was that his death had been "violent and prolonged".

On January 20, 2003, Alan Menzies, was arrested and charged with his pal Thomas's murder.

It wasMenzies who had asked Thomas's mother about getting bloodstains out of clothes. Her own son's blood.

As Fauldhouse buzzed about the scandal, the forensic team and medics were busy at work.

Menzie's home revealed a horror story that would emerge at his trial in October 2003. Thomas had spent the evening at Alan's watching Queen of the Damned, his favourite movie on his favourite subject - vampires.

A major character in the film was the vampire queen Akasha, played by USA singer Aaliyah and Alan's favourite.

Everything was going fine until Thomas made a racist remark about Akasha.

Alan went crazy smashing his pal's head in with a hammer then stabbing him 42 times.

Alan claimed he had heard Akasha ordering him to kill Thomas.

This came as no surprise to his family, who knew that he had mental health difficulties.

Menzies had knifed a boy at school and been sent to a residential school.

Now, sitting there with his dead friend on the floor covered in blood and gore, others might have panicked and called for help. NotMenzies.

He knelt beside the body and lapped up blood with his tongue. Then he scooped out parts of Thomas's brains and ate them.

Why? To gain eternal life. To follow his beloved Akasha and become a vampire.

Menzie then stripped off Thomas's clothes and dumped them in a quarry stripped him of his clothing dumping it near a quarry.

SOON he had managed to move Thomas's body to a wood near the town where he buried him in a shallow grave and left dog food all around to attract wild animals.

All of that was made very clear at the trial but the main point was yet to be addressed. WasMenzies insane?

Five psychiatrists were called. One said that he was insane but the other four found him sane. Killing his best mate over a film? Drinking his blood and eating his head?

Ordinary people couldn't believe the shrinks but they were the experts and the court had to listen.

Menzies was found guilty of murder with the sentencing judge calling him an "evil and dangerous psychopath" and sentencing him to a minimum of 18 years.

One month after his conviction on October 8, 2003, Menzies was transferred to the Induction Centre at Shotts Prison where all long termprisoners go to adjust to life inside.

It's a well staffed unit and meant to be safe. As far as prison goes it is a supportive unit yetMenzies wasn't happy.

In November, 2004, he was told he was being transferred to B Hall in the main jail and was terrified that other prisoners would attack him. He got so upset that he was transferred to the segregation unit in the jail on November 9, 2004.

Six days later a prison officer checked his cell and walked into hell.

Menzies was hanging by his neck - dead. On the wall, written in his own blood, was the word "JUSTICE".

Two years later a fatal accident inquiry was held.

There, the sheriff heard that Menzies had somehow smuggled a razor blade into his cell, used it to cut a bed sheet for the noose, slashed himself on the arm and scrawled his final bloody message.

Sheriff Vincent Smith was highly critical of the Prison Service saying they had failed to protect a vulnerable prisoner.

No prison staff had bothered to find out that Menzies had been admitted to St Mary's Secure Unit as a child and tried to hang himself or that he had been in Carstairs for a short while.

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