The Traveling Ghost Lady Of Texas

Many seek the truth to who the lady is that haunts the hill. But when you finds you she is out to save your life. Many in Marshall, Texas believe it is none other then the ghost of Mrs. D.A. ERWIN. Her ghost can be picked up anywhere along highway I-20 and Us 59. as long as your headed in the direction of Marshall Texas she will be encountered. Many believe her to be the most traveling ghost in America.

If your coming in from the North South East or West to Marshall, TX, you might just see and have an encounter with one of the most friendliest ghost in the area. Her story may have inspired similar legends in other parts of the great state of Texas as well as the U. S. cities she is said to be picked up in. The ghost Lady is said to haunt U.S. Route 59 and I-20. Interstate 20.

Interstate 20 (abbreviated I-20) is a major east-west interstate highway in Texas and the southeastern United States. It runs 1,535 miles (2,470 km) from near Kent, Texas, to Florence, South Carolina. Besides Texas and South Carolina, I-20 runs through northern Louisiana, central Mississippi, western and north-central Alabama, and north-central Georgia.

U.S. Route 59 is a north-south United States highway (though it is signed east-west in parts of Texas). A latecomer to the US numbered route system, U.S. 59 is now a border-to-border route. The highway's northern terminus is nine miles north of Lancaster, Minnesota, at the Canadian border. Its southern terminus is in Laredo, Texas, just north of the Mexican border.

The traveling ghost lady has been known to ride with a person for many hours and days and keep you talking. She is a very nice dead lady who is worried that you might fall asleep at the wheel and get into a accident on your way to or through Texas. The many who have met her including myself will all tell you she is very nice and will talk your arm off.

Where, When And How the Traveling Ghost Lady died?

Marshall Texas Waterworks Hill Auto Wreck occurred in March 1936 - Woman is Killed, Four Injured in Auto-Truck Crash. But her ghost is said to haunt the spot and flag down people late at night asking for a ride to town. Not unlike the many tales of resurrection Mary. Mrs. Erwin is said to be very polite and is one of the most charming ghost you'd ever want to meet. Many say she is a great travel companion to have on any long cross country drive.

Mrs D.A. ERWIN. is undoubtedly Marshall's most famous ghost. If you see her and pick her up it is a warning from beyond the grave that you are in danger and she is there to stop a great tragedy from happening to you. Some say she is very talkative and asks your name and where your from. She will even tell you about her family and often pull a photo or two out of her purse and show you it. Sometimes she asks for a ride to Kahn Memorial Hospital which no longer exists.

Some call her a lost soul or a "vanishing Old Lady hitchhiker". Reports of Mrs. Erwin seem to have stopped around the early 1990s when the highway underwent reconstruction. The original road is said to have since been razed and changed and believers suggest that this may have stopped the walking of her spirit. Despite this, reports still show up from people seeing the apparition walking from time to time. Especially in the beginning of the year and around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Marshall, Texas, March 21.- One person was killed and four others injured in an automobile collision Saturday evening on the Waterworks Hill about two miles north of Marshall.

Mrs. D.A. ERWIN, about 65, was fatally injured and died on the operating table in the Kahn Memorial Hospital, being badly crushed. BALLARD DINWIDDIE, cotton adjuster in the county agent’s office here, received a broken arm and a gash on the head and his three children, Jerry, 13, cut over eye; Tommy, 11, cut on head, and Mary Jane, 10, bruises about the body. They were taken to the hospital for treatment and later the children were taken to the family residence.

The family had been to Paris to see Mrs. Winwiddie,(sic) who had undergone an operation there, and were returning home when their car collided with a truck and trailer as the truck was trying to pass another car.

The Dinwiddie moved to Marshall from Clarksville about six months ago.

The driver of the truck, Billy Owens of Gill, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Owens of Jefferson and his companion, whom he had picked up on the road, were not injured. Owens was placed under $500 bond pending an investigation.

The body of Mrs. ERWIN, mother-in-law of Dinwiddie, will be taken to her home in Clarksville for burial Sunday. She was a lifelong resident of Red River county.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 22 Mar 1936

Since late 1939 many locals in Marshall tell how a elderly lady is often seen standing along side the dark and lonely dusty road side. Mrs. Erwin's Ghost is said to have saved the lives of over 100's of people or more over the years since her untimely death. I just happened to be one that picked her up one late night March 21st 1994. She did introduced herself as Mrs. Erwin to my surprise. And I knew from the start this was a real ghost because I knew of her story since I was child of 8 from my Father. But since she acted very much alive I treated her as such.

As we drove through the night for I was coming back home from a visit to South Carolina. W e talked about the weather and such. Then she told me about being from Clarksville, TX. She said that her husband was dead for many years, and about having just moved to Marshall so she did not know her way around like she should. She also spoke of her visit to Paris, Tx and how her daughters husband mother-in-law Mrs. Winwiddie, had undergone a serious female tumor problem operation.

Paris is a city located 98 miles (158 km) northeast of the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex in Lamar County, Texas, in the United States. It is situated in East Texas, specifically Northeast Texas, at the western edge of the Piney Woods. She went on to tell me with her sweet Texas drawl that. "It is the county seat of Lamar County". She talked of Grand children and her children. And could a nice girl like me driving all alone alone was not scared of getting into an accident.

Since the 1940s, several driving to or from Marshall have reported picking up a older stranded female hitchhiker. This woman ghost I encountered was dressed somewhat formally and had light blond or red gray hair long and in a matching buns on both sides of her head, blue eyes, and wearing a black old fashioned dress and shoes.

Some more attentive drivers would sometimes add that she wore a thin shawl, or gloves, and that she had a large black purse, and is very talkative.

When I got to 811 S. Washington area, She asked to be let out, whereupon she disappeared into the darkness.

So if you ever encounter the "Traveling Ghost Of Texas" please tell her hello from me. Lisa Lee Harp Waugh


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