Witnesses Stunned By UFO Sightings In Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Unexplained lights and flying discs have been spotted in the skies above Cheshunt in recent weeks, according to shocked eyewitnesses.

Pengelly Close resident Paul Adams had a shock when he observed a "human being-sized elongated thing" with a pulsing orange light. It was said to be hovering above a garden hedge at around 2.30am on September 14.

Mr Adams told the Herald: "It's a bit hard to explain. Basically it was coloured lights and an elongated thing." He added: "It was about the size of a human being, but it was above my hedge, this is the second time it's happened. The last time was over the top of my neighbour's house."

Another eyewitness account tells of "four extremely bright orbs, floating overhead" on August 25, at around 12.15am.

A group were returning from a journey when they came off junction 25, of the M25, heading towards Cheshunt. They noticed "one car stopped at the round-about, with the passengers outside looking and pointing to the skies."

The group of four people then saw "numerous bright lit objects" moving towards them, northeast, in the direction of Stansted airport.

The account, on UFO website ufoinfo.com goes on to say: "These objects did not emit any sounds, or smoke/carbon traces in the sky. They were moving calmly, in a formation of four or five at a time, and at times getting closer to each other, but in general flying in the same direction.

The description of the 'close encounter of the third kind' continues: "They were flying much higher than a helicopter flies, and lower than a passenger aircraft, and were very clear, with a luminosity that seemed almost electric."

A spokesman for the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) said that the county was not blessed with UFO activity but was excited at the current sightings. He said: "Herts in general isn't noted for its proliferation of ufological activity so far as I can recall during my formative investigative years.


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