Photos: NATO Helicopters Chasing UFOs Over Cervia, Italy

Witness statement (translated from Italian): I do not sign my name to remain anonymous. I am sending you some incredible photographs. I have studied these for months, and they are still a mystery to me. In my area, black helicopters I see quite often, since I am located about 10 kilometers from the base of Cervia, the home base of the 5° Stormo Caccia Intercettori.

I see the helicopters and also F16s flying very low near my house, and I often film them. In other words, there is a lot of military activity here. I almost always have a camera at hand, for the times they come over.

On February 22, 2008, it was very cloudy, probably some it chemtrails. I am sending you photographs of some very strange activity in the skies. I saw a helicopter flying very low. I watched and filmed this activity through the window of my house.

I saw three luminous spheres in the sky to the left of the helicopter. I could not see what type of helicopter it was. When I first saw the three spheres and helicopter in close proximity, I felt a sense of terror.

I must keep my anonymity, because I have a wife and children, and I cannot get involved in an investigation. So, I send you the photographs and tell you what I saw. You can make what you will from it. I feel that the people must know about this. More I cannot say.


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