Photos: Strange UFO / OVNI With Aura - Near Tower Bridge, London, UK - Sept. 26, 2008

Witness description:

September 26, 2008 - I was walking along Thames River path on above mentioned date and time for sight seeing and to see proposed art on Thames River exhibition.

I was on north bank of river opposite to mayor's building. I was just taking photos of nice night scene of Tower Bridge and pier lit in green.

I took below attached photo of tower bridge and mayors building with pier in view on above mentioned time. I used my sony ericsson K800i phone with 3.2 cybershot camera. I have submitted two photos in previous report and this is just after that lets say in 15min after when I was on tower bridge I took one photo looking south side of the bridge from middle. I saw some weird object in my mobile screen after taking photo so I again quickly take another snap in almost same position. and again after that I take few more photos but in these two photos this oval shaped object is visible.

This object wasn't visible with naked eye. It was only on photo.

It was bit strange cause in none of other photos anything like that appear. It also doesn't look like some kind of light refection or...light scattering.

I suspected that it might be some dust particles on my mobile phone lenses and due to lighting it glows like that. But it wasn't present in all other images which I took on that day. Quite strange. I don't know what it is.


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