Photo: Shining Orb UFO / OVNI - Wooli, New South Wales, Australia

Witness states: September 21, 2008 - While taking photos of the sunset over the bush at Wooli, New South Wales, Australia, I turned towards the beach to take photos of my daughter. I took three photos in quick sucession in the second photo there is an odd sphere shape in the sky that i can not account for as it is not in the photos on either side of the middle photo and would like your opinion on what you think it is. As soon as i saw the photo i called the family over to show them what called a UFO. I have attached the three photos that where taken, it is the middle photo that may interest you.


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Champ Expedition 2008: New Search at Lake Champlain

It may be that Champ, the Lake Champlain monster, is getting more reclusive.

A summer expedition to find the mysterious creature brought a dozen participants and sophisticated tracking equipment but didn't find anything.

Another expedition will be held next summer, said organizer Ruby Anderson of Naugatuck, Conn.

"We have learned some important things through Champ Expedition 2008 -- like make sure you have backup equipment in case of problems with cameras (and) cell phones."

The group will once again be headquartered at Button Bay State Park and Campground near Vergennes, Vt., she said.

"We chose this location because there have been several sightings of Champ at Button Bay. Our own sighting of Champ in 2007 also took place in Button Bay. All evidence seems to indicate a family group of Champtany in the Button Bay area."

"Champtany" is the designation Champ Quest Director Dennis Hall gave to Champ several years ago.

"It was my own sighting that got me researching and studying Champ," Anderson said.

"Myself and my daughter, Precious, and her friend, Tori, had a Champ sighting at Button Bay State Park on July 17, 2007.

"My brother, Gary, also had a sighting of a baby Champ at Button Bay State Park back in 2001."

Many Champ sightings have been either in Button Bay on the Vermont side or in Bulwagga Bay off Port Henry. Researchers have offered theories that Champ could be anything from a plesiosaur to a large sturgeon. Most agree there would have to be a breeding colony of the creatures in the lake for it survive over the years.

Anderson described the 2007 sighting at Button Bay.

"(We) were sitting on the cliffs a short ways from the Nature Center at Button Bay State Park. We saw what looked like a large school of fish some distance out that was moving toward us.

"Shortly after, we saw a large, dark-colored animal with three to four humps, around 30 feet long, come to the surface. It moved across in front of us, then turned and went back out then turned right and continued across the lake for some distance before it headed back out into deeper water and submerging."

She said the sighting was at about 12:15 in the afternoon.

"I am fairly convinced that there was a large school of fish, and the animal was probably feeding on them. I was later told an ex-Marine had been there on vacation and had also seen and described the same animal.

"During our 2008 expedition, I saw nothing even remotely resembling the animal we saw in 2007."

This year, Anderson organized an expedition at the end of July, and participants camped at Button Bay for a week.

"We had teams by the lake in shifts equipped with a high-speed video recorder with zoom lens and infrared for evening hours. We were using decoys to try to lure Champ in closer to get better footage."

They're trying to be thorough with their search for Champ, she said.

"While our goal is to find proof of Champ, identifying things that could be mistaken for Champ is also important. It helps in sorting out reported sightings and identifying actual Champ sightings from misidentifications.

"I believe Champ does indeed exist, and I hope proof of Champ's existence will come in time."


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'Ghost Hunters' Investigate Ocala, Florida Inn

The pink and purple Victorian manors that make up the Seven Sisters Inn off East Fort King Street in Ocala seem like most other old Southern homes, at least on the outside. But ghosts and spirits don't spend much time outside.

Inside, the air is heavier and sometimes cold. Slow piano music plays interminably, interrupted by the creaks and rumbles made by any 120-year-old structure.

But is there more to those sounds, those rushes of air and subtle drafts, those flickering of lights? The personalities for the SciFi Channel believe so, so much so that they will feature the inn during Wednesday night's episode of "Ghost Hunters."

Inn owners Bonnie Morehardt and Ken Oden say they don't need spiritual mediums and paranormal experts to tell them their homes are haunted. They've already seen enough.

"There is a feeling of energy here," Morehardt said Monday afternoon. "I think the spirits are here to care for the building and to care for us. It's a protective thing.

"But there are definitely different feelings at each house."

The Scott House, the pink-colored home on the property, is the older of the two and, Morehardt says, the brighter. Built in 1888, it's hard to keep track of all the possible spirits that may reside within its three stories.

Morehardt says she's seen a mysterious dressed-up woman, a young boy and an old man. Guests at the lodge have told her about a woman wearing white passing through doors and closets and checking them out in the bathroom.

Then there are the little things. Morehardt says she's heard a few shouts, countless footsteps on the old wood floors and the slamming of more than one door. She had to move an end table because she says a ghost kept tipping it over.

"I had this table up in the loft and it got overturned and broken three times," Morehardt said. "I finally just put it in another room. Clearly whoever is there didn't like the table."

Morehardt and inn manager Charlie Childes have trouble lighting candles, keeping the lights on and even keeping the locked front door from opening.

"I'll be sitting in the house by myself with the door locked, and all of a sudden I'll hear the bells on the door," Childes recounted. "I pulled up to the house one time and saw a man dressed like Abraham Lincoln walk right in through a wall."

One of the alleged spirits may have saved Childes life. As he was walking down the open staircase to the home's living room, something caused Childes to trip and fall forward toward a stained-glass window.

"I was falling head first, but something grabbed me with two hands," Childes said. "Then I was about to fall right on the coffee table and someone held me up."

The ghosts can be playful too, Morehardt said. They like to move furniture, flip lights on and off or just move some items to another room. Monday, as she looked around the third-floor loft, Morehardt found a book - "The Lady of the Lake" - that belonged in a downstairs bedroom.

"That's supposed to be in Sylvia's room," she said to Childes.

"Well, it wasn't here yesterday when I was up here," Childes answered back.

As playful and helpful the spirits in the pink house may be, Morehardt said, the same does not apply to the purple home next door. Built in 1892, the home's bedrooms have been outfitted with decor from across the world. Rooms pay tribute to France, China, Egypt and India, countries diverse enough to bring with them a diverse clash of spirits.

"You will hear fighting and arguing in these rooms," Morehardt said.

It's not the environment Childes prefers. He works the day shift and tries to stay away from the purple home at all costs.

"I don't like being here at night," he said. "When I walk into the other house, it's like walking into my mom's house. This one is darker."

Both homes will be featured on SciFi Wednesday at 9 p.m.


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Plague of Flying Foxes Driving Southern Downs, Queensland Residents Batty!

The Mayor of the Southern Downs, in southern Queensland, Australia, fears residents frustrated by a plague of flying foxes may end up taking matters into their own hands.

Allora residents say their peace has been shattered by about 20,000 grey-headed flying foxes and Mayor Ron Bellingham says something has to be done.

"I think it's a fairly simple exercise to discourage those bats from roosting in such close proximity to urban areas," he said.

Environmental Protection Agency spokesman Craig Walker says there are no easy solutions.

"We can move them away from a location but we can't guarantee the location to which we move them is not going to be worse than where they are now," he said.

Mr Walker says the species has been know to carry the Hendra virus, but the risk is extremely low.


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Unknown Creature Washes Ashore at Ocean Beach, Connecticut

As Tom and Bobbette Clapsadle of Waterford strolled along the water at Ocean Beach Park Sunday afternoon with their two sons, they spotted an almost alien-looking corpse lying amongst the seaweed.

We said, 'Oh my God, look at that,' ” said Tom Clapsadle.

The first thing Bobbette thought they had discovered was the celebrated creature known as the “Montauk monster.”

About two and half feet long with powerful shoulders and a pointed, turtlelike snout, the Ocean Beach carcass looks very much like a fleshy, beaked creature found in July on Long Island. Stories and photos about that discovery appeared in newspapers and on television and there was rampant Internet speculation about what is was. Some joked it must have been the result of an experiment gone bad at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. The Montauk animal was never identified with certainty.

The Clapsadles, who had seen a report on television about the Montauk monster, said it looked like the same thing to them. They reported the find to the Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration, which said it might look at the creature today once it had seen photos.

Tom Clapsadle said the corpse had no strong odor and the seagulls did not seem interested in it, something he found strange. Others on the beach speculated it might be a sea turtle, dog, fisher cat or raccoon.

Maggie Jones, director of the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center in Mystic, said Sunday night after examining photos that her best initial guess would be a raccoon.

“I'm quite certain of it,” she said. “The arrangement of the teeth look like a raccoon and the skull is pretty distinctive. It's nothing else I can think of.”

Still, the find left Bobbette Clapsadle a little uncomfortable.

“I'm not going to swim in the ocean if there's stuff like that out there,” she said


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I Want Candy - Melanie C

---- A Melanie C abriu as postagens no mês de Setembro na 24ª posição do Top 30, mas não é que ela vai fechar o mês aqui também? Sim! Como foi dito na postagem, os últimos trabalhos da cantora não ficaram muito conhecido por aqui. Por isso, posto junto um clipe de uma música onde todos nós vamos concordar, afinal de contas nós adoramos doces. Sim! “I want candy” (Eu quero doce) é uma faixa bem bacana e com um clima de balas. Assista aí e confira o trabalho mais recente da cantora. Mês de Outubro o blog volta! Hehe!

Maryland Woman Arrested After Bodies Of 2 Children Found In Freezer

Phillip Garrett was passing time outside a neighbor's Calvert County home, smoking a cigarette, when he noticed a girl in pigtails wandering on the street. Her pink nightgown was caked with mud, her small body covered in bruises.

"Where's your mother?" he asked. "Where are you from?"

The girl said her mother had locked her out of their home, Garrett said yesterday, recalling Friday afternoon's encounter. She said she hadn't eaten in three days. And there was more: "She let us know that she had two sisters and that 'my mother beat them to death.' "

Early Saturday, Calvert authorities made a gruesome discovery: the bodies of two children encased in ice in a freezer in the home of Renee D. Bowman, 43. Bowman has been receiving a monthly government subsidy of $2,400 to care for her three adopted children: the 7-year-old girl on the street and two others who are now officially missing.

"You think you've seen it all," Sheriff Mike Evans said yesterday in announcing the discovery, "but you haven't."

With Bowman in jail, charged with child abuse, and investigators working to piece together what happened, the case again shined a spotlight on the D.C. Child and Family Services Agency, which recommended Bowman to a D.C. Superior Court judge as a suitable adoptive parent in 2001 and 2004. The girls had been wards of the D.C. government.

The child welfare agency came under fire in January after social workers failed to investigate reports of alleged child neglect by Banita Jacks, a Southeast Washington woman now charged with killing her four daughters in their home.

Yesterday, myriad questions about Bowman's adoptions went unanswered as city and court officials in the District, citing confidentiality laws, declined to reveal details of a background check of Bowman that was performed by a private contractor. They said they were unaware of her 1999 misdemeanor conviction in the District for threatening to hurt someone.

"It would be too premature, too irresponsible, to say someone along the chain messed up," Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) said at a news conference. He called the case "harrowing" and "a blow to everyone's heart and psyche that we could lose two more young people."

Not until today, after the ice has thawed, will authorities be able to conduct autopsies and formally identify the victims.

The missing children would be 9 and 11, officials said. They said the 7-year-old girl is a biological sister of the 9-year-old. All three were foster children of Bowman's before she adopted the oldest child in 2001 and the other two in 2004, officials said.

The sheriff's office said in a statement that Bowman told investigators the remains in the freezer were those of her older two adopted daughters. She told them she wrapped one of the children in a plastic garbage bag and the other in a rug, officials said. She said the remains had been in the freezer since February, when she moved to Lusby from Rockville, the sheriff's office said.

Six men carried the freezer out of the house, and it was transported to the state medical examiner's office in Baltimore.

Many neighbors near Bowman's beige ranch-style home in Lusby and at her former residence in Rockville said they had never seen children at her home and were unaware that she had any. Authorities in Calvert and Montgomery County -- and in Prince George's County, where she lived for a time -- said they could find no record of the children being enrolled in public schools.

Neighbor John Baroniak, 59, said Bowman told him that she had moved to Lusby to escape an abusive husband. He said she rented the house and seemed happy. He said it seemed to him that a man was staying with her recently.

"When I talked to her and everything, I thought at least I got a nice neighbor," Baroniak said. "I'm just kind of shocked and blown away."

Bowman was being held yesterday on charges of child abuse in connection with injuries to the 7-year-old. The girl escaped from her locked bedroom Thursday by jumping out a window, police said.

Bowman admitted beating the girl with a "hard-heeled shoe," the sheriff's office said. The girl told police her mother beat her with a white shoe to the point that it was covered in blood, officials said.

The child had "extensive open infected sores and open lesions," several injuries to her feet and knees, and ligature marks and extensive scarring on her neck, according to charging documents filed in court.

Investigators said they believe the other girls died in Rockville. Any criminal charges related to their deaths would probably be filed in Montgomery, not Calvert, they said.

Montgomery police yesterday searched the small house where Bowman lived in Rockville, in the 13100 block of Vandalia Drive.

Neighbors said she lived with a man named Joe who often lifted barbells in the back yard, near a child's red plastic toy car. They did not recall seeing children.

"During the day, it was like no one was there," said Rivelino Valdiva, 29.

Neighbors said they think that Joe worked as a pressure washer and did odd maintenance jobs and that Bowman worked as a secretary. A few months before moving out, Bowman complained of back pain and said she had cancer, according to neighbor Shirley Knapp.

After Bowman moved to Calvert, the landlord complained to Howard Knapp, Shirley's husband, about the mess that had been left behind. "They were pigs," he recalled the landlord saying. "They trashed the house, and there was at least one dead cat in there."

The Maryland Department of Human Resources will file a petition in court today to gain custody of the 7-year-old.


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Paranormal Investigation: Marsh House - Lafayette, Georgia

Ghost hunters want to know if LaFayette, Georgia’s Marsh House is haunted.

Ghost & History of Southeastern Tennessee Inc., a non-profit organization, took a team of investigators for a hunt of possible ghosts Saturday night at the Marsh House in LaFayette and its cemetery.

Prior to the hunt, lead investigator Rick Howard said investigators would go through the entire mansion thoroughly with infrared cameras and audio equipment to see if they can pick up any anomalies.

“From that point, whatever we pick up, we analyze to see if it is something that naturally occurred, unnaturally occurred and can we explain it in anyway, and then what is left is what we are interested in,” Howard said.

The investigators contacted Marsh House co-coordinator Mary Smitherman to conduct the experiment at the Marsh House.

The 11 on-site investigators began the hunt Saturday at 9pm and planned to carefully search for paranormal phenomenon until 2am Sunday.

According to the ghost investigators, results of the hunt could take a week to compile. They will be available on the group’s Website at To see the results, once they are ready, click on the “Investigations” link in the navigation bar on the left and look for the Marsh House link.

Marsh House History

The Marsh House was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

Spencer Marsh built the two-story House in 1836. Marsh was one of the most influential figures in LaFayette and Walker County.

Marsh moved to LaFayette in the early 1830s from North Carolina, with his wife Ruth and their children.

Marsh spent time in politics as a judge and for a short time was a senator.

He brought the Cotton Mill to Northwest Georgia and it is still in operation in Trion.

The Marsh House was placed in the throws of the Civil War during the Battle of LaFayette on June 24, 1864. During the war, the Marsh family retreated south to Cassville, Ga., while the home was occupied by the Union troops.

According to Marsh House historian Janice Fortune, the house was occupied by Union troops and horses were ridden through the downstairs hall and some of the floor boards were soaked in blood and bullets were shot through the walls.

When the Marsh’s returned to their home, after the war, they found their house stripped of its furnishings.

“I have no factual knowledge of who died in the Marsh House itself, but there are quite a few who possibly and even probably did,” Fortune said. “The first was Emily Elizabeth Marsh, daughter of Spencer and Ruth Marsh, who built the house. She was the fourth child of the Marsh’s and their second daughter. She was born on December 24, 1833 in North Carolina before they came to LaFayette and she died on November 23, 1847 just shy of her 14th birthday.

“Her younger brother James Franklin, the Marsh’s sixth child, and third son also died quite young. He was born on August 2, 1839, in LaFayette and died February 15, 1855, at the age of 15 and a half. We do not know what caused their deaths, but it is likely they died at home.

“The next member of the family to die was Spencer Marsh himself. He died on November 30, 1875, at the age of 76. He had been ill for some time, so it is probable that he also died at home, and his wife, Ruth Marsh, died on March 26, 1881 at age 82.”

Follow the results of the investigation at Ghost & History of Southeastern Tennessee Inc


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Stabilized Video: Discovery Channel 'Balloon' UFO - Mexico City - August 26, 2008

Stabilized video shot by a Discovery Channel film crew in Mexico City on August 26th, 2008. The original raw video (below) looked like balloons but this video has several ufologists convinced it is a morphing UFO.


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Tanzania: Witchcraft and the Law

Witchcraft has a long history in the east-African country of Tanzania. The idea that spiritual forces are at play in day-to-day life is integral to many of the nation's tribal cultures, especially in poorer or more rural areas. Caesar Bubani, a lawyer and human rights activist, explains his country’s conflicting attitudes to the supernatural

When I first studied to become a lawyer I frequently came across conflicts between witchcraft and the law. Even today it’s common to find that the respect people have for sorcery overrides their obligation to abide by man-made rules and regulations. In practice, both systems work side-by-side, but every so often a situation arises that highlights the contradictions between the two.

Predominantly the cases I see concerning witchcraft involve people from the poorer rural communities. To a certain extent I feel sympathy. Although my job involves interpreting the law, I have no difficulty in understanding witchcraft. I believe in its existence, and am comfortable representing cases in which witchcraft is the underlying premise.

Witches are often portrayed in a negative light, and many of those labelled as witches are subject to violence and persecution. I was recently informed about an elderly woman who was attacked by a gang of men. The crops in their village were failing, and as a newcomer the woman was blamed for the event. The men broke down her door in the middle of the night and attacked her with a machete, chopping off an arm at the elbow and leaving her partially blinded. She survived the assault. Her family are seeking legal redress through the courts – but trying to use the legal system to adjudicate on matters of witchcraft is complicated.

Events like crop failure make little sense to people and are often understood in terms of the work of supernatural forces. Witchcraft explains things that seem irrational. The other primary role of witchcraft is as a medium through which followers attempt to improve their opportunities. Those who choose to see a witchdoctor do so hoping to better their lives.

An example of the more benign aspects of witchcraft can be seen in my own family. When I was studying to become a lawyer my parents consulted a witchdoctor, asking to improve my chances of passing the legal exams. A chicken was sacrificed and herbs and plant extracts were collected and used in a ritual. I passed my exams. This was harmless, but the aim of bettering oneself through witchcraft sometimes comes at a cost to another person. The recent increase in crimes of witchcraft against albinos is an example.

Ten years ago my practice saw few cases associated with albinos. Their appearance has always made them subject to rumour and stigma, but over the past decade ideas about them have changed. Today, some regard albinos as possessing supernatural powers, making them a threat to the local population and witchdoctors. Devotees of this belief think that if they obtain the body parts of an albino, the extrasensory powers of that individual can be transferred to themselves.

It’s sad that in this day and age – with all the developments of Tanzania – some people choose to engage with these aspects of witchcraft. The practice is officially outlawed, but legislation has only served to group together a collection of harmless beliefs with the dangerous and reckless activities of a few.

Among the vast majority who accept witchcraft as a reality in Tanzania, only a tiny minority believe in the powers attributed to albinos. Until these beliefs are challenged and focus turns to rational and scientific explanations of genetic conditions, it will take many years before albinos are truly accepted among the population.

Witchcraft in all its guises is still taken very seriously in this part of the world, and will be around for the foreseeable future. Unless this is accepted it will prove very difficult to tackle the dangerous practices of the minority without compromising our traditional beliefs and rituals. It is not easy to strike a balance between our history and our development, but until we look at this issue realistically, both could be in jeopardy.


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Maryland Couple Endure Disturbing Poltergeist Activity

In desperation, Vernon Trotter nailed a crude crucifix on the side of his house to keep what he calls supernatural forces from haunting the place. It hasn’t worked.

Something, he said, is still coming into his house at night, leaving marks on the walls, floors, furniture, even their clothes.

“We moved here in 1996, and about six months later, we had stuff moving around the house and markings on the floors and walls. I couldn’t understand why these markings were here, until me and my woman got to talkin’ and she said it wasn’t her doin’, and I know it wasn’t mine, so that’s how we discovered these things were going on around here.”

Up a dusty lane and nestled along the edge of the woods is Trotter’s house. In daylight, things look peaceful enough, but when the sun sets and the late hours of darkness arrive, it’s a different story.

One of the first things the two noticed were unexplained piles of dirt.

“There were piles of dirt dumped on the outside of our house, different piles each morning until it got all the way around my house,” Trotter said. “Then it started dumping piles of dirt on my truck. We got the law involved, but they said they couldn’t do anything until we had a picture of those involved. But we could not take a picture.”

He even found ghostly specter of a skeleton within the glass of his rear window of his car. Trotter said he noticed, too, that in the mornings there was some kind of liquid in their car. “We don’t know how it got there, but it had a real bad odor.”

On the exterior walls are blotches of a oil-like stain, almost identical to those equally mysterious stains and blotches found throughout the interior walls of the 1875 house.

Trotter and his girlfriend, Ann Sturgis, have installed four-motion activated night security cameras and he’s convinced the images show strange “signs.” There appears to be something unusual in the photos, but it raises the classic question — what do you see in a cloud formation or ink blot? There does seem to be something eerie and seemingly unexplainable in the photos. Trotter said he sees some representations of an American Indian in the night photos, as well as the outline of artifacts.

“You gotta look real close at the pictures,” he said.

What he sees, he said, are outlines of some kind of evil spirit or something to do with Indians.

There’s the one that faintly shows what appears to be a skeleton in repose.

Another, taken of Trotter as he slept, shows what seems to be the top part of a human skull near his feet. There are others that shows what may be crudely cut numbers and letters, the kind of thing you might find on a homemade tombstone. It is the photos taken of his hardwood floors that are the most interesting. The photos seem to show the faintest shadows of complex designs. The floors, with no finish yet applied, are stained throughout the room, and in the mornings the two find the areas unexplainably wet. There are no indoor pets. To Trotter, there’s the strong possibility that this is like images of the Virgin Mary being seen on the side of walls, in a window or other objects.

Photos taken at night outdoors are equally puzzling. Trotter is insistent that the object in one photo, which looks like a can with cat eyes on he side, was not physically there when he and Sturgis examined the site after the photo was taken and reviewed.

“What you are looking at in that photo,” he said, “wasn’t there. That is not a can, it’s a person or something that can take on different shapes. It killed the grass where it was. Whatever it touches, dies.”

That same night, he said, he went into the yard into the night to investigate. “I saw whatever it was. It was in the form of an ‘electricity’ man. It was floating about 4 feet above the ground, travelin’ real slow, glowing, and had like a little static electricity flying from it. You could see it.”

Trotter described the sighting as having the form of a man. Decades ago in the Hebron area, many witnesses saw a glowing ball of light in the darkness for many nights on the edge of town. What it was has yet to be determined.

Then there was the late evening when the two discovered a man lying on the ground.

“It was a human — a dark form, but we knew it was a man, we could see it by moonlight. I told Ann, ‘Go get the shotgun.’ When she come outside and handed me the shotgun, I went to raise the shotgun up to it and it knew that I was goin’ to shoot. It ran. It did not turn around and run, it ran backwards in the woods as fast as a dog,” he said.

This is real, Sturgis said. “I saw it.”

Of course, Trotter’s discovery of what he called “Indian, human bones” near and in his garden was unnerving. When he had some yard clearing done a few years ago, the workers also unearthed some bones. Human bones, Trotter said, but none were officially examined before being reburied.

“Every time we see something (strange) it’s either coming from or going back to where the graveyard is,” Trotter said.

Yet it is possible the remains of early settlers were discovered. Edging the flower plot next to the house are large slabs of slate-like stone not found naturally in the area. It’s the kind of slate that looks like that of the earliest tombstones on the Shore. It came from an area in the back of his garden.

Across from his yard in another landowner’s field is a sizable, sandy hill. That, too, he said, has long been claimed to be that of an Indian burial ground. It does appear a likely spot — high and sandy — for an Adena Indian burial ground.

“The old man that we bought the house from was born and raised here, John Glover, he told us that there was an Indian burial behind our shed. That story came from his great-grandmomma and his grandmother and grandfather. He said that there was some kind of buried treasure here, too. That’s all we know.”

At the suggestion that his neighbors might find them, well, crazy, Trotter is offended.

“These people across the road told us they think something’s going on strange over here because their dogs were howlin’ for an hour. Then about 3 a.m., they howl again, it’s a different kinda howlin.’ You wouldn’t believe what’s going on back here. People around here think somethin’ weird is going on here. It ain’t us, there’s somethin’ of the paranormal going on here.”

All the two have are the black-and-white, grainy night photos from the security cameras to show folks. There are the stains on the floors and walls to be seen. And there are the stories of their experiences.

“We are getting some kind of disturbance here from some kind of force,” he said. “We are afraid, a little bit, but nobody’s been hurt, yet.” So their plight continues.

“We have been trying to stop this for 10, 12 years, and we are getting tired of it,” he said.

The two don’t know where to turn for help, and were relieved when community resident Diane Bivens, a deacon of a church here, offered to help with special prayers.

The Bible teaches there is a God and a Satan, Trotter said, and he is convinced the kind of evil “spirits” that are exorcised by priests of the Catholic church are alive and well at this spot. So he tacked up a crucifix to ward off those spirits.

“Somebody told me to hang a cross, that it would help stop what’s goin’ on, but it’s not helpin.’ It’s gettin’ stronger. I’m tellin’ ya, something really weird is goin’ on here. “We don’t go to church, but we definitely believe in God.”

In the meantime, they remember the request in the Lord’s prayer: “Deliver us from evil.”


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Video: Remarkable UFO Images - Discovery Channel Film Crew - Mexico City

Remarkable images of a UFO / OVNI taken by a Mexico City resident. The Discovery Channel and noted ufologist Jaime Maussan followed up the report. 'Must see' Spanish.


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EMA MTV 2008

---- Depois do VMA tem o EMA. Sim! Agora é a vez da Europa fazer sua festa musical e premiar os melhores em sua opinião. Britney Spears e Amy Winehouse são as maiores indicadas desse ano. Sim! Britney novamente!
---- Apesar dos problemas pessoais, as cantoras Britney Spears e Amy Winehouse continuam sendo as favoritas dos fãs e lideram as indicações de melhor artista do ano dos prêmios MTV Europa. Assim como no VMA, no EMA também é a audiência que vota escolhendo, em geral, cinco indicados para as categorias. Um diferencial do EMA é que não são os clipes que concorrem, mas sim os artista em si. Na categoria Artista do Ano, estão indicadas Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis, Rihanna e a banda Coldplay.
---- Duffy, Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus e One Republic disputam o prêmio de Melhor Artista Revelação enquanto na categoria Melhor Artista Rock temos Linkin' Park, Metallica, Slipknot, Paramore e 30 Seconds to Mars. A festa do EMA esse ano acontecerá em Liverpool no dia 6 de novembro.

Brasileirão Meia Boca

---- Dessa vez eu vou ter que concordar com os colorados, coisa muito rara de acontecer, mas os acontecimentos me levam há esse ponto. Depois do grenal de hoje, dia 28 de Setembro, com vergonhoso 4x1 para o Internacional, o Grêmio tem mesmo que fazer uma auto-avaliação.
---- Primeiro de tudo, o Grêmio líder até então, volta do primeiro turno com uma campanha bem, mas bem ruim. A liderança com larga vantagem começa a cair e bam... foi-se! Agora é trabalhar para tentar reverter, mas...
---- Mas eu acho que o Grêmio nunca teve time para liderança, mas como o Brasileirão esse ano está bem embolado com times bem meia boca, qualquer meia boca assume a liderança. Enfim, agora é ver no que vai dar.
---- É bom um time gaúcho estar na frente da tabela, mas vamos combinar que nem Grêmio e nem mesmo o Inter estão empolgando esse ano. Meu Junvetude nem se fala... Nos resta torcer... e sofrer.

St. Lucie County, FL Firefighter Steals Severed Foot From Crash Scene

On Sept. 19, a crash on I-95 caused a Melbourne man's foot to be sheared off; the man survived and is undergoing treatment at a local hospital.

It's the Fire District's policy to take a severed body part with the patient to the hospital if there is any chance of reattachment, or the body part goes to the medical examiner's office. But authorities said the foot was taken to the hospital days later, on Sept. 24.

Officials would not release the name of the firefighter under investigation, but said the firefighter trains cadaver dogs, which are used to locate and follow the scent of decomposing human flesh.


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Photos: Strange UFO / OVNI With Aura - Near Tower Bridge, London, UK - Sept. 26, 2008

Witness description:

September 26, 2008 - I was walking along Thames River path on above mentioned date and time for sight seeing and to see proposed art on Thames River exhibition.

I was on north bank of river opposite to mayor's building. I was just taking photos of nice night scene of Tower Bridge and pier lit in green.

I took below attached photo of tower bridge and mayors building with pier in view on above mentioned time. I used my sony ericsson K800i phone with 3.2 cybershot camera. I have submitted two photos in previous report and this is just after that lets say in 15min after when I was on tower bridge I took one photo looking south side of the bridge from middle. I saw some weird object in my mobile screen after taking photo so I again quickly take another snap in almost same position. and again after that I take few more photos but in these two photos this oval shaped object is visible.

This object wasn't visible with naked eye. It was only on photo.

It was bit strange cause in none of other photos anything like that appear. It also doesn't look like some kind of light refection or...light scattering.

I suspected that it might be some dust particles on my mobile phone lenses and due to lighting it glows like that. But it wasn't present in all other images which I took on that day. Quite strange. I don't know what it is.


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10 Actors Who Died Before Seeing Their Final Movie

What makes celebrity deaths particularly eerie and poignant is that often their final work only comes to light after they have gone. In the case of movie stars, it’s their last film that’s released months after they are buried/cremated/blasted into space. Cinema provides a form of immortality, and watching these farewell movies really is like seeing a ghost on screen.

Heath Ledger and Bernie Mac were not the first. Here are Movie-Moron’s top ten actors who didn’t live to see their final movie, based on a scale of plain old bad luck.

10. Clark Gable: 1901 - 1960

Nicknamed ‘The King of Hollywood’, Clark Gable is synonymous with the word ‘iconic’. He starred in 67 films including Mutiny on the Bounty, and Gone With The Wind, and the Oscar statue for It Happened One Night probably used to sit next to his toilet. Gable was set to be showered with praise and rave reviews for a memorable performance in The Misfits, co-starring Marilyn Monroe. But it was prayers he was to receive instead. On November 16th, 1960, Clarke Gable died from a heart attack soon after shooting was completed. He was 59.

9. Spencer Tracy: 1900 - 1967

74 films + 9 Oscar nominations for Best Actor + 2 Oscars won in that category x a 9th ranking in the American Film Institute’s Greatest Male Stars of All Time = Spencer Tracy. With a name resembling that of a 1920’s police detective, Tracy’s name and acting legacy will never die. At the age of 67, Tracy succumed to a heart attack, seventeen days after completing filming on Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, but it seems he was on the way out already; insurance companies would not cover him because he was about to drop, and the filming schedule was adjusted to accommodate him as his heath deteriorated. Spencer Tracy’s death may have come as a tragedy, but not a surprise.

8. John Candy: 1950 - 1994

A brilliant comedic actor with a sensitivity about his weight, John Candy was apparently taking steps to improve his health in his later years. But it was too little too late. At the age of 43, Candy fell asleep and never woke up again; he suffered a heart attack whilst on location filming Wagon’s East! on March 4th, 1994. A body double was used to finish the movie and it was released that summer. John Candy’s last completed film was Michael Moore’s Canadian Bacon, which came out the following year.

7. Natalie Wood: 1938 - 1981

Despite her acting being the subject of much criticism, Natalie Wood still managed to star in many high profile movies – West Side Story and Rebel Without A Cause to name a couple. Wood also received Oscar, Bafta, and Golden Globe nominations during her movie career. But alas, it was to be cut short when she died of accidental drowning at the age of 43 in 1981 whilst doing location work for Brainstorm. The film was released two years after Wood’s death, with a missing scene as it was incomplete. Critics liked it, but the film failed at the box office.

6. Aaliyah: 1979 - 2001

The RnB songstress was just starting to find acceptance in the movie world when she was killed in a plane crash on her way back from a music video shoot. The cause - carrying too much heavy equipment. She was 22. Easily preventable, a great shame. She had begun filming a supporting role in the second Matrix instalment, but the directors decided there wasn’t enough material to be able to incorporate it. Queen Of The Damned, co-starring Stuart ‘Charlize arm candy’ Townsend was originally scheduled to suffer the ‘straight to video’ fate, but Aaliyah’s passing ensured it was granted a cinema release nearly six months after her death. That did not prevent the damning it received from the critics.

5. Jean Harlow: 1911 - 1937

The Blonde Bombshell largely took roles that played on her sex symbol image (what do you mean you wouldn’t look at her twice?). Sadly, rapidly failing health during the filming of Saratoga – which turned out to be her final movie - prevented her from having the rich career she deserved. Kidney failure robbed Jean Harlow of her life on June 6th, 1937, at the age of 26. Saratoga, co-starring Clarke Gable was released a month later.

4. River Phoenix: 1970 - 1993

The beautiful and mysterious River Phoenix was one of Hollywood’s biggest rising stars. The older brother of Joaquin Phoenix was only 23 when he died on Halloween 1993 of drug related heart failure – taking a combination of heroin and cocaine is never a good idea, right kids? It has been speculated that Phoenix’s growing depression and dependence on drugs was rooted in the years he spent with the Children of God cult as a child. Whatever the reasons behind it, drugs robbed this young actor of a long and promising career. His final completed movie, Silent Tongue, was released the following year. Phoenix was working on another film, Dark Blood, which was ninety per cent done before his death, but it never saw the light of day as several key scenes couldn’t be shot without him.

3. Bruce Lee: 1940 - 1973

A perfect example of how you can have the fittest, healthiest and strongest body possible, but there will always be one part of it which screws you over. What’s particularly sad about Lee’s death is that seemingly the dedicated martial arts action star was given painkillers by a friend to relieve a headache, and it was the ingredients in those pills that lead a fatal reaction in Lee’s brain. Imagine how bad that friend feels. In fact, details of Lee’s exact cause of death are shrouded in controversy, and some even believe it was a result of a curse placed on him and his family. We can confirm here for the first time that it WAS a curse. Not really. Lee’s last completed move, Enter the Dragon, was released just six days after he died. He was 32.

2. Brandon Lee: 1965 - 1993

The son of Bruce Lee was only eight years old when his father passed away, and twenty years later, Brandon Lee went to join him. Whilst filming a scene for The Crow – the movie that would have made him a star – he was shot and killed by a make-shift bullet from a faulty prop gun. He died on March 31st 1993. The coincidence of his death twenty years after Bruce’s passing, and, once again, just before the release of a career defining movie, ensured the ‘Lee family curse’ theory continued to surround Brandon’s death for many years. The Crow had to be completed with two stunt doubles and computer trickery, and was released in May 1994.

1. James Dean: 1931 - 1955

James Dean’s career only spanned four years, and he made just three films - but what an impact. Rumoured to have played the field on both sides of the fence, Dean was, and still is, a sexual icon for both women and men. He died in a car collision in 1955. His death at the young age of 24 guaranteed his name would never be forgotten, and cemented his role in Rebel Without A Cause, released one month after he was killed, as one of the most celebrated in film history. His final movie, Giant, was released the following year and won Dean the first posthumous acting nomination in Academy Awards history.

Honourable Mentions

Chris Farley (Almost Heroes), Oliver Reed (Gladiator), Richard Harris (Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets), Orson Wells (Transformers: The Movie), Vic Morrow (Twilight Zone: The Movie).


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Newly Opened Chester County, PA Justice Center Haunted

The Chester County Justice Center has only been open two weeks now and I can report that one thing is clear: The place appears haunted.

Let me rephrase that: The place has a disembodied voice, eerie optical effects and long, cavernous hallways that remind you of the corridors leading to Room 237 at the Overlook Hotel in the movie version of Stephen King's "The Shining." So while it might not be technically haunted, it does have some extra features the commissioners didn't figure on when they ponied up $100 million plus for the place — much like getting the 10th anniversary DVD edition of "The Big Lebowski" wrapped up in a bowling bag.

Not to worry, though. There are many buildings in Chester County with worse poltergeistian problems than those we're discovering at the Justice Center. At least the howls of prisoners haven't started plaguing the building, as they do on the full moon at Pennhurst State Hospital. But we can live in hope.

Now, some may say there are perfectly reasonable explanations for the parapsychological phenomena we've noticed in the building. But as for me, I tend to brush such reasonable explanations aside. I would much rather think of the place as existing on a supernatural plane. It's so much easier to explain to my bosses why I haven't gotten anything done today if I can refer to "the haunting." They normally don't have a quick reply for that.

So first, the disembodied voice.

It was initially heard in Courtroom 12, the home of Judge Anthony Sarcione and, coincidentally, the first courtroom to open for business in the new building. I was not there, but I am told that as a defense attorney and court translator were going over a guilty plea with a defendant, who didn't speak English, a voice could clearly be heard coming from the bench — even though Sarcione was in his chambers and his chair was empty

"Madam, could you please button your shirt," the voice intoned.

Not exactly, "Redrum, redrum," or a foreboding howl from Jacob Marley, but starling nonetheless.

You may want to believe that the voice as actually that of Judge William Mahon, who occupies the courtroom directly a floor above from Sarcione's and who regularly uses a wireless microphone to make his voice heard in the far reaches of his domain. And you may want believe that said wireless is -- oops! — programmed to the same frequency as the speakers in Sarcione's courtroom. And you may even want to believe that at the time the voice was heard, Mahon was, in point of fact, telling a slightly disheveled defendant that a view of her decolletage was not helping him decide her case.

I would never begrudge you a pathetic clutch at the rational. We who have a broader mindset, however, are comfortable accepting the presence of the paranormal in our everyday lives.

What you will not be able to deny, however, is the spooky view of the historic courthouse clock tower as seen from the Justice Center's sixth floor.

Stand in the middle of the hallway outside Judge John Hall's courtroom and look east. The clock tower appears to fill the edges of the window. Now start to walk toward the window. As you do, the clock tower actually grows smaller as you approach — receding from view as you draw nearer. Try it the next time you find yourself waiting to throw yourself at the mercy of the court and see.

You may cry "reverse perspective," but I prefer "demonic possession" to explain the illusion.

And don't get me started on Courtroom 13.


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Video: Stan Romanek's 'Boo Tape' Lie Detector Test Results

Stan Romanek agreed to take a lie detector test arranged by Coast to Coast AM. Listen and decide for yourself if he tells the truth regarding his "Peeping Alien" or "Boo Tape" video.


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Paranormal Activity Noted At Clinton, North Carolina Landmark

A team of ghost-busters is investigating whether a historic house in downtown Clinton is haunted.

Visitors have become convinced that the Small House, home to the Sampson County Arts Council, is haunted. The house was built around 1870 by Dr. Victor Small, and his boots are among the artifacts still on display inside.

"Actually, one day we came in, and one (boot) was turned backward, and no one knows why," said Helen Kearns, marketing chairwoman for the arts council.

Triangle Paranormal Investigations, founded by former Garner police officer Curt House, recently had an 11-person team spend a night inside the house to check out any ghostly activity.

"While we were up there, it was dark – lights out. We were attempting to make contact with whoever was there when we heard what sounded like an audible sigh," House said. "I believe they have a lot of paranormal activity."

The team spent five hours in the Small House with a electromagnetic-field detectors, motion sensors and infrared video cameras.

House said he aimed a camera down the back steps and saw something unusual.

"I noticed that one of the doors we had shut just minutes before was open about a foot-and-a-half," he said. "Nobody had been in that area at all."

Arts council officials don't want the ghost stories to scare people away from the building, Kearns said. House said the haunting could be more of a selling point during the Halloween season.

"I think, if anything, (people will) be more intrigued by it," he said.

"It's one more story to go with the house. It won't hurt us, you know. If we have spirits, we definitely feel they're good spirits," Kearns said.


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Video: Arizona Man Claims Chupacabra Captured On Cell Phone

An Arizona man claims he has video proof of the legendary chupacabra.

Michael Ashe captured the creature on his cell phone.

Ashe was traveling on a back road from Maricopa to Stanfield when he came across this animal.

He says he has dogs and knows what a dog looks like, but claims, "this is no dog."

A chupacabra is a legendary animal that people in Mexico have claimed to see. It hops like a kangaroo, has spines like a porcupine, and fangs like a vampire bat.

The story began in Puerto Rico when dead goats were discovered with fang marks on their necks.

Legend says the animal also stalks chickens and some believe it even attacks people.

Lon's 2 Cents: Looks like a coyote to me...but what do I know?


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Teen Plots Mother's Murder To Pay For Girlfriend's Breast Implants

A Colorado teenager hired men to kill his mother so he could use her money to get breast implants for his girlfriend, police said.

Nikita Lee Weis, 18, was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, said Fountain Deputy Police Chief Mike Barnett.

His girlfriend, Sophia Nicole Alsept, and two men police said he hired, Juan Antonio Velez Gonzalez, 18, and Brandon Michael Soroka, 19, were arrested on the same charge.

Weis' mother, Hyun Weis, was attacked Thursday with a small wooden baseball bat at her home but escaped, authorities said. She was released Friday from a hospital.

Barnett said Weis wanted to sell his mother's car and use money in her bank accounts to pay for breast implants for Alsept, 21.

Barnett also said the suspects discussed wrapping Hyun Weis' body in plastic and dumping it in the desert in New Mexico or Arizona.

All were being held on $50,000 bail. Officials did not know whether they had attorneys and said they couldn't get messages to them.

Fountain is about 10 miles south of Colorado Springs.


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Video: UFOs / OVNIs - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Sept. 21, 2008

Video of a series of UFO/OVNI orbs sighted over Amsterdam on Sept. 21, 2008.


News reporter:
...Suddenly there appeared large light spheres. Inhabitants took their cameras to film the mysterious spheres.

It gives f**** light.
Whats that?
Look! there another one.
It gives light
All sort of colors, check it out!
Yes, I see that too.

News reporter:
This was filmed in south east Amsterdam.
Also, to north the light spheres where seen.

(Talks about how an airplane was flying there also which apparantly was flying with an angle suddenly as the pilot was "frightened")

News reporter:
Flight control thinks these were Chinese balloons.

(There was almost no wind, the spheres where going in a straight line. She thinks it was something alien.)

News reporter:
After 15 minutes the spheres disappeared out here sight.


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---- Pois é! Hoje chegou nas rádios americanas a nova música de Britney Spears, intitulada “Womanizer”. Essa música estará em seu novo álbum chamado “Circus”, como já havíamos adiantado para vocês aqui no blog, que será lançado no dia de seu aniversário, dia 02 de Dezembro. Reza lenda, Britney gravou o clipe da faixa “Womanizer” nós últimos dois dias . Uma foto vazou na net da suposta capa do single. Se a foto é verdadeira ou não, vai saber, mas o clima da foto é de dominatrix total. É claro que a foto você confere aqui no blog.

Ghost Sets Off Motion Detectors in Overland Park, Kansas Gym - Video Link

Video Link

Security cameras at a Kansas gym have caught what some believe is a ghost wandering around the room after midnight.

And not just once.

The motion detectors went off nine times between 2:00 a.m. and 4:30 a.m.

The incident happened a couple of weeks ago in Overland Park.

Owner Kim Peterson said, "I called my security people and said 'What is this, do I need to change a light bulb?' Do I need to get up and clean the lens?' And they reviewed it and said 'I have no idea what that is.'"

The cameras caught what appears to be an orb, hovering near the dumbbells.

The security company which operates the intruder system says the sensors are triggered by motion, but flying insects or headlights shining from outside shouldn't do that.

Several other businesses own the same security system and report no problems.


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Chilling Apparitions Still Appear Aboard S.S. Great Britain

Strange sightings and ethereal events have been happening at the SS Great Britain since the early 1990s, the Bristol Evening Post can reveal.

A member of staff 15 years ago came face to face with the figure of a broad-shouldered, middle-aged man in a white-collared shirt – the spitting image of Captain John Gray, who disappeared from the ship one night in 1872.

Sonny Graffo, 33, a barber from Stockwood, was studying travel and tourism at St Brendan's College in 1993 when he did a summer placement working in the souvenir shop.

Mr Graffo, then 17, took himself on a tour of the ship, which was undergoing maintenance and refurbishment, and came across the apparition that still gives him chills.

"I was looking across a deep chasm into the bowels of the ship, about 30 or 40 feet below me, and there were beams of wood going across the gantries," he said.

I did a double-take and saw a chap sat on a beam of wood, staring across the gap at me.

"He was wearing a white-collared shirt, had broad shoulders, a grey-white beard and looked scruffy. He was just sat there swinging his legs, and looked like he had been dragged through a hedge backwards, a bit like Captain Birdseye.

"I thought he was a workman and called across to him, but he just sat there staring at me. Then I wondered how he could have got there, as there was no way of getting out to the plank."

Mr Graffo went back to the shop, and a member of staff told him it was probably "Johnny", who had been seen around the ship before.

"I went white and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I wondered if I had seen a ghost," said Mr Graffo.

"I just froze when she told me the story, and when I saw the picture of Captain Gray it was strikingly similar and just brought it all back to me.

"I think there is stuff out there that has no explanation, and that figure I saw was not natural, but supernatural.

"It has certainly changed my opinion on the afterlife."

Mr Graffo's story is even more spooky because of his birthday – July 19 – which is also the date when work on the ss Great Britain's iron keel began in 1839, when the ship was launched in 1843, and when it returned to its dry dock in Bristol in 1970.
Other sightings have occurred in more recent years.

In 1999, maritime timber conservationist Dr Derek Sinclair heard footsteps when he was working alone on the ship and heard metal poles falling at the front of the ship – but nothing had moved when he looked.

Martin Williamson, who plays Brunel on event days at the ship, has heard footsteps behind him and doors opening and closing when there was no-one there, and last month saw a ghostly pair of legs walk into the captain's state room and vanish.

Garry Evans, a medium and paranormal investigator, said: "I would dearly love to investigate the possibility of hauntings on the ss Great Britain.

"You may just find that certain piece of evidence that everyone looks for in a paranormal investigation, that would prove beyond doubt that there is life after death."

TV show Most Haunted uncovered a host of ghostly spectres when it carried out a paranormal investigation in May.

Its crew discovered the presence of a Victorian woman, heard tapping and thuds and said they had things thrown at them


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German Dentist Extracts Payment Due From Patient

The dentist from the Bavarian town of Neu-Ulm is now under investigation for assault and theft after arriving at the woman's home with his medical instruments to perform the unwanted surgery.

According to police, the dentist knocked on the door of the 35-year-old woman on Monday evening and without saying a word forced her into her living room and tied her hands.

In a scene reminiscent of the movie Marathon Man, he then forced open her mouth and removed the £320 worth of dental work which the woman's insurance company had refused to pay.

According to the victim, he never said a word.

"The dentist is being investigated for assault for the way he forced open her mouth, and theft for taking the bridges," said Christian Owsinski a police spokesman.

"The woman was in pain when she showed up at the police station."

Mr Owsinski said the dentist, who has not been named, had not been arrested.

If convicted he could face discipline from both the health insurance company and the dental association that could jeopardise his practice.


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Top 30 - 18ª Posição

---- Já na 18ª posição aqui no blog e para finalizar o mês de Setembro, o Green Day aparece para requisitar seu lugar. A banda aparece por aqui, mas desde já aviso que ela não é lá minha favorita, mas o último álbum lançados pela banda é muito bom.
---- “American Idiot” de 2004 foi considerado como uma "Opera rock", ou mais corretamente um álbum de conceito contando a história de personagens como St. Jimmy, Jesus of Suburbia e Whatsername. Duas das faixas, "Jesus of Suburbia" e "Homecoming", têm mais de nove minutos. Este álbum ganhou em 2005 o Grammy para melhor álbum de rock junto de outras cinco indicações. “Boulevard of broken dreams” ficou várias semanas nos topos das paradas de vários países, inclusive aqui no Brasil.
---- Agora, voltando ao passado, o começo da banda foi difícil. Eles se conheceram aos 10 anos, pouco antes do pai de Billie Joe Armstrong morrer de câncer. Quando Mike completou 15 anos ele se mudou para a casa de Billie e os dois para se sustentar trabalhando como garçom no Rod's Hickory Pitt. Neste mesmo ano de 1987, Mike e Billie fundaram a banda, após recrutarem o baterista "John Kiftmeyer", sendo assim batizaram a banda de "The Sweet Children" que tocava em pizzarias e em campus.
---- Depois de bons trabalhos com sua gravadora inicial, a banda trocou de selo para gravar seu terceiro álbum, que com ajuda da MTV EUA, a banda acabou estourando com a música “Basket Case” do álbum “Dookie”. O álbum seguinte foi “Insommiac” que foi uma resposta as pessoas que diziam que a banda começava a ficar “pop” de mais. Em 2000 foi lançado o álbum “Warinig” com um estilo mais politizado, mas não tanto e com uma pegada forte como “American Idiot”. Esse último, considerado um dos melhores álbuns da carreira da banda e que mais renderam para os caras. Os hits desse álbum ficaram meses nas paradas mundiais.
---- Atualmente a banda anda meio sumida. Não se sabe se eles estão trabalhando em um novo álbum ou não, mas fato é que a banda está trabalhando em um projeto. Agora é aguardar para saber. O clipe que veremos aqui é da ótima música "Wake me up when september ends". Curta!

Video: UFO / USO Submerges - Rio De La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Interesting video of a UFO/OVNI traveling towards the horizon and seems to become a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) in the Rio De La Plata/Atlantic Ocean near Buenos Aires, Argentina - September 15, 2008.


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Followup: Drake University Dorm Under Ghostly Investigation

Previous report April 2008 Drake University Dorm Under Ghostly Investigation

"SPOOKY1" reads the license plate on the white truck that sits in a gravel driveway of a farmhouse outside of Waukee, Iowa.

There is nothing else to see but fields of corn and empty gravel roads. It would indeed be spooky if the sun weren't shining brightly in the cloudless blue sky.

This is the headquarters of the Iowa Paranormal Advanced Research Team and home of Dan Berger. Berger is the IPART General Manager and TAPS Regional Manager. He is a friendly guy who one wouldn't expect to be a full-time ghost hunter. But Berger speaks about the paranormal as casually as a businessman might speak about his office work, although far more passionately.

"There are a lot of people who're so shocked that there is actually a group in Iowa doing this," Berger said. "We're here to help the clients. My passion is to help people."

Ghost hunting is a full- time hobby of Berger's and the other investigators in IPART. It is an unpaid job that involves long investigations and even longer hours of analyzing gathered footage.

"We usually have investigations two or three times a month and collect anywhere from five to 10 hours of footage," Berger said. "Then we have to review and reexamine the footage."

This spring, Berger and his team conducted an investigation at Drake University's Herriott Hall on suspicions of paranormal activities.

"On the basement level, some investigators thought they heard the water in the showers running," Berger said. "But what we found was that the plumbing in those showers was so bad that the leaking just never stopped. So we debunked that."

The investigation team also used an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detector to look for spikes of electricity, which may indicate a paranormal presence. An electromagnetic field occurs any time electricity passes through a wire or an appliance that is operating. When using an EMF detector, hunters must first rule out any possible sources of the field, including wiring, running appliances or nearby buildings.

"There was a lot of activity in Tony (Tandeski)'s (J'08) room. The EMF detector went off the charts two feet above his bed, but when it was lowered down to the mattress, there was nothing there," said Vicki Stinson, senior archivist and team leader for IPART. "It was very unusual."

Other unusual occurrences included unexplained coughing and sneezing noises from the third floor bathroom. Investigators tried to duplicate the noise after they heard it, but it did not sound the same. Another investigator thought he saw the shadow of a man in the hallway, but the quality of the video wasn't good enough to make an accurate call.

"When we were on the first floor, one of the doors started shaking violently," Stinson said. "We all got very excited, until we realized it was only security checking to make sure the door was locked. So you just can't assume it's paranormal. You really have to check it out."

At the end of the investigation, a few investigators heard a bathroom door on the fourth floor slam shut. The door had been held open with a heavy, metal trashcan.

"We spent an extra half hour trying to debunk that; I tried giving the door a little push to get it started, but it just wouldn't move again," Berger said. "I can't say that it was paranormal, but I couldn't figure it out."

Berger rated the Herriott investigation an average three on a scale of one to 10. He does not believe there is an active, malevolent force present in the residence hall.

"Sometimes there's just residual energy left that plays over and over like a broken record. It can trigger these little events, but it isn't malicious," Berger said. "There's nothing to be afraid of."

The ghost hunters believe that people can coexist with paranormal forces that are present. Berger and Stinson said IPART is there to help people understand these occurrences and calm their fears.

"Nothing really outstanding happened during the (Herriott) investigation," Stinson said. "But who knows? All the remodeling could have stirred up some energy."


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