Horror in Russia: Satan Worshippers Kill and Eat Four Teens

<-- Alleged leader Nikolai Ogolobyak

A gang of Satan worshippers has killed and eaten four Russian teenagers, police have revealed.

Three girls and one boy were each stabbed 666 times, dismembered and cooked on a bonfire in a revolting Satanist ritual in the Yaroslavl region, 300 miles north-east of Moscow.

Their limbs, hearts, scalps, breasts and genitals were cut off and were recovered in a pit along with the body of a small rodent crucified on an upside-down cross.

The number 666 is revered by Satanists who see it linked to the devil.

The victims, all described as goths, were aged between 16 and 17 and were allegedly forced to get drunk before the ritualistic murders.

Their killers then allegedly lit a bonfire under a tree near a cottage where they cooked and ate their victims’ body parts.

Anya Gorokhova, Olga Pukhova, Varya Kuzmina and Andrei Sorokin went missing from their homes in June and their bodies found only in the middle of August.

Police, who arrested eight Satan worshippers in connection with the crime, realised all four made calls to the apartment of alleged leader Nikolai Ogolobyak - 250 metres away from the pit where they were discovered.

One of the arrested Satanists said: ‘Satan will help me to avoid responsibility, I made lots of sacrifices to him.’

Another, Alexander Voronovic, said the gang had previously dug up a dead girl’s grave and eaten her heart.

Most of the alleged Satanists had been moody at school and of lower than average intellect, according to teachers.

One of the gang said, when asked what made him do it: ‘I tried to turn to God, but it didn’t bring me any money. I prayed to Satan, and things improved.’

Leader Ogolobyak had previously been in his local church choir, according to his grandmother.

All the dead knew Ogolobyak and other members of the Satanist gang.

The father of victim Andrei Sorokin said: ‘My son said he knew some goths, and that he had goths and Satanists among his friends.

‘I wasn’t scared. I thought, “Well, let him spend his time sitting around in a cemetery, there’s not much harm in that, is there?”’


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