Video: Missing Florida Toddler Case Sparks Neighborhood Anger

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Protestors grabbed George Anthony during an angry confrontation in front of the family’s home early Thursday morning. George responded by dousing them with a garden hose.

The night started with a handful of protesters throwing rocks and debris at the Anthonys’ Hopespring Drive home just before 2 a.m. George and Cindy Anthony came outside, while inside, Casey Anthony called deputies.

After the Anthony’s gave deputies a statement, one of the protesters walked up the Anthonys’ garage door and started pounding on it. George opened the door and he and Cindy came out with a bat in hand.

When George walked down his driveway to confront the protesters one of them grabbed him by his t-shirt and tried to pull him on the sidewalk. When he broke free he grabbed his hose to fend off the chanting crowd. The protesters weren’t deterred by being doused by the water. They continued to shout and yell.

Protests have become commonplace at the house and people gather to rally against Casey Anthony. Casey remains holed up in the home after being charged with child neglect and lying to authorities in the case of her missing daughter, Caylee. Caylee has been missing for nearly three months and sheriff’s investigators believe she is dead.


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