Paranormal Investigation of Civil War Era Mansion in Glendale, South Carolina

At one time, it was a grand house.

Even in its neglected and dilapidated state, there is still some regality to the home Dr. James Bivings built in the 1830s. It sits on a hill that once overlooked Glendale Mill.

Fire claimed most of the mill four years ago, but the columned house still stands as a landmark in the once-bustling mill village.

The mill was eventually sold by Bivings in bankruptcy proceedings. Dexter Edgar Converse, founder of Converse College, became manager of the mill and moved into the house in 1855. Superintendents of the Glendale Mill would follow.

The house hasn't been inhabited for many years. Or has it?

Do apparitions, including soldiers, wander its large rooms and grounds? Team members of Upstate Paranormal Investigations recently spent a night there gathering audio, video and other data to determine whether paranormal activity is indeed taking place.

Some think the house was used as a hospital for Confederate soldiers. The basement supposedly served as a morgue.

'From local people that we've talked to, they say that Confederate soldiers have been seen,' said Annette Sepulveda, founder of UPI.

Some people have told UPI team members they've seen Confederate soldiers around the basement. Some claim to have seen a woman on the porch, Sepulveda said.

Going inside

During UPI's recent investigation, Sepulveda carefully steps through weeds and over wires running across the overgrown lawn from the house to a pitched tent. The tent is where the team has set up equipment powered by car batteries.

The house has no electricity, and it's very dark this overcast night. The amber glow from a streetlight illuminates the house and chain link fence surrounding the property.

It's about 9:30 p.m. and the neighborhood is quiet, but the crickets are loud. The air is thick with their chirping, as well as the humidity.

Beams from flashlights cut into the dark and guide investigators into the house.

Light from Sepulveda's flashlight bounces across floors and walls. Some places show water damage and graffiti.

'It's a crying shame, what's been done to it,' Sepulveda says. 'It's absolutely gorgeous, even though it's neglected.'

She reflects on the house's former significance for Glendale residents. Think of the planning that must have gone on there for the whole community, she says.

'If you believe, like a lot of people, believe that life doesn't end, that the human body is full of energy and energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes to something different, then when a person dies their energy could be absorbed into these walls, you know — the energy of everyday life being absorbed into the walls and becoming a part of the building,' she says.

'A lot of people believe that. Do I know scientifically? Can I prove that that's true? That's what we're trying to do.'

UPI, which formed in February, has 10 active members and a technical adviser.

A few team members are from North Carolina; one is from Greenville. The rest are from Spartanburg.

All of them have regular jobs. They do paranormal investigation in their spare time.

Amber Patton, a team leader from Spartanburg, said members are serious about investigating the paranormal and include believers and skeptics.

'I think we're greatly misunderstood,' she said.

She said a lot of people think of them as 'ghost busters.'

Patton said the group's goal is helping people. She said paranormal activity is terrifying to some, and that the group might serve to help ease their minds.

Investigations are free

UPI has investigated four cases. Two more are pending.

Sepulveda says they never ask clients for a fee. 'To us, it's an honor and a privilege to have an opportunity to investigate the paranormal,' she says.

Team members use their own equipment. On their most recent investigation of the Bivings house, they set up equipment, including a motion sensor and cameras, all over the house. A couple of team members watch the video live out in a tent.

They also have audio equipment to record 'electronic voice phenomena.'

But the most important investigative tool, Sepulveda says, is intuition. 'It will tell you when something's there. It will tell you when to get out. It will tell you when it's safe.'

Before an EVP session in the basement, team members gather in a circle, join hands and pray for protection.

After the prayer, Rick Huffman and Sepulveda head back into the house and descend the stairs to the basement.

Huffman, co-founder of the group and a lead investigator, sits down on one side of the basement, and Sepulveda sits on the other side. They're settling in, preparing for the EVP session.

'All right guys, we are going silent for EVP sessions,' Huffman radios to team members upstairs.

They switch off their flashlights, and the basement goes black.

'Is there anyone in this basement who would like to communicate with us?' Sepulveda asks. 'We're not here to harm you. We're only curious.'

'Are you a Confederate soldier?'

Huffman introduces himself and the team and explains what they're doing.

More questions follow.

The session lasts about 13 minutes.

Huffman thanks anyone who might be present for any attempts they might have made to contact the team.

Not always exciting

Sepulveda says paranormal investigating is actually very boring. 'It's a lot of long hours sitting and waiting,' she says.

She says their ultimate goal is to help people determine whether they're experiencing paranormal activity.

They first search for natural explanations of suspected paranormal activity.

'I'm a very analytical person,' Huffman says. 'I will drive it into the ground if I have to, you know. I'm like a bulldog. They have to keep me on a leash sometimes because I want to find out the truth.'

It will take hours to review the data the team members have collected, including audio.

Sepulveda says she hears something while playing back the EVP session from the basement. When she asked, 'Are you a Confederate soldier?' she heard a whispered 'yes.'

Thursday, they were still reviewing what they gathered. Sepulveda said more than half the group will scrutinize the recording to decide whether it's legitimate, man-made or mechanical. If they can't agree, they will 'throw it out.'

History up to question

B.G. Stephens, the self-described 'unofficial mayor' of Glendale, grew up there. He said a strong rumor is that the basement might have been a Confederate morgue, but no one has substantiated that. He points out that there wasn't much Civil War combat here.

'Glendale mill workers and owners contributed to the Southern cause in the Civil War with the assignment of one-third of the plant's production to Confederate use,' Michael Leonard wrote in 'Our Heritage: A Community History of Spartanburg County, S.C.'

Brad Steinecke, collections and research manager for the Spartanburg County Historical Association, said it's 'perfectly conceivable' that the house could have been used as a hospital. Nothing in the historical records supports that, however.

Steinecke said the Glendale Mill produced wooden shoe soles during the war.

Maybe, if the crickets quiet down long enough, you can hear them echoing in the hallways or shuffling across the basement's dirt floor.


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Video: Strange Ball of Light UFO - Great Britain - August 23, 2008

^Click image to use external player^

Report: Great Britain-08-23-08-I first got into UFOs through watching various footage on the Internet site youtube. One night I watched the 2005 UFO Conference with Jaime Mussan and became very intrigued by the information given about UFOs captured in infrared, and decided to purchase a camcorder.

After a summer of trying out various filters and lenses, the latest addition, a 1000nm infrared filter (which I was using for the first time), combined with uv filter 0.45X wide angle lens teleconvertor 2.0X lens, I happened to make my catch. I was in the garden generally filming the sky trying out various sun positions, and filming techniques. After 30minutes or so watching the sky filming this and that, I decided to watch the footage that I had captured, on my laptop.

When watching the footage that I had recorded, I suddenly saw something that I had previously looked over in the garden. Upon seeing the object on my computer screen, I then realized that I had caught something rather special. My initial reaction when seeing this anomaly, was almost a sense of disbelief. Then the satisfaction of actually catching it on film set in.

After several viewings of the said footage, I felt a feeling of unease and a little unsettled because I was unsure whether I was watching the object, or the object was watching me!

I would estimate the object being no more than 50-80 ft above the rooftops of the neighboring houses. The object appeared as a fairly round ball of light, with no hard edges, approximately 6-10 ft in diameter. As you can see from the footage, it hovered for several seconds before accelerating at a very high speed upwards into the sky, and disappearing from sight.


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Maned Lion Reported Loose in Belfast

A hunt has been launched after police received reports of a lion on the loose in a Belfast park.

The animal was said to have been seen in Cavehill Park - only a short distance from the city's zoo.

But police said later that keepers had checked all cages in the zoo and all the animals were accounted for.

A police helicopter is scouring the area from the air and officers were deployed on the ground.

A spokesman said: "We are taking this seriously, there have been a string of calls about sightings."

A statement from police headquarters said: "Police in North Belfast are warning the public to be aware of sightings of what appears to be a lion in the Upper Hightown end of Cavehill Park.

"Police are currently responding to the incident and would urge the public to avoid the area.

"Anyone who thinks they may have seen the animal should not attempt to approach it."

'Phantoms and Monsters' Wiki - Join Today!

I created this 'wiki' so my readers can offer input and personal encounters for discussion. Please feel free to join and become part of this unique community.

Phantoms and Monsters Wiki

Body of WWII Airman Found in Papua, New Guinea

Australian hikers have found the suspected remains of a World War II airman hanging from a tree in dense forest in Papua New Guinea.

The moss-covered body appeared to be wearing a harness and goggles.

The discovery was made along the Kokoda Trail, in the east of the country, which was an important battleground during the war.

The Australian Defence Force is preparing to send officials to the scene for further investigations.

A force spokeswoman said it was too early to confirm the nationality of the pilot. There are goggles and it appears to be caught up in cables, so presumably it is an airman

But he is likely to have come from Australia, Japan or the United States, as all three operated aircraft in the area during the war.

"We had a few police officers on the 19-man trek. One was taking photos with a large lens of the trees and flowers," said the leader of the hiking group, David Collins.

"He then discovered what looks like the remains of a body.

"I couldn't make it out at first. It wasn't until the wind blew that you could really see it is in a harness. There are goggles and it appears to be caught up in cables, so presumably it is an airman."

'Too early to speculate'

Some 600 Australian soldiers died in fighting around the Kokoda trail in World War II - seen by the Allies as a key point at which to halt the advance of the Japanese military.

Unexploded ordnance remain in the thick forest around the trail, and hikers are warned not to stray from the path.

Australia's Defence Department told AFP arrangements were being made to send an expedition to the site.

"It's too early to speculate on the nationality of the airman or the circumstances of his death," a spokesman said.

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Two 'Chupacabras' Killed in DeWitt County, Texas

A group of friends spotted two possible chupacabras Saturday morning in Terryville in DeWitt County.

Paul Jones’ grandfather detected the creature on the family land a couple weeks ago. When his grandson and friends came to mow in preparation for deer season, Brian Wilborn, an equipment operator from Victoria, saw it again.

Jones, a mechanic from Victoria, shot the first animal at 3:45 p.m. after Victorians Wilborn, Jason Marburger and Cannon Simons, a mechanic, searched for hours.

“It kind of looks like a mangy coyote to me,” Jones said. “It might be a chupacabra, I don’t know.”

About four hours later, they shot and killed a second one, about 10 yards from where the first one was shot, Simons said.

Jones doesn’t really believe in the legend, but the two look like the rest of the chupacabra pictures he’s seen.

Marburger, an oilfield pipeline worker, doesn’t think the animals match anything native from the area.

“I’ve seen pictures of coyotes. It doesn’t look like any coyote or mixed breed I have ever seen,” he said. “It looks like it ain’t from around here.”

Who knows what’s next for the chupacabras. The friends joked about stuffing them and selling them on


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Video: O'Hare Mansion's Pink Lady Ghost - Greencastle, Indiana

Excellent video that details how these remarkable and famous photographs were obtained. Below are some of the still images enhanced.


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Video: UFO / OVNI Over Norway

Short video of a UFO with a series of lights over an undisclosed location in Norway

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Videos: Alien Abductee Dies From Heart Attack - Other Investigations

Interesting video - unusual cases in Great Britain involving extraterrestrials and the investigations.


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Pakistan's 'Rat People': Exploitation and Tradition

Outside a Muslim shrine in this dusty Pakistani city, a "rat woman" with a tiny head sits on a filthy mattress and takes money from worshippers who cling to an ancient fertility rite.

Nadia, 25, is one of hundreds of young microcephalics -- people born with small skulls and protruding noses and ears because of a genetic mutation -- who can be found on the streets of Gujrat, in central Punjab province.

Officials say many of them have been sold off by their families to begging mafias, who exploit a tradition that the "rat children" are sacred offerings to Shah Daula, the shrine's 17th century Sufi saint.

"These are God's children. We are proud to look after her," said Ijaz Hussain, the shrine's government-employed custodian, as Nadia shrieked unintelligibly and put coins in a battered wooden box at her side.

According to local legend, infertile women who pray at Shah Daula's shrine will be granted children, but at a terrible price. The first child will be born microcephalic and must be given to the shrine, or else any further children will have the same deformity.

Hussain said Nadia was just a young child when she was dumped at the shrine 20 years ago in the dead of the night. Her parents were never traced, he says.

"Since that day we have taken care of her, she is like family to us. People come here for prayers and seek fulfilment of their desires but they are respectful towards her," added Hussain, 56.

Pakistan's government says it has tried to crack down on exploitation of the "chuhas" (Urdu for rats) and says it plans to set up a shelter in Gujrat to rehabilitate them.

The shrine stopped officially accepting microcephalics in the 1960s when the government took over the site.

But not only does it still keep Nadia at its gate, the town's beggar masters also keep the superstition alive.

"Get lost! I don't want to talk to you," shouted a bearded beggar master in Gujrat's main bus station, grabbing a microcephalic woman by the hand and leading her through the crowds when asked to comment on his actions.

Bus passengers gave the woman money, as many believe it is bad luck not to.

Another microcephalic man stood with his handler in the wilting afternoon heat, staring into space.

The high incidence of microcephalics in Gujrat, an industrial city of around one million people, has long been a bone of contention.

The popular belief among many Pakistanis -- that cruel beggar gangs clamp the children's heads in infancy -- is strongly denied by government and advocacy groups, who say there is no evidence to support this.

Recent medical studies say the most likely cause is that the normally rare recessive genes behind many microcephaly cases crop up with greater frequency because of the common custom of marrying cousins in Pakistan.

But finding the cause is easier than stamping out the exploitation of "rat children" in the name of religion, says Pir Nasiruddaula, a descendant of the saint who has written several books on the shrine.

"The myth of the chuhas has been exploited by beggar mafias and religious groups," said Nasiruddaula, a former science professor in his 70s.

"They roam the villages and if the real chuha is born they give them some money and they take them," he said.

"But what kind of saint would really curse issueless women with the 'blessing' of deformed children?"

Rakhshan Sohail, of the Punjab provincial government's Child Protection and Welfare Bureau, said his department planned to establish a centre in Gujrat to stamp out exploitation of microcephalics.

"Some of these children, the handicapped ones especially, are accompanied by relatives," he told AFP. "But begging gangs also look for poor parents who will sell them because they are a burden to feed and shelter."

Sohail said his department had busted more than 30 gangs across the province involved in exploiting street children, some of which had broken the limbs of children so that they would earn more as beggars.

But the "rat children" are symptomatic of hardships faced by up to 100,000 street children nationwide -- and an economic crisis caused by spiralling fuel and food prices is hurting his department's efforts, he said.

"It's a critical issue," he said. "When people are living on less than a dollar a day, they are more likely to put their children on the roads and make them beg.


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The Latest 'Ghost Whisperer' Rumor: Another Co-Star Death?

The show Ghost Whisperer is no stranger to major changes in its status quo. They wrapped up their first season by having Jennifer Love Hewitt's Melinda Gordon lose her best friend Andrea (Aisha Tyler), only to have to deal with her spirit to launch the second season. It made for an emotionally powerful episode and a tragedy that drove Melinda into that new year.

Michael Ausiello, who is generally pretty spot-on with his rumors, dropped a pretty big bombshell of some possible happenings early on in this upcoming season. Now I've already admitted on this very site that Ghost Whisperer is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I've had the joy of growing up with Jennifer Love Hewitt from her days on Party of Five and she's still just too gosh-darned cute to stop watching now. And dammit if the writers don't know how to pull the heartstrings in almost every episode, too. But now ... well, we'll talk about it after the jump.

If you came over here, then you know you are now in the "Spoiler Zone." It's your own fault if you don't want to know. The rumors are that Melinda will be losing another someone close to her, and no I'm not talking about Cathryn Manheim's character or her kid. She just might become a widow. That's right, her faithful and loyal husband Jim, played by David Conrad, may be the next major character to die.

Now, I'm not under the impression that the formula of Ghost Whisperer has become stale yet, because it's driven so much by human stories. But obviously someone is, because this is a major change to the status quo. Jim has been Melinda's rock throughout all the craziness she's had to endure and with Jay Mohr's Professor Payne also taking a sabbatical to try his luck at his own show (again), Melinda's looking to have to tread those murky waters alone.

I would imagine that Jim would be a recurring ghost, and I could even see him refusing to go into the light because he insists on staying with Melinda. I'm not sure how long such a situation could be milked, but it could make for some interesting television. In fact, the possibilities story-wise for such a move are pretty great, but to lose Conrad and Mohr at the same time pretty much leaves Manheim's Delia as the only support structure Melinda has.

Ricky Gervais Gets a Real Scare at the Roosevelt Hotel

British comedian Ricky Gervais got the fright of his life when publicity for his new movie was ruined by paranormal activity in a Hollywood Hotel.

Office star Gervais was recently hosting a series of press junkets for his new movie, Ghost Town, at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, but left in a hurry when spooky happenings scared him and his co-workers.

A terrified movie executive revealed that their work was disrupted by a string of supernatural occurrences.

The exec tells British newspaper the Daily Star, "We wanted the junkets at the Roosevelt because of its ghostly reputation. But we got so much more than we bargained for. A photoshoot we prepared was wrecked and two runners say they saw the figure of a lady in the full-length mirror.

"The final straw came when a production assistant stayed in the room earmarked for Ricky and claimed to have been freezing cold on the hottest day of the year. He said he woke up with someone whistling in his ear, even though he was alone, then heard a giggle before being pushed out of bed."

The Roosevelt has long been known as the most haunted hotel in Hollywood after years of reported ghostly sightings.

'Ghost Hunters' and 'Destination Truth' New Seasons Start Sept. 3rd

This Wednesday, September 3, Ghost Hunters returns for a new season on SCI FI Channel. In the opener, the crew visits “Iron Island” in Buffalo. The haunted site is a local museum that was a church and a funeral home in years past. When the local preservation society took over the property they discovered 30 boxes of unclaimed human ashes in the basement. To make matters even more emotional, a staff member’s baby brother was laid out for a viewing in the front room of the building and now his toy box remains as a reminder.

As far as the investigation goes, if you can believe your own ears then this one is a doosie. When they piss off a spirit in the tiny attic, the response on the digital recorder is pretty clear. If you believe that they don’t doctor the audio for the series, then you’ll believe this place is really haunted.

After the Ghost Hunters do their thing, Josh Gates is back in an all-new Destination Truth. This time Gates goes after an Australian Yowie then visits a haunted mosque in Malaysia.

It’s two hours of ghosts and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night when Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth return to SCI FI Channel this Wednesday.

Man Claims 'Zodiac Killer Was My Stepfather', FBI Following Up

Here is a link to an interesting video .'Zodiac Killer Was My Stepfather'

Dennis Kaufman's website The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer attacked at least eight people, terrorizing the Bay Area and taunting police in the 60's and 70's. Thursday, the FBI confirmed to CBS13 they are now running laboratory tests on some items that may link a suspect to the killer.

The evidence was given to the FBI by a Pollock Pines man who also claims he recently found the disguise worn by the Zodiac Killer during one of his attacks.

"The identity of the Zodiac Killer is Jack Tarrance. He's my stepfather," says Dennis Kaufman.

Eight years of Dennis Kaufman's life has been consumed with attempting to prove the only father he's known since he was five-years-old is none other than the Zodiac Killer.

"This a handwriting comparison I did," says Kaufman, showing handwriting samples claiming to be his father's and the Zodiac Killer's, which bear a striking similarity. Similarities Dennis says are no coincidence.

"The composite is a dead ringer," says Kaufman, showing composite sketch of the killer next to his stepfather's -- a resemblance that is undeniable between pictures of Jack Tarrance and descriptions of the zodiac.

Dennis also claims his stepfather, in a taped phone conversation, indirectly admitted being the zodiac killer.

"If I wrote a book and said I think my stepfather is the Zodiac Killer they wouldn't believe me," says Kaufman.

Jack Tarrance died in 2006. Dennis claims that while going through Tarrance's belongings, there were disturbing findings including a knife still covered with what could possibly be dried blood.

"It could be a knife he barbecued with or a knife he murdered someone with," says Kaufman.

Jack also left behind rolls of undeveloped film. Dennis plans to hand over the film to the FBI. On one of the rolls Dennis did develop, there were numerous gruesome images.

"Appeared to be people who were murdered," explains Dennis.

Just recently, Dennis remembered his stepfather asking him several times about the old PA system which led Dennis to take it apart.

"When I first opened it up that did affect me. My heart skipped a couple of beats when I saw it," he says.

The material folded and tucked inside, Dennis believes, may unmask the zodiac killer.

"It was a black hood with a zodiac on it," Dennis explains.

Dennis holds up a black hood with the zodiac sign on it. It's similar to the hood worn during the vicious 1968 Lake Berryessa attack, which is the possible key evidence connecting his stepfather to the killings. He also believes there are dozens more victims which were never linked to the Zodiac, including Dennis' own mother who, he claims, was suffocated.

"She sat there and told me Jack was trying to kill her and I didn't listen. I can only imagine how she felt. Imagine how scary that would be. That is what kept me going this whole time," says Dennis.

The FBI confirmed they are running DNA tests on items that Dennis gave them.

Dennis says there are postage stamps sent to him by his stepfather. Authorities are trying to get DNA profile of Jack Tarrance to compare to A DNA profile of the Zodiac Killer. The FBI told CBS13 they could get those results back any day.

The Real Zodiac Killer: Documentary Trailer


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Max: A Spirit's Best Friend

This is an original anecdote I received from a reader a while back:

It was late in the summer of 1989 and I was preparing for my annual sojourn to Ocean City, MD for a bit of rest and relaxation. Before I left, I called my friend George, who lives in St. Michaels, MD to let him know that I would be stopping by his house for a visit on my way back from the beach the following week. This was a bit of a tradition that we would get together during the summer and sit on his porch, eat crabs and drink a few beers. George was a longtime friend and we both looked forward to the visits. He and his wife, Lee, would visit us around the Christmas holidays when they came to Baltimore to visit their relatives. George stated he would be home and waiting for my visit.

“By the way, do you still conduct your investigations?” he asked. I acknowledged that I did on occasion and asked him what was going on. Frankly, he never seemed interested in this subject previously. “I’ll wait ‘til you get here…there’s no particular reason.” I told him I’d call before I left the beach to let him know I was enroute and said my goodbyes.

Several days later, I arrived at George’s residence. He lives in a beautiful neighborhood. Most of the houses are restored to the original early 19th century design. It’s a very quiet area with many trees and greenery. George’s house is a two story colonial with wood plank siding and a rail fence that completely encompasses the property.

George was sitting on the front porch when I pulled up. He greeted me at my car, “how was the beach?” I told him it was less crowded than I expected which was a pleasure. I spent a few days deep sea fishing while I was there and had the bad sunburn to prove it. We walked to the porch and sat down. He seemed a bit withdrawn while we small talked about family, sports, etc. I knew something was bothering him so I came right out and asked him why he inquired about my paranormal investigations. He replied “I saw something recently.”

“Do you remember the old guy next door, Frank Shipley?” I told him I vaguely remembered him, though I know I was introduced to him many years previously. “Well, ole’ Frank died in May” George continued. “He talked to me a few days before he passed away. He was wondering if I could take care of his dog, Max, if anything ever happened to him. I told him ‘sure’…Max was a good dog (male Boxer) and there would be no problem. Anyway, a week or so later Frank passed away. I knew something was wrong when I didn’t noticed Frank walking Max that morning and again that evening, so I knocked on his door and there was no answer. I called the police and they found him sitting in an armchair. Max was laying beside him and didn’t cause any commotion when the police arrived. In fact, Max simply walked out of the house and sat in the front yard.”

George continued to tell me what had happened. The next evening, I was sitting on the porch watching the ballgame on TV. Max was laying on the porch swing…it seemed that he would adjust well. It was around 8:00 pm and it was starting to get to dark when Max suddenly jumped to his feet and ran to the fence by the sidewalk. He sat there for a few seconds, then he started to walk along the fence (left to right) to the other side of the yard. He walked back to the porch and sat down on the steps. About 15 minutes later, he once again jumped up and ran to the right edge of the fence, sat for a few seconds, then started to walk along the fence (right to left). When he got to the gate, I noticed a mist moving outside the fence. Max was moving with this mist until he reached the end of the fence. Max then walked back to the porch and sat by the door and whined. I opened the door and let him in then walked back to the chair on the porch and sat down contemplating as to what I just witnessed. Lee (George’s wife) told me Max went into the kitchen, ate his food and went directly to his bed.”

I left for home that evening. About a week later, I was talking to George on the phone. I mentioned the mist and Max' behavior. “What do you think it was?” George asked. I replied that it was probably some residual energy of Frank's nightly walks with Max. I explained that what I witnessed was not unusual and there’s nothing to be concerned about. I asked if he had seen anything unusual since that evening and he replied that he had not. I continued to explain the possibility of certain spirit energies replaying and display like a looped film. He seemed to take everything I said in stride. “By the way” I inquired, “how's Max?” George answered, “oh, yeah, Max died that same night.”

I suppose it’s possible that Frank and Max have found another neighborhood on a different plane to take their daily walks.


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Photos: UFOs Over Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, Mexico

These photographs were taken in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, Mexico, between the days of August 8 and 9, 2008. The photographer, along with other family members, witnessed the unknown objects. The submitter used a Steady Shot Sony to take the pictures.
The witness often watches the skies from the balcony of his home in Rio Bravo. The photographs were taken and submitted by Jose Alonso Galicia Fabela.


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Top 30 - 25ª Posição

---- Pink ou P!nk, nome artístico de Alecia Moore, nascida em Doylestown, EUA, no dia 8 de setembro de 1979, é uma cantora de música pop/rock. Ela já vendeu cerca de 27.500.000 em seus quatro álbuns sendo eles “Can’t take me home” de 2001, “Missundaztood” de 2002, “Try This” de 2003 e “I’m not dead” de 2005. É dessa moça metido a moço, de sucesso internacional a 25ª posição do Top 30.

---- A mulher nervosinha mais conhecida com Pink estourou nas paradas mundiais com uma parceria. A música “Lady Marmalade”, trilha do filme “Moulan Rouge”, fez a cantora ganhar fama internacional e não mais exclusivamente em seu país, os EUA onde já era bem conhecida. Na música produzida pela balada rainha do hip hop americano, a cantora Missy Elliot, a Pink junto com Mya, Lil’ Kim e a Christina Aguilera, o quarteto conquistou o topo de inúmeras paradas musicais mundiais. Aproveitando o sucesso, ela lançou seu segundo álbum, “Missundaztood”, que foi muito bem obrigado. Esse álbum foi o mais vendido da cantora, álbum esse que contou com a ajuda de Steven Tyler do Aerosmith, Richie Sambora do Bon Jovi e a ex 4 Non Blondes, a cantora Linda Perry. Com mais de 12 milhões de cópias vendidas em todo mundo, Pink confirmou seu nome entre as cantoras pop/ rock.

---- “Try This”, álbum seguinte, não foi lá tão bem nas vendas. Nesse álbum, a cantora seguiu um estilo mais pesado do que o disco anterior. Isso foi recebido de forma estranha pelos fãs. Em “I’m not dead”, que traduzindo significa “Eu não estou morta”, parecendo um recado bem direto, a cantora voltou para a praia mais pop, sendo que esse álbum voltou a vender bem. Atualmente a cantora está trabalhando na divulgação de seu novíssimo quinto álbum, lançado dia 22 de Agosto na MTV EUA, semana passada, chamado “Funhouse”. Agora é aguardar para ver no que vai dar esse novo trabalho da Pink.

---- O clipe que veremos aqui é da música “Stupid girls”, clipe esse muito engraçado onde a Pink tira um sarro das patricinhas americanas como Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson e Paris Hilton. Assitam aí que vale a pena!

Photo: UFO Near Yosemite Park, California - August 13, 2007

Witness account:

I was touring the United States on my Harley and had just crossed the Yosemite Park in the morning of the August 13th 2007.

I was sitting at a table in a restaurant at Lee Vining, California.

By the window beside me, I was seeing lenticular clouds over the Tioga Pass nearby. I took a picture of those clouds through the window.

I know that this type of clouds are sometimes mistakenly beleived to be UFOs.

It is just lately when I look back at that picture that I found that dark conical object seeming to hover i the center of the picture.

I thought it may be a fly that was on the window when I took the picture but the zooming of the object reveals clearly light and shadow on it that could not be on a fly in a window. I have to admit that when I found it I was and I am still very excited about it.

As I did not even noticed it when I took the picture, I cannot tell how it was moving or if it was making any sound, etc.

Looking at a map I saw that the place is just about 150 miles from area 51.


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Great Britain's 10 Top Spookiest Cities

Are you traveling to Great Britain soon? Even if you’re not, you don’t want to miss the newest listing of the most haunted places in Great Britain.

In a survey of the supernatural in Great Britain, the country’s spookiest cities were named by ghost expert Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe. The results were achieved by comparing how many sightings were recorded per 10,000 population in each area. For example the 315 sightings in Derby equates to a 14 per 10,000 ratio.

According to Caroline Iggulden the “Top Ten Creepiest Corners of Great Britain”, including the most notorious ghosts who haunt the areas, are as follows:

Belfast – In 1912 Helena Blunden, a young singer preoccupied with an upcoming concert, ran down the stairs after her shift at a Belfast linen mill to watch the performance. She tripped over a mop, fell over the banister and fell to the bottom floor. She’d always dreamed of leaving the mill but now she is forever caught in it’s clutches. The building is currently used by a printing company. Many staff members have reported hearing a young girl singing and then a shriek of terror.

Gloucester – Bishop John Hooper was burned at the stake in 1555 in Gloucester’s Westgate during Queen Mary’s persecution of Protestants. The ghost of Protestant Bishop John Hooper has been seen all around town but frequents the area near his monument. Queen Mary has also been seen in the area and some think she is doing penance for the way she treated Bishop John Hooper.

Chester – Lord Bernard Stewart was the leader of the Royalist Army of King Charles during the English Civil War. On September 24, 1645 at Rowton Moor, a mass slaughter took place. Stewart and Marmaduke Langdale were defeated by Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentarians. Lord Bernard Stewart was killed during the battle and his ghost still rides across Rowton Moor especially on September 24. The ghost of William Lawes, King Charles court musician, is also thought to haunt Rowton Moor. His music can be heard drifting over the land.

Exeter – A man named Albert fell through one of the manholes into the underground medieval passages built as a maintenance area for the pipes that bring water into the city. When Albert fell through the manhole he didn’t die right away. It took several days of agonizing pain before he succumbed to his injuries. His ghost haunts the passages, riding a Penny Farthing bike. There is also talk of hidden treasure in these tunnels.

Derby – In 1879 Gerald Mannering went into Derby after an argument with his father and drank heavily. The police found him driving a pony and trap so they took him to the cells on the site where the Derby Fish Market now stands. Mannering drew a pistol and started shooting, killing PC Moss. He was found guilty of murder but escaped the death sentence. Workers at the fist market often see a policeman in a Victorian style uniform and hears ghostly footsteps on patrol. It is said that the injustice of Mannering’s hearing is what trapped Moss.

Edinburgh – Several hundred years ago a piper was sent to explore a network of underground tunnels which connects Edinburgh Castle in Scotland to one of the country’s most famous streets, The Royal Mile. The piper was told to keep playing so they could track his progress along the tunnels but about halfway through the music suddenly stopped. A rescue party couldn’t find the piper. To this day, his music can be heard from within Edinburgh Castle, which is considered one of the most haunted places in Scotland.

St. Albans (photo above) – The abbey church in St. Albans, is a hotbed of paranormal activity. One of the most sighted ghosts is a phantom composer who would sit down and play at the organ. Many people have seen the organ play by itself and others have seen ghost monks proceeding through the church. Recently the music was identified to be composed by Robert Fairfax who was on the Abbey’s musical staff and died in 1521.

Norwich – 19 Magdalen Street is considered to be the most haunted place in Norwich. A teenage barmaid named Sara was murdered upstairs in the original pub by the landlord when she refused to be a prostitute for him. Paranormal phenomena such as a drop in temperature between the main and back rooms, cups falling off of tables by themselves, and typewriters typing when no one is near are quite common in the building.

York – The 19th Century York Industrial Ragged School made its money by putting orphan kids to work. He was neglectful and treated the children horrifically. Many died because of his treatment and he would lock up the corpses in a large cupboard. He went insane and massacred the remaining children with a huge knife. The children haunt the streets of York and their laughter turns to terrified screams.

Oxford – The fallen nun, Rosamund The Fair, was kept as a concubine by King Henry II in the Godstow Nunnery on Trout Island. The King would meet her in the labyrinth where she was guarded by a knight who held the end of a silver thread that was attached to Rosamund. When the Queen found out about the affair, she killed the Knight, followed the silver thread to Rosamund and made the nun drink poison. The ghost of Rosamund haunts The Trout Pub in Wolvercote.

Strange Humming Sound in the Loch Ness Area

Residents on the shores of Loch Ness are having their sleep disturbed by a mystery humming noise similar to that which sparked a spate of calls to a council in Suffolk.

Mikko Takala, who lives in a cottage overlooking the loch near Drumnadrochit where he runs a webcam site tracking the elusive Loch Ness Monster, has been having sleepless nights for weeks.

His mother, who lives with him, and a near neighbour have also been woken in the wee sma' hours by the same strange humming noise, which one blue blooded Suffolk resident, Lord Philips of Sudbury, said could be mistaken for a spacecraft landing.

Inquiries by Babergh District Council have so far failed to pin down a source of the noise, while Highland Council environmental health staff are about to begin their own inquiries into the lochside disturbance.

"I thought at first the noise could be coming from some old bearings in the Foyers Hydro Station across the loch," said Mikko.

"But when I went out of the house I couldn't hear anything at all."

A Scottish and Southern Energy spokeswoman confirmed they have been having no problems with the machinery at the hydro station and the noise would not be from their plant.

Mikko said he would be contacting other utility companies as a process of elimination to try to get to the bottom of the mystery.

"I have to confess it's bizarre. It get's into your head and is like a buzzing sound, vibrating like an empty football. I think its a resonance frequency. Putting your fingers in ears doesn't help. I've heard it start at 2am and it would carry on until 8am. My mother has heard it too."

Mikko said he had gone outside to listen and focus on where it was coming from but couldn't hear anything.

"It's a complete mystery because you only seem to hear it from indoors and its exactly the same as what is being experienced in Suffolk."

Babergh District Council received 50 complaints from residents and council staff there are still trying to identify the source.

Locals have failed to pin it down and Lord Philips of Sudbury commented: "If someone had said to me a spacecraft had landed on the meadows I would have said, 'well I heard it'."

Other locals in Sudbury have described the noise as a high hum and a high pitched drone.

Highland Council's environmental health staff confirmed they had received a report about the noise and they would be investigating.

"We have had reports of a low humming noise which is loud enough to wake local residents.

"We will investigate this but it will be very much a process of elimination to try and identify a noise source.

"That can involve switching off all power sources to the property to ensure there is not a problem with a motor in the house."


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New High-Tech Search For Thylacine, Large Cats After Recent Sheep Maulings

Australia’s most prominent Tasmanian tiger and puma photographic hunter will visit Mount Gambier to set up high-tech infrared camera equipment, following a spate of recent large cat sightings and unexplained attacks on sheep in the region.

Glenburnie resident Russell Smith told The Border Watch yesterday that sheep in the Glenburnie area had been “torn to pieces by animals more powerful than foxes”.

“There is something prowling around the area and I am worried about my dogs,” Mr Smith said.

He believed sheep were being attacked by large unexplained animals, not foxes or domestic dogs.

“Foxes just usually tear out the neck - these sheep are being mauled,” Mr Smith said.

Meanwhile, Victorian searcher Michael Moss - who has launched the most extensive hunt for pumas and Tasmania’s tigers in mainland Australia’s history - said yesterday there was growing evidence of thylacines and large cats living in the South East of South Australia.

“They are definitely out there,” said Mr Moss, who had spent more than 10 years searching bushland for the elusive animals, particularly the highly sought after Tasmanian tiger.

He believed the numbers of large cats - most likely pumas - were increasing in Victoria and spilling into the South East of South Australia, particularly around bushland near the Glenelg River.

His comments follow a string of big cat sightings from the Victorian border to Penola earlier this month, which made news headlines across Australia.

Despite some sceptics in the community, Mr Moss argued documents released under the Freedom of Information Act showed the South Australian Government had never undertaken an extensive survey of these animals in the South East.

“These pumas can be very large and are a threat to people walking in the bush. If people come across one they should never turn their back and run, but they should stand their ground and shout,” Mr Moss said.

He believed these pumas had been responsible for the disappearance of lone bush walkers in Victoria.

According to the Lower South East National Parks and Wildlife this week, there have been no sightings of thylacines recorded in the Mount Gambier district “for a couple of years”.

Witness reports

The Border Watch this week spoke to a number of residents in the region, who believe they have seen a Tasmanian tiger over the past 20 years.

Mumbanna farmer Yvonne Hines said her sighting 16 years ago was still vivid in her mind.

“I know what I saw - I am absolutely convinced it was a Tasmanian tiger,” Mrs Hines said.

“What really struck me was the animal’s hindquarters - they were so different.”

She recalled the night when she was driving along the Princes Highway between Mumbanna and Mount Gambier, about 7.30pm.

“I saw something up ahead. At first I thought it was a kangaroo, but when I got closer I thought it was a fox, then I thought that’s not a fox - there’s no bushy tail,” Mrs Hines said.

“I saw the back hindquarters - they really struck me, along with the striped markings on the animal.

“I have been travelling on country roads for a long time - I know what I saw.”

She said when she told her family of her unusual sighting “they just laughed” at her.

Meanwhile, Glenburnie resident Joan Smith said she saw a Tasmanian tiger near the Mount Gambier Racecourse about five years ago.

“It was crossing the road. It had a long tail, stripes and a puggy face - it was too big to be a fox,” Mrs Smith said.

Mumbanna resident - who did not wished to be named - also told of a similar tale.

He said he saw the side profile of the animal on the side of the road for about “10 to 15 seconds”.

“At first I thought it was a kangaroo, then I saw these bright blue eyes reflecting,” the eyewitness said.

“I then thought it was a fox, but when I got closer it was too big to be a fox. It was shaped a bit like a greyhound and it had a very large chest.”

He said he was fascinated by local sightings after his eye-witness account.

“I feel very fortunate to have made a sighting,” the resident said.

Meanwhile, he said he had also seen “big dog-like prints” in the soil around the Victorian Border several years ago.


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Perfil dos Contadores

____ Nos EUA, o profissional que trabalha com Contabilidade é um dos profissionais mais respeitados e um dos melhores remunerados. Aqui no Brasil, a Contabilidade é vista apenas como uma ferramenta auxiliar da administração, logo, existe uma grande queixa dos profissionais da área. Baseado nisso, comecei a pensar depois de ver e ouvir tantos fatos sobre essa diferença de cultura, para assim tentar descobrir qual o motivo dessa diferença tão grande e tão absurda do tratamento que as Ciências Contábeis recebem por aqui. Eu descobri! Sim! Eu descobri, e você vai ler isso aqui.
____ Para começar a entender essa história, vamos com uma rápida história. Como muitos sabem, Ciências Contábeis nunca foi minha primeira opção. Sempre pendi para o lado do Jornalismo, mas a vida me trouxe emprego na área contábil. Acabei abraçando o que eu tanto dizia não.Uma coisa que ouço muito por aí é que o meu perfil não é exatamente o de um contador, mas sim de um jornalista mesmo. Sabem por quê? Porque todos dizem que sou comunicativo e faço amigos rapidamente. Com isso, fiquei com alguns pensamentos povoando minha mente sobre essas características não serem atribuídas também a contadores. Existe algum motivo para tal fato?
____ Fiz algumas cadeiras em outros cursos e outras cadeiras básicas com pessoas de muitos outros cursos. Quando falava que fazia Ciências Contábeis, os professores nada acostumados a lecionarem para esse curso e alguns colegas acabavam me olhando de uma forma inquietante. Tempos depois, um desses professores novamente afirma que o meu perfil não tem nada haver com Contábeis. “Mas por quê?” Pergunto eu, e a resposta é a mesma. “Você é comunicativo demais para essa área.” De fato, quando adentrei de vez no curso, notei certa dificuldade em me enturmar com as pessoas. Foi aí que tudo ficou claro e o resultado disso está nos parágrafos seguintes.
____ Existe um paradigma muito grande em relação aos contadores, logo estamos falando de todo o curso de Ciências Contábeis. Todo contador é tido como uma pessoa fechada, que não mostra sorrisos e muito menos simpatia. Em resumo, dizem que quem faz nosso curso tem vocação apenas para lidar com números. Será essa uma verdade? Se for, isso explica porque somos vistos como uma ferramenta administrativa e não como uma profissão da qual nossa missão é controlar e melhore reger a vida de uma organização. Explicando, de fato os alunos desse curso possuem características mais reservadas do que o pessoal que cursa Administração de Empresas. Nesse curso que ensina noções básicas de muitos ramos diferentes, desde Ciências Contábeis, Direito, Recursos Humanos, Área Financeira e até mesmo uma pincelada de Sociologia e Psicologia, os alunos aprendem a usar as informações da empresa, logo administrar. Mas se são outras áreas que acabam dando todas essas informações, como raios apenas a Administração leva o crédito? Alguém sabe por quê? Lembram da minha característica citada algumas vezes acima? Pois é! Habilidade de se comunicar é um diferencial.
____ Os contadores têm fama de saber apenas lidar com números, não com pessoas. Enquanto isso for verdade, todos nós estaremos sempre na sombra e nunca no lugar de destaque que merecemos. Saber trabalhar com números não é o suficiente, afinal de contas se não existirem pessoas, nenhuma organização anda para frente. Ser a pessoa que no final do mês entrega apenas um relatório com a realidade da empresa é trabalho pífio e que infelizmente é a realidade atual do Brasil. Agora, quando os novos profissionais que hoje estudam, nós, tomarem a iniciativa de deixar o paradigma do “ser frio e isolado” que não faz nada a não ser cuidar dos números, mas sim decidirem se envolver mesmo com a empresa, assim quem sabe nossa profissão pode deixar de ser uma ferramenta e virar uma profissão respeitada de fato como ocorre em muitos outros países.
____ Nós precisamos ter a habilidade de nos comunicar, saber administrar não apenas números, mas pessoas. Quem pensar que isso não faz parte do trabalho, estará mantendo a Contabilidade onde ela está e nada há mais. Tomar a iniciativa de deixar de lado esse paradigma pode ser a chave dourada que há tanto tempo está sendo procurada e até então nunca encontrada.


---- Como prometido no texto de hoje, abro espaço aqui no blog um espaço para a discussão sobre o tema “Suicídio”. Vale à pena relembrar umas partes do artigo.
“---- Hoje em dia somos bombardeados por notícias de pessoas que cometem suicídio por causa de inúmeros motivos, desde traição até aqueles que cometem crimes e para fugir da prisão, acabam terminando com sua própria vida. É uma dura realidade, ainda mais onde, reza lenda, o nosso país é hospitaleiro e acolhedor. Isso realmente não é uma verdade, mas sim uma estranha verdade relativa. Como escrevi em um artigo passado, cada pessoa reage aos fatos de uma forma, mas tudo tem uma origem. Ninguém se mata de uma hora para outra, mas sim considera a hipótese há algum tempo. Como disse também, julgar é fácil, mas entender é a parte difícil.
---- Um fato que está por trás do suicídio é a falta de contato com outras pessoas, ou mesmo falta de calor humano. Existe um país no norte da Europa onde o número de suicídio é extremamente alto. Nesse mesmo país, o inverno dura boa parte do ano e no seu ponto alto, os dias têm cerca de duas até quatro horas de sol. Imagina viver em um lugar assim? Geralmente pessoas expostas a esse tipo de situação, isolamento ou mesmo com uma criação difícil, uma vida cheia de conflitos, a idéia de por um fim em tudo é atrativa segundo pesquisas realizadas com pessoas depressivas. Julgar é fácil, mas passar pelo que muitas pessoas passam não é tão fácil assim. Também não estou fazendo um artigo dizendo “se mate já que tudo está ruim”, mas sim dizendo que problemas existem e cada um lida com eles de alguma maneira. Como sabem, a vida é o maior dom de uma pessoa e acabar com ela significa acabar com o maior presente dado por Deus aos humanos.
---- Uma verdade pode ser retirada dessa história. Os contatos entre as pessoas estão sendo deixados cada vez mais de lado, como disse anteriormente. Com as tantas formas de comunicação que hoje existem, existem pessoas mais sozinhas do que nunca. Esse e-mail é uma forma de contato, mas quantos de vocês eu vejo na semana? Falta de tempo? Ocupado de mais? Não interessa! Devemos encontrar uma horinha que seja do nosso dia para “cultivar” o contato com outras pessoas. Viver sozinho não é vida para ninguém!”
---- O que você acha? Você já teve alguma história ao seu redor sobre o assunto? Agora é apenas comentar!

Swedish Filmmakers Capture 'Storsjöodjuret' - Great Lake Sea Monster - Video

Here's a link to a video Sweden’s legendary Great Lake Sea Monster (Storsjöodjuret). It's in Swedish, but there is a decent view of this creature.

A group of filmmakers claim to have successfully captured Sweden’s legendary Great Lake Sea Monster (Storsjöodjuret), which is said to lurk in the waters of the Storsjön outside Östersund in northern Sweden.

The film clip shows a blurry, long and narrow silhouette moving in the lake’s depths.

“It clearly shows that it’s warm and is made up of cells, otherwise our cameras wouldn’t indicate red, so it can be a sea snake or some other kind of sea animal,” said a female member of the film crew to Sveriges Television news in Jämtland.

The effort to find the monster has generated a great deal of interest, with the American television network NBC planning to document the hunt.

Next summer, the number of special cameras placed in the lake will increase to thirty.

This isn’t the first time that crews have hunted for the Great Lake Sea Monster.

Back in 1894, a Swedish sea captain named Dedering created a stock company with the express purpose of catching the renowned beast.

The hunt, which was also sponsored in part by King Oscar II, even featured whale harpooners.

In 1986, Jämtland’s county administrative board banned anyone from “killing, injuring, or trapping a live animal such as the Great Lake Sea Monster” or from “removing or injuring the Great Lake Sea Monster’s eggs, roe, or dwelling”.


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Very Sharp Video: Famous UFO Encounter - Mexican Air Force - March 5, 2004

Very sharp, definitive video of the famous UFO encounter by the Mexican Air Force over southern Campeche State in Mexico on March 5, 2004. The pilots reported that 11 separate UFOs were witnessed.


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Photo: UFO Near Goodyear Blimp - Williamsport, PA - August 25, 2008

Witness report:

On Monday, August 25, 2008 I was driving eastbound on Third Street in Williamsport PA when I took two pictures while driving with my LG EnV2 2.0 mega pixel camera phone of the Goodyear blimp. After reviewing the pictures later that day I noticed an object on the second picture of a cigar shaped object above the Goodyear blimp.

The day was clear and sunning without a visible cloud ceiling at 12:15 hrs EST. I was driving approximately 10-15 mph near the Rite Aid at 1913 E. 3rd Street in Williamsport in Loyalsock Twp. I noticed the Goodyear blimp off to my right and decided to take a picture of it since it was flying around Williamsport after the Little League World series games.

A minute later the blimp was directly in front of me when I decided to take the second picture. I held the phone camera with both hands and braced both arms against the steering wheel to stabilize the picture and snapped it.

After returning from the trip, I reviewed the pictures taken and noticed an object to be cigar shaped above the blimp at a 1 o’clock position when the picture was zoomed in on the blimp.

Two-Headed Baby Born Alive in Bangladesh

A baby has been born with two heads, causing crowds of 150,000 to surround a hospital as they try to get a glimpse of him.

Police were called in to control the throngs in Bangladesh amid fears of a stampede that could crush the boy, named Kiron, and his 22-year-old mother.

The baby seems healthy but last night doctors were trying to confirm how many sets of vital organs he has and assess his chances of survival.

Police were called in to control the masses as the baby was moved from one hospital to another for security reasons.

Officials feared that unless the baby was moved from the clinic in Bangladesh, where he was born, to a more secure hospital, the crowd would force their way in to gaze at the amazing sight.

If that happened, it was feared, mother and baby would be crushed.

In the past babies born with physical abnormalities have been viewed in countries such as Bangladesh and India as living gods.

Last night the boy, named Kiron, was under police protection as doctors tried to determine whether he had any future.

Kiron was born in a caesarean operation on Monday, weighing just over 12lb, in Keshobpur, 100 miles from the capital, Dhaka.

'He has one stomach and he is eating normally with his two mouths,' said gynaecologist Mohamad Abdul Bari.

'He has one genital organ and a full set of limbs.'

Dr Bari said the baby developed from one embryo 'but there was a developmental anomaly'.

He said the clinic had been unable to determine whether the baby had one or two sets of vital organs.

But while his life was not in immediate danger, it had been necessary for him and his 22-year-old mother to be moved to a larger hospital in nearby Jessore city because of the growing crowd outside the clinic.

'Even before we moved the baby and his mother from the clinic the crowd had grown to 150,000 and it is now just as big at the hospital.

'We fear the crowds are going to grow even bigger as word spreads.

'People are desperate to have a look at this baby.

'We had to call the police to control the situation at the clinic and now the police are on 24-hour guard at the hospital.'

Reporting the news yesterday, the newspaper Samakal said many well-wishers had left money for the baby's family.

Video: UFOs Over Szekelyudvarhely, Romania - August 19, 2008

Detailed video of UFOs sighted over Szekelyudvarhely, Romania on August 19, 2008

Burmese Python Kills, Attempts to Swallow Zookeeper in Caracas

A 10-foot Burmese Python killed a student zookeeper in Caracas on the weekend and was caught trying to swallow its dead human prey when horrified coworkers arrived

The other employees of the Caracas zoo had to beat the serpent to make it release the body of 29-year-old Erick Arrieta, whose head it was swallowing.

According to the daily, Arrieta had been working the nightshift alone on Saturday, looking after the reptile section of the zoo.

The university biology student had broken the park's rules by entering the cage holding the snake, which had been donated two months ago and was not on public display, according to the zoo's management.

A snake bite on his arm indicated the python had attacked Arrieta before wrapping itself around him and crushing him to death.

"The young man underestimated the animal's instinct," said the director general of the Parque del Este zoo, Javier Hernandez.

It is the main zoo in Caracas and was built on an old coffee plantation. This zoo includes South American animals such as birds, reptiles, imported felines and elephants.

It is rare for constrictor snakes to kill humans, but it has happened on rare occasions.

Less than a dozen deaths by constrictor have been recorded in North America in the past 20 years.

A 13-foot 20 kg Burmese python killed a 19-year-old man in The Bronx, New York in 1996. A neighbour found him in a hallway outside his apartment with the snake wrapped around him.

An unidentified pet python “strangled” a 28 year old man in Brampton, Ontario in 1992.

An 11-foot pet Burmese python by the name of Sally killed a 15-year-old boy in his bed in Commerce City, Colorado in 1993. The snake bit the boy on the right foot and apparently suffocated him.

Língua Afiada

---- Mas como tem gente com a língua afiada nesse mundo. Não importa o lugar que você esteja, sempre tem alguém alfinetando o próximo ou mesmo reclamando da vida. Isso está entre as coisas mais insuportáveis que existe de se aturar, e nessa onda que vamos seguir.

---- Mas espera aí um pouco? “Mas você não está reclamando também?” Poderia perguntar você aí que está lendo essa postagem. A resposta é simples. Eu estou sim, mas a diferença das reclamações é a sua construção. Estou falando da famosa diferença entre a crítica construtiva e a destrutiva. Uma delas é uma crítica negativa com motivação de ajudar enquanto a outra é puramente veneno destilado para acabar com o próximo. Eu escolho a crítica construtiva.
---- Que a vida não é fácil, isso todo nós sabemos. Agora, fazer disso um mar de lamentações não adianta em nada. Isso, em contrapartida, apenas vai fazer você remoer ainda mais o mesmo fato. Com isso, muitas pessoas acabam se tornando amarguradas e posteriormente destilando palavras contra toda e qualquer pessoa ao seu redor. Isso vai fazer com que ela fique cada vez mais sozinha. Vai dizer que ficar perto de alguém que reclama de tudo 24 horas por dia é algo agradável? Eu acho que não! É claro também que existem pessoas que fazem isso inconscientemente, mas para tal caso uma leve dica não fará mal. Se fizer, é porque a verdade acabou doendo mais do que se imagina.
---- As criticas construtivas estão aí para ajudar. Saber ouvi-las nunca é fácil, mas é preferível ouvi-las de um amigo do que ouvir ela da boca de estranhos e acabar descobrindo que você fez, digamos assim, fama de azedo. Vamos seguir aquele princípio básico que é “não faça nada que você não gostaria que fizessem com você.” Se essa regrinha for seguida, garanto que o mundo seria bem melhor.

Mystery in North Dakota: Missing Bismarck Man Found Alive

...can't figure out how Miller ended up in the pasture. Either way possible to get in, he had to open and close two gates, and a quick check of the fence showed it hadn't been driven over. What used to be a road somewhat near where Miller's pickup was found has potholes and would be nearly impossible to drive on.

A missing Bismarck man has been found alive in a pasture near Kintyre.

The pickup of John Miller, 76, was found Tuesday afternoon by Andrew Bornemann, 17, and his siblings, Cora, 21, and Jacob, 12, who were out checking pasture wells in the pasture four miles north of Kintyre, Emmons County Sheriff Gary Sanders said.

Andrew Bornemann had been driving tractor all day Monday and heard news about Miller's disappearance. He recognized Miller's red extended cab Ford Ranger from the reports.

"For one thing, it was kind of odd to see a pickup in the pasture,"he said.

He said he called the Bismarck Police Department to report finding the pickup, then he and his siblings looked around for Miller. They didn't find him, though they did notice what looked like a rock in the distance.

When Sanders arrived on scene, they noticed that the object that looked like a rock had moved, Andrew Bornemann said. They ran toward the object, which ended up being Miller. Cora Bornemann brought water, which they gave him.

"I think he was sleeping when we found him," Andrew Bornemann said.

Miller was about a quarter mile west of his pickup, which had gotten stuck in the mud around a well, Andrew Bornemann said.

Miller was lying prone on the ground and was unable to sit up, Sanders said. He was semi-conscious and incoherent, but seemed to improve when given the water and moved to the shade, the sheriff said. Miller uses oxygen, and his oxygen bottle has the capacity for four hours of oxygen. Miller had been without oxygen for some time, Sanders said. Police had said Miller has other health issues and dementia-related problems.

Miller was transported by ambulance to a Bismarck hospital. Though he did not have details on his condition, Sanders thought Miller could make a recovery.

"He should be fine,"he said.

Miller left his sister's home in Hague at around 3:55 p.m. Saturday. His wife, Agnes, expected him home at 9:30 p.m. Saturday and reported him missing Sunday morning when he had not returned.

His expected route home was to go north on Highway 83, then west to Bismarck on old Highway 10. Police received several reported sightings of Miller along Highway 83, Highway 1804 and Highway 13 from Saturday, and they were able to confirm he was at the Hazelton Cenex on Saturday night. They believe he may have been there again on Sunday, though the station was closed.

The Civil Air Patrol had taken to the skies in an effort to locate Miller on Monday and Tuesday.

Kintyre is northeast of Hazelton, off Highway 34.

Sanders said Miller had to travel across rough terrain and through gates to get where his pickup was found. The only way anyone could have spotted the pickup was from the air or actually coming up on the pickup, as the Bornemanns did.

"It was a good mile from any improved roadway," he said.

Andrew Bornemann said he can't figure out how Miller ended up in the pasture. Either way possible to get in, he had to open and close two gates, and a quick check of the fence showed it hadn't been driven over. What used to be a road somewhat near where Miller's pickup was found has potholes and would be nearly impossible to drive on, he said.

"I really didn't see any tracks where he had gotten in there," he said.

Andrew Bornemann said the thought had crossed his mind on Monday while listening to the reports about Miller that he could cross paths with the missing Bismarck man. However, he didn't expect it would happen the way it did.

"I never expected to find him out in the pasture," he said.

The search for Miller came to a happier ending than the last case of a missing elderly person in the state. Last November, Russell Kilen, 89, of Stanley, never returned home after picking up a pizza at the Stanley Cenex.

Miller's disappearance has similarities to Kilen's. For instance, Kilen had health problems and signs of dementia, as does Miller.

Mountrail County Sheriff Ken Halvorson said searching for an independent, self-reliant older person can be hard.

"It really is difficult, especially if the person is mobile,"he said. "They will just lose their own wits until they're so far lost they can't find their way back."

Halvorson said the rural nature of North Dakota can make searches hard, with the very things that make life in the remote areas appealing also serving as hindrances during searches. Abandoned farmsteads and rarely-used outbuildings, tree rows and even unharvested fields can serve as hiding places.

"The solitude also comes along with the isolation," he said.

Kilen was found in April in northern Williams County, about 65 miles northwest of his home. His body was found alongside his burned-up car, which had been white but had been scorched to a "ground brown" color, Halvorson said.

Aerial searches had focused on looking for the white Dodge Intrepid, which wasn't white anymore. Searchers had looked in an area near where Kilen eventually was found by two men working in the area, but they had been south of where he was found.

"We just didn't believe he'd be that far off the road," Halvorson said.

He said a psychic had described an area where she thought Kilen would be found, and the area where he was found ended up having similar landmarks and buildings to what she had described. There were enough similarities "to make you stop and think," the sheriff said.

Checking out such visions, dreams or potential-but-unlikely sightings have to be done, he said.

"You've got to think outside the box,"he said. "You've got to check it out."

Tips from the public, even when they turned out to be unlikely, were helpful and "rejuvenated" the investigation into Kilen's disappearance, Halvorson said. Also helpful were the resources of other state agencies, the National Guard, the Air Force base in Minot and other counties, he said.

Likewise, the Bismarck Police Department thanked the Emmons County Sheriff's Department, Burleigh County Sheriff's Department, the Civil Air Patrol, the North Dakota Highway Patrol, the public and the media for help in locating Miller.

Halvorson said he's learned a few things about searching through experience looking for Kilen and other missing persons.

"I'm no expert," he said. "I don't want to be an expert."

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