Loretta Lynn's Home Scares Off Ghost Whisperer James Van Praagh

Country legend LORETTA LYNN has called on celebrity ghost whisperer JAMES VAN PRAAGH in a bid to rid her haunted mansion of spooks.

The singer has had enough of the spirits that haunt her sprawling Tennessee home, but spirit talker Van Praagh was only able to confirm the place is riddled with ghosts - before he darted for the door.

In a chilling segment on U.S. news show The Insider, Van Praagh told Lynn he could see "blood everywhere," adding "I think people were killed here."

And now even Lynn is thinking about fleeing the mansion after her guest refused to spend the night - as planned.

He says, "I was going to stay the night but when they (spirits) said, 'Get out,' I thought, 'I should probably get out...' It feels like I'm in somebody's place and they don't want me to disrupt it."


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