Nottinghamshire Pub's Spirits Aren't Only In Bottles

One of Hucknall's oldest pubs is haunted – and that's official.

The Yew Tree on Nottingham Road has received a plaque from the East Midlands Paranormal group.

A team of four from the group, including their resident medium, visited the pub last month for an investigation.

They used a camera and infra-red lights, as well as carrying out two seances in different parts of the premises.

There is certainly a creepy atmosphere in the Yew Tree's attic section where one of the rooms still retains part of its original thatched roof.

In their report, the investigators said a girl aged about 12 once died in a fire at the pub.

The team encountered a "negative spirit that may have done something really bad".

Ghosts of "frightened youngsters" and of someone who might have committed suicide were also detected.

On a somewhat lighter note, the team concluded that part of the pub was once used as a brothel because they heard taunting laughs!

The report said batteries in the team's torches were quickly drained, even though they were new the day before.

Mention is made of a network of tunnels under the Yew Tree – one leading to the nearby St John's Church.

Yew Tree licensee Cheryl King is hoping to arrange a special display in the pub, based on the paranormal group's findings.

She claimed that bar staff had seen mysterious shadows in an adjoining corridor.


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