Circus - Britney Spears

---- O novo clipe de Britney Spears, “Womanizer”, você pode assistir aqui no blog. Que o novo álbum dela vai ser lançado em 2 de Dezembro, você também já sabia. A capa desse novo álbum chamado “Circus” é essa aqui:

---- Sim! Essa é a capa divulgada pelo site da cantora. O set list é esse:
1. Womanizer
2. Circus
3. Out From Under
4. Kill The Lights
5. Shattered Glass
6. If U Seek Amy
7. Unusual You
8. Blur
9. Mmm Papi
10. Mannequin
11. Lace and Leather
12. My Baby
---- “Circus” já foi confirmada como próximo single da cantora. “Womanizer” vai bem nas rádios mundias, ou seja, dessa vez parece que ela está voltando com tudo depois de uma fase conturbada. Ela merece!


---- Claro que para fechar o mês de Outubro, o blog tinha que falar do Halloween. A história dessa data é bem confusa, mas tudo nasceu como uma cerimonia religiosa de povos antigos. Adaptada por vários povos durante o passar dos anos, chegamos ao que conhecemos hoje. Lá nos EUA, essa data é marcada pelos “doces ou travessuras” onde as criança acompanhadas de seus pais saem para as ruas para ganharem doces. A abobora é o símbolo da festa e as fantasias são das mais diferentes. Esse dia também já teve vários e vários filmes de terror abordando o assunto.

---- Você aí tem alguma história para contar nesse “Dia das Bruxas” aqui no Brasil? O blog passa bem longe das maldições, mas estamos aí! Feliz Dia das Bruxas! Hehe!

Horror in Brentwood: Joan Crawford's Haunted Home

Few actresses have rivaled Joan Crawford for star glamour and staying power as one of Hollywood's top movie queens. Her stardom spanned an amazing five decades and included such films as Our Dancing Daughters (1928), Rain (1932), Johnny Guitar (1954), and her Academy Award-winning performance in Mildred Pierce (1945).

Joan Crawford epitomized the essence of the Hollywood rags-to-riches story-a poor shopgirl who, in the 1920s, becomes the very embodiment of America's "flaming youth" and then transcends the role of "dancing daughter" to emerge the heroine of America's favorite melodramas.

In 1978, Christina Crawford, Joan's adopted daughter, wrote Mommie Dearest and shocked the United States with her heart-wrenching story of what it was really like growing up with one of Hollywood's most famous leading ladies. Mommie Dearest was on the New York Times best-seller list for forty-two weeks and was made into a 1981 film star-ring Faye Dunaway.

In 1989, we heard rumors of haunting manifestations in Joan Craw-ford's former home, and Christina seemed genuinely surprised that we knew about the stories.

"Not many people know that the house I grew up in may be haunted. It is not in print anywhere," she said.

When asked if there were manifestations or hauntings that she could remember as a child living there, Christina recounted the following:

I have vivid memories of some things, but when you are severely abused, you tend to block out other things. I'm positive that there were manifestations occurring when I was little. I saw them! There were places in the house that were always so cold that nobody ever wanted to go in them.

As a child, I was always told that I had an active and vivid imagination; I was always scared by things, but people just told me that I just had an "active imagination." Years later, I thought, oh well, maybe that was good to have had an active imagination, and I became a writer because of that.

But as a child, I saw things in the house! There was, of course, no context or framework in which to put what I saw and felt. I had nobody to speak to about the occurrences.

Any time I would become extremely frightened and would get out of my bed to try and find somebody, I was always treated as though I were just being a "bad child" that didn't want to go to sleep. I always expressed my fear to my mother because it was she that I went to find to help me ... because I would be very upset and I'd be crying.

I used to have terrible nightmares and that kind of thing, but a lot of it had to do with the fact that I saw things in the night; so the solution to that finally was just to leave the lights on everywhere. One of the things I saw seemed like an apparition of a child ... or children, but as I said, I may have blotted out a lot.

Christina told us that she had not been back to the house since she was seventeen. "That was when I went to college [in 1956], at which point, Crawford still owned the house."

Christina recalled her last day there:

I remember the woman who had taken care of me and my two younger sisters since I was four years old just watching me, without saying a word. I was going from room to room in the house, without saying anything, just standing in the middle of each room, then going on to the next one. She finally asked me what I was doing. I told her that I would never see this house again, therefore, I was saying goodbye to it.

Many years after I had left, we met again. She was now an elderly woman and had retired. We always had been quite close. She told me she had always remembered the look on my face when I said my goodbyes to the house. It seemed a strange thing to do, to say, 'I'll never see this house again,' when at that time there was absolutely no inkling of the house being sold. In fact, it was not sold for another two and a half to three years, and, indeed, I never have been back.

Christina had learned recently that the current owners of the house had called in the Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center to work with the house:

Rosalyn described what she had seen in the house when she went there. She picked up on some things that astounded me because they seemed to validate what I may have seen and experienced when I was little. It gave me goose bumps when Rosalyn told me that she discovered so many spirits in the house and there had been signs of ritual abuse in one of the rooms. Many of the spirits had "underworld" connections.

I was sent to boarding school when I was ten years old. I came home infrequently after that. I always believed that I was sent away partly because I was too much the eyes and ears to the world--a witness. I saw too much, I guess.

Some of the things that I saw that were going on were very violent. Her [Joan Crawford's] relationship with men, a number of men, was extremely violent. I was getting too old, and I was beginning to understand what was going on.

That house is so weird! Now, evidently, the walls are starting to catch fire! Other people have heard children's cries in the walls! Every single owner has had trouble.

The first one was Crawford. She built the majority of the house. It was a small cottage when she bought it, but most of the house, she built. She sold it to Donald O'Connor, who sold it to the Anthony Newleys. They sold it, I think, to the current owner, who is a friend of the Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere, and they asked her to "work" on the house.

Every single family that has lived in that house has had horrible things happen . . . illnesses, alcoholism, addictions, relationship problems, and now, evidently with the current owner, the walls are breaking out in flames! I've heard that in particular it's the wall that was behind Crawford's bed.

Although the scene is in her book, Mommie Dearest, Christina re-minded us that the last words that Joan Crawford uttered were to a woman who was kneeling at the foot of her bed, praying for her.

"As she was dying," Christina said, "Crawford opened her eyes and said directly to the woman, 'Don't you dare ask God to help me!' ... and then she died." It was such arrogance, Christina said, that she believes is a major part of the difficulty with the seemingly accursed house.

And that has nothing to do with me! So it would not surprise me in the least if the "haunting" spirit that is in the house is Crawford! She was capable of real evil. If you have never experienced that "look" from another human being, it is almost impossible to believe that such an experience could even exist! I think perhaps that's why so many people are unwilling to deal with the shadow side because they can't really get themselves to believe that such a dimension exists.

My brother and I were absolutely terrified of her. In fact, there is a passage in Mommie Dearest that describes ('the look" on her face) when she tried to kill me when I was thirteen. We all saw "that look." My brother and I talked about it extensively ... it was not of an ordinary human being!

Later, we were able to contact the Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center, who kindly agreed to share her thoughts on the manifestations in Joan Crawford's former home.

"It is true that the house was afflicted with spontaneous fires, primarily in the wall behind where Joan Crawford's bed used to be. However, I did not pick up that Joan Crawford's ghost was there."

The Reverend Bruyere expressed her opinion that the house had been poisoned in some way before Crawford had moved into the place but that the evil in the house had added to Joan's neuroses. The actress had apparently built onto a pre-existing cottage in a very chaotic man-ner.

"Nothing is where it should be," Rosalyn commented. "She added dining rooms and hallways that led to other dining rooms. It all combines to form an H-shaped house. Turn a corner and you're lost."

The noted healer, who in this case served as an exorcist to clear the home, said that she found the haunting existing in levels.

"It was a place of conspicuous negativity. I called it an 'Astral Central,' a gathering of spirits that were attracted to the negative vibrations. People had been tied up and tortured in that house. I picked up on gangland figures, corrupt politicians. There is an area in the house where a child [not Christina] had been tortured and molested. Terrible things went on in that house."

The Reverend felt that ghosts themselves were trying to burn the house down.

"Once the Beverly Hills Fire Department spent four days there attempting to solve the mystery of the spontaneous fires that would break out on the walls," she said. "I feel the spirits were trying to burn the house down to protect some horrible secret. There is something hidden there. I am certain that there are bodies buried in that basement."

She said that there had only been one recurrence in the house after she had exorcised and cleared it. "The house had become an astral dumping ground, but it seems clean now."

When we [Brad and Sherry] visited the former Crawford home in the early 1990s, the current owners graciously allowed us to enter to film a segment for an HBO special on haunted Hollywood. The couple told us that they had experienced some mysterious pyrotechnic phenomena and had witnessed quite a number of apparitions of quite a wide variety of entities in various parts of the home. The couple said that the small cottage next to the swimming pool very often seemed to be center of haunting phenomena.

We kept in touch with the couple for quite some time. It was not long after we had filmed in the Crawford home that they decided to move. We have no comment from them whether or not it was because of any haunting phenomena.

It would seem over the past decade that the once haunted mansion of Joan Crawford has found peace, for we have heard of no further ghostly activity occurring in the home.

Brad and Sherry Steiger


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American Werewolf: The Legend of the 'Dog Man' Still Haunts the Michigan Woodlands

Some say they've seen a "dog man" stalking the woods of Michigan.

And this man-sized, two-legged, upright-walking canine reportedly has been sighted as nearby as Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, according to author and researcher of the weird Linda Godfrey.

Fact or just fiction?

Judge for yourself when Godfrey speaks about her latest book, "Strange Michigan: More Wolverine Weirdness," at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Kalamazoo Public Library, 315 S. Rose St.

Godfrey, of Elkhorn, Wis., said in a phone interview that now, because of Halloween and the associated interest in the strange and paranormal, is one of her busier times of year.

"Oh, yeah," she said, "this is my crazy time."

Godfrey admitted she has never seen Dog Man, which it is commonly called in Michigan, but said she receives many reports from those who have -- reports from all over the world.

"I don't know the exact percentage" of sightings in Michigan, she said, "but there are quite a few ... and they occur mostly in the Lower Peninsula from the Indian River area (an upscale community northeast of Traverse City). ... And about halfway between Traverse City and Grand Rapids is another area of multiple sightings, and then down by Kalamazoo."

Godfrey, author of "Hunting the American Werewolf" and "The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf," and co-author of "Weird Michigan" and "Weird Wisconsin," is well-known in cryptozoology circles. Cryptozoologists study animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the sasquatch or the Loch Ness monster.

"I've talked to hundreds of people who've seen it and they're all quite convinced they saw something real," she said of the Dog Man. "If it's not real, there's some really strange mass hallucination that's unexplainable by science -- probably more unexplainable by science than a canine that manages to adapt itself to walk upright sometimes."

Godfrey believes it's possible the creature could be a species of wolf that's simply adapted over time to be able to walk on its hind legs when it wants to. What she doesn't think is that it's an actual werewolf.

"I do not think it's what people consider a traditional werewolf, a human being changing physically into a wolf," she said. "(But) I refuse to put a label on it because once you decide it's one thing you close the door on investigations -- you may as well just quit."

Her door to opportunities stays open.

"I just finished a book called 'Mythical Creatures,'" she said. "It's part of a series I've been doing for a New York publisher. And I'll probably do a third beast book.

"I did another book titled 'Werewolves' for the New York publisher, (and) I'm working on a novel. I have lots of things going on," Godfrey said.

Godfrey said her novel is a fantasy about a German gnome.

"It's an experience my friend had," she said. But "it does have a werewolf in it."


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Chinese Villager Devouered By Giant Python

Luo, a local villager from Hanshan, China, did not return home from work during lunch as she does on a daily basis.

Her husband, worried for her safety, went to some cotton fields nearby where Luo worked.

While looking for his wife, the husband noticed a large snake trail and immediately became nervous that his wife might have been attacked by a snake.

A few minutes of searching later he came upon a large Python with a belly so full it could not move.

The husband knew immediately that his wife had been eaten by this snake and he ran off to find some local villagers to help.

They returned moments later and shot the snake in the head. They quickly cut the snake open and found Luo inside the snakes stomach.

Unfortunately they did not find her in time and she did not survive the ordeal.


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Final Especial SOAMA

---- Finalizando o mês de Outubro, mês esse onde o blog fez um especial sobre a SOAMA, vamos finalizar com algumas conclusões sobre o assunto.
---- Mais uma vez uma teoria é reforçada. “Ás vezes tudo o que as pessoas precisam é de um caminho.” Depois de mostrado o caminho, muitas pessoas ajudaram comprando os produtos da SOAMA para ajudar. Outros adotaram um cão ou um gato. No geral, foi muito proveitoso ajudar os focinhos carentes da entidade.
---- Outro mito que foi quebrado foi à crença que existiam apenas animais doentes na entidade, sendo que isso não é verdade. Existem muitos cães, inclusive de raças caras, todos sendo mantidos pela entidade. Passe lá você também e adote um para você também. A SOAMA fica em São Virgílio da Sexta Légua, aqui em Caxias do Sul, RS. Lembrando também que o blog ficará a disposição das pessoas que desejarem adquiri algum dos produtos da SOAMA. Acesse também o site para ter acesso a página entidade!
---- Desde já agradecemos a todos que leram, ajudaram de alguma forma, a própria SOAMA que aceitou ser entrevistada, enfim, sou grato a todos!O blog continua!

2,000-Year-Old 'Jesus Box' May Not Be A Fake

A judge is set to throw out charges against experts accused of faking a stone box that claimed to offer the first physical proof of the existence of Christ - raising the possibility once again that it could be genuine.

The discovery of the 2,000-year-old ossuary, or bone box, bearing the words, 'James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus', was regarded as one of the greatest archaeological discoveries when it emerged nearly a decade ago.

But other experts decided the inscription on the 'priceless' limestone artefact had been added at a later date.

It was dismissed as a fake and Israeli authorities began criminal investigations.
But yesterday a three-year forgery trial in Israel was close to collapse, reopening the possibility it might indeed be the only tangible evidence for the life of Jesus.

Jerusalem judge Aharon Farkash told prosecutors trying Israeli collector Oded Golan: 'Have you really proved beyond a reasonable doubt that these artefacts are fakes as charged in the indictment?

'The experts disagree among themselves.

'Where is the evidence to show that Oded Golan faked them?'

The 20-inch long empty box, apparently found near the Mount of Olives, was sold to Golan by an Arab antiquities dealer.

Golan was arrested and, with four others, charged in 2004 with 18 counts of forgery, fraud and damaging archaeological artefacts.

They were accused of taking valuable objects and adding inscriptions to massively increase their value.

Charges against two men were dropped and only Golan and antiquities dealer Robert Deutsch, the alleged leaders of the forgery ring, remain on trial. They deny all charges.


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Toledo, Ohio Family Has Shared House With 'It' For 17 Years

The Schwartz family's East Toledo house is ready for Halloween. Among its many decorations is a sign above the front door: "Enter if you dare."

Like others who've transformed this time of year into a $5 billion-plus annual seasonal bonanza, Ron and Cyndy Schwartz and three daughters still living at home go all out - but that sign may be more fair warning than decoration.

During the 17 years the family has lived in this story-and-a-half house (longer for Cyndy, whose childhood home this is), they've shared the place with "it," or "him," or "that."

A presence, they call it. A ghost, if you will.

This Kelsey Avenue house, its owners say, has had inexplicable noises and freaky happenings practically every day they've lived there. All four daughters, ages 21 to 14, have had friends too wary to spend the night or, sometimes, even set foot inside.

For the Schwartzes, it was like a family parlor game the other afternoon, recalling the ways "it" has made itself known.

"We were all here in the front room once," said Ron Schwartz, "watching a movie, and all of a sudden the water in [the kitchen] was running full force."

"Oh, and the lights!" chimed in 14-year-old Haley, who said they often find lights burning where they're sure the switch was turned off.

There was also the mysterious red liquid that seeped through the basement walls as Mr. Schwartz tried to paint. Plus the time Brittany's electric flat-iron turned itself on, despite not being plugged in. And then there's Alex, the aging Labrador retriever who can suddenly become restless and pant frantically for no reason.

But the most consistent tale was of the footsteps the family hears almost daily, as if someone is walking across the upstairs floorboards - even when there's only one person in the house.

The 18-year-old twins, Brittany and Brandy, say they won't sleep without closing the closet doors in their upstairs bedroom. Their mother, meanwhile, is the opposite.

"Oh, I have to keep mine open!" Cyndy said, prompting Haley to blurt, "You're crazy!"

For Cyndy, who moved here with her parents at age 4, the house's oddities are a lifelong mystery. Like her daughters, she also had friends who wouldn't enter.

Retired Toledo police detective Bob Poiry was called to this house in the mid-1960s to stand by as its previous occupants moved out hastily. They were following the advice of a priest who investigated and blamed the relentless crazy incidents on poltergeists, warning the couple their place could burn down.

Helping the family with its final sweep, the then-young officer checked a back upstairs bedroom. Hearing a noise in the closet, he opened the door and was bowled over by an explosive flame that filled the house with smoke.

Yesterday, Bob told me again how the state fire marshal never could find a cause. Some four decades later, the man who ended his career solving homicides remains baffled by the inexplicable fire and convinced something supernatural exists at the Kelsey Avenue house.

"You can ask any of the old-timers around here," Cyndy said, "they all know about this house."


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80-Year-Old Baby Remains Stolen From Wisconsin Cemetery

Days before Halloween, police in Wisconsin are investigating a real-life ghoulish crime. Someone dug up the remains of baby buried in a cemetery for more than 80 years, reports CBS station WCCO-TV in Minneapolis.

Investigators say it happened late Sunday or early Monday morning at the Pioneers Rest Cemetery near Canton, Wis.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said someone dug a hole, measured about 20 inches wide, 54 inches long and 48 inches deep, where "Baby Locke" was laid to rest in 1925. They tore the wooden casket apart and took the body.

"We all have questions on why this happened and hopefully it turns out to be some sort of a prank or somebody who thinks this is funny," Fitzgerald said.

He planned to consult with the state crime lab on what investigators should look for at the site. They already had dug deeper than the parts of the casket and found no human remains, he said.

The size and rectangular shape of the hole indicates the grave was the target of whoever dug it, he said.

"We believe they probably gained access to the casket area," he said. "If there was remains they did remove them."

The cemetery is still maintained and used but there's some history that goes well beyond the bodies buried in the ground.

Jeff Granum came to check his own family's stones when he heard what had happened. He said this has been a place for parties after stories of ghost spottings went online. Just a few years ago some tombstones were toppled.

"It's hard to believe they keep coming down here. And the idea is that they think it's haunted and it's not," Granum said.

Fitzgerald said his department will now step up security at this "out of the way" cemetery after a very personal crime unearthed some very strong feelings.

"They should dig the next graves here for next 10 years if they like it here so much," Granum said.

Some family members of the baby were told about what happened. Investigators recovered some items at the scene from the people who dug up the grave but they won't say what those items were.

Authorities are investigating the case and currently have no suspects.


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Video: NORAD 1995 - America West 564 UFO Sighting

A west bound America West B-757 airliner encountered a UFO with flashing lights along its length on May 25, 1995. The passenger jet was flying over the panhandle of Texas when it observed the unknown object. Thanks be to investigator Walter N. Webb, of the UFO Research Coalition for his thorough investigation of the case. Webb was able to get copies of the FAA voice tapes of chatter between the plane and ground. He also interviewed the crew and air traffic controllers.

Row of White Lights:
The plane was designated as America West Flight 564, and was at 39,000 feet near Bovina, Texas, when First Officer John J. Waller and a flight attendant observed a row of white lights which flashed from left to right. The lights were below their flying altitude. Waller immediately made radio contact with the Albuquerque FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center during the observation. Nothing could be found that should be flying in that space at that time.

Object Not Visible on Radar:
The B-757 continued its course as the lights began to fall behind it. A group of dark thunderclouds formed, and enabled the UFO to be seen as a cigar-shaped object as its lights illuminated the back drop of the thunderclouds. Waller and his co-pilot estimated the object's length at 300-400 feet. The object was not visible on FAA radar, but one of the controllers contacted the North American Air Defense Command, and was told that NORAD was tracking an unidentified object. But, this object later turned out to be a small plane with a non-functioning transponder.

NORAD Confirms UFO:
The next day, the controller made another check with NORAD, and he was told that they had indeed tracked another unknown target the night before that was at first stationary, then accelerated and stopped again very rapidly. These quick darts were estimated at somewhere between 1,000 and 1,400 mph.

Webb Investigates:
When reports of the incident began to be leaked, Webb began to investigate. In addition to interviewing the airliner's crew, he also obtained the tapes of the conversation between FAA air traffic controllers and their contacts during the sighting. He was able to make drawings of the UFO. He also filed Freedom of Information Act requests, and searched military installations to see if any activity that night could account for the sighting.

There was nothing that could explain the sighting of America West Flight 564, and until another explanation can be found for the unusual object, we must assume that a UFO was seen that night.

The case of America West 564 is a good example of a confirmed UFO by an experienced crew, with confirmation by radar.


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Video: True Stories of Horror - The Philippines

The White Lady of Balete Drive, in Quezon City, is a ghost who appears as a long-haired woman in a white dress. According to legend, she was raped and killed by Japanese soldiers during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in World War II. Most of the stories that have come out about her were told by taxi drivers doing the graveyard shift. In other instances it is said that when solitary people drive by Balete Drive in the wee hours of the morning, they tend to see the face of a woman in white in the rear view mirror for a split second before the apparition disappears. Some accidents on this road are blamed on the White Lady.

Many sources have declared this legend was actually manufactured by a reporter in the 1950s, and also possibly a combination of multiple stories from the area.


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Bigfoot Reported On Highway 101 Near Willets, California

During the height of the smoke from Mendocino Lightning Complex fires, a Laytonville man had an encounter with an apelike creature while driving north of Willits on Highway 101 near Shimmins Ridge Road.

"This animal stepped onto the southbound lane near where the guardrail stops," says LoPinto. "It was very smoky and incredibly hot, at least 100 degrees but still daylight. It ran really fast, directly into the path of a small truck, which had pulled out to pass me, after the lanes had expanded from two lanes to four.

"The creature was completely black and looked all freaked out. I pointed at it so the other driver could see it and hit my brakes, hard. I didn't think I could stop in time and was sure I was going to hit it. Miraculously the passing truck missed the creature and sped out of sight.

"As the creature ran toward me, I saw it was least seven feet tall. The animal never slowed down as it ran on its hind legs like a man.

"I thought, 'it looks like a guy in a gorilla suit.' When it got to middle of the freeway, I could see it clearly. Its whole head was covered in black hair. I couldn't see any ears. As I was braking hard to make a panic stop the creature put its arms down and started running on four legs, bounding across the freeway. It had giant arms; they were very long and covered with fur.

"When my car finally stopped, I looked out the windshield and it stopped about 25 feet in front of me at the edge of the road. It was at eye level with me as I sat in the car.

"I had no idea what it was. It was covered with hair down to the ground. I looked at its face and it was completely flat without a nose. It turned his whole body toward me-its neck was stiff. We made eye contact. Its face was yellow or gold like a ripe banana. It had holes for its nostrils and a smooth and shiny forehead with ridges instead of eyebrows. It had a simian face.

"I saw a red glow coming back from its eyes; it may have been a reflection from my headlights. Its mouth was closed and it had thin lips, it didn't show any teeth and made no sound, at all. Then it turned and leapt down into the ditch and up the hillside. I was freaked out."

At first, Chris LoPinto had no idea what he had seen; he thought it might have been an escaped zoo or circus animal. He called the Department of Fish and Game biologist and found there were no apelike animals native to North America and that no such creature had been reported lost in the area. LoPinto filed an incident report with them. LoPinto also filed a police report with the Mendocino County Sheriff's Department.

After finding no help from official sources, LoPinto began researching the internet to find answers and found groups devoted to tracking big foot.

He contacted a Bigfoot Society group to report his sighting and was contacted by a Bigfoot field researcher Tom Yamarone.

"I've interviewed 40 eyewitnesses and spoken with at least a dozen others," says Yamarone. "Chris' account is consistent with other reports, and it was spotted in a likely area. The red glowing eyes are also consistent with others' observations. The unique aspects of Chris' account are the close proximity to the creature, that he had a good look the face and eyes and that the creature propelled itself with its front arms."

LoPinto still doesn't know what he saw, but he is sure of the details. He also thinks, whatever the creature was, it was obviously disturbed by the heavy smoke and fires throughout the area.

There have been a number of Bigfoot sightings in Mendocino and Humboldt counties according to various Bigfoot sighting lists.

A "paranormal" observer in December 2007 reported seeing a large animal standing on two legs at her car. She reported it patted the window of her car several times before running away at high speed.

In May 2004, a group of six hikers north of Highway 162 near Murry Range reported finding a series of unusual large tracks. One of the witnesses said, according to the report written by Yamarone, "a friend saw one [a Bigfoot] cross Highway 162 just outside of town as he was driving to work in Willits." Yamarone also notes there are many Bigfoot stories about extending across generations in the Round Valley area.

In 1961 and 1962, a series of Bigfoot tracks were reported by a Bob Titmus northeast of Covelo. In 1962 in a remote area near Fort Bragg, Robert Hatfield reported seeing a Bigfoot standing head and shoulders above a six foot fence. Hatfield later rounded the corner of a house and walked right into the creature. Hatfield was "knocked to the ground and scrambles to the house on all fours.

A neighbor in the house tries to close the door to prevent the creature from getting in. Bigfoot then runs off leaving a large muddy "handprint" on the door.


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Top 30 - 09ª Posição

---- E na 9ª posição do Top 30 temos uma banda que já passou aqui pelo blog em uma postagem antiga. A banda é nova e estourou graças ao Timbaland. Sim! Como prometido, o rapper aparece por aqui mais uma vez já que ao tocar em algo, ele consegue um destaque na mídia muito grande. A banda da vez por aqui é One Republic.

---- Desde o verão de 2006, a banda era fortemente considerada uma das melhores bandas no MySpace, devido a grande exposição à comunidade. A banda foi formada pelo compositor e produtor Ryan Tedder junto com seu amigo de colegial Zach Filkins em Colorado Springs. O grupo então se mudou para Los Angeles. Após alguns problemas com a Columbia Records, eles se transferiram para a Interscope Records/Mosley Music Group, na qual conheceram Timbaland. A canção da banda "Apologize" é apresentada em uma forma remix no lançamento de 2007 de Timbaland, “Timbaland Presents Shock Value”. A canção foi lançada em sua forma original como sendo o primeiro single da banda em seu primeiro álbum de estúdio, “Dreaming out Loud” (Sonhando Muito Alto). A canção se tornou um hit rapidamente. Pouco depois o grupo terminou de gravar seu álbum de estréia com algumas canções produzidas pelo vocalista Ryan Tedder. Ele foi lançado em 20 de Novembro de 2007.
---- “Stop and stare” foi o segundo single do álbum, mas não estourou tanto como o primeiro hit. A banda até vai bem lá fora, mas aqui no país não tanto. “Say all I need” e “Mercy” também viraram singles da banda que é indicada do EMA MTV 2008 como banda revelação. Todos os clipes da banda estão disponíveis em uma postagem antiga para quem quer conhecer melhor a banda. Mesmo assim, aqui nós vamos ficar com “Apologize” na 9ª posição.

Surpresinhas de Supernatural

---- Para deixar os muitos fãs de Supernatural felizes, no episódio da quarta temporada que foi ao ar na semana passada, os diretores deixaram uma surpresa para os espectadores. O vídeo de pouco mais de um minuto mostra Jensen Ackles (Dean) dublando uma música. Jared Padalecki (Sam) adentrou na brincadeira gravando o seu parceiro de série. Assistam aí o clipe e comentem. Logo abaixo temos uma das músicas clássicas da série, “Carry on my wayward son”, lá de 1976.

Witnesses Claim UFO / OVNI Fleet Landed In Chicoana, Argentina

Strange, deep marks left on three wheat fields. Hundred of witnesses reported the event to the police, but law enforcement gave it little importance.

The marks left on the fields measure nearly one meter deep and are geometrical in shape.

A series of strange geometric marks – circular and rectangular – allegedly left behind by UFOs that landed on three wheat fields in Chicoana: at Quebrada de Tilian, to the south of the community; at Pulares, to the west, and next to the Las Mesitas Camp Ground to the north. They have become the great mystery of this community in Valle de Lerma, 35 kilometers south of the capital.

The prints appear to have been made by the “legs” of enormous structures and were seen at dawn last Thursday, after an evening that to hundreds of witnesses was “unreal” because they were able to see “strange lights dancing” above the fields in question, although “at a given moment, they stopped their nearly-erratic movements and remain suspended at low altitude for a considerable amount of time, after which they took off and vanished over the horizon.” This was the description given by perplexed and astonished Raul Martinez, a local resident from San Cayetano, two miles from the Las Mesitas Campground and of one of the wheat fields that was marked with the peculiar cracks.

“We saw the first lights with my son around 3 a.m. and tried to film them, but curiously, our cellphones stopped working, as though they had no batteries in them. It was a wild succession of flashing colors that died down and appeared to form part of an enormous framework. I saw this phenomenon for five minutes. Later, whatever landed on the field, the source of the flashes, took off and went away at an astonishing speed. Our cellphones worked normally after that,” explained Martinez.

Moreover, students from the Maria Valdivieso Rural School #588 in Villa Fanny, at Quebrada del Tilian, seven kilometers south of Chicoana, also witnessed the phenomenon, which took place at a considerable distance from the northern accessway to the locality. Its characteristics were nearly identical. “We tried to phone the police to report what was happening, but our cellphones wouldn’t work.”

“The spectacle lasted around five minutes and no one could record the images because our cameras weren’t working,” said another student. The next day, they discovered the same geometric shapes in one of the wheat fields.

But that wasn’t all: six kilometers west of Chicoana, in the vicinity of Pulares, locals also claimed having seen a light show that took place during the same span of time and at the same hour. A seal identical to the other two was left behind here. Impressions measuring a meter or more in depth and of equally unexplained origin.

It is interesting to note that the vertexes of the three “affected areas” can form an isosceles triangle, so to speak. At the triangle’s heart can be found the infamous La Candelaria and El Antigal mountains, the scene of three fatal air accidents, all of them caused by unexplained systems failures.

The Villa Fanny shelter school has 100 students. That night, 80 of them were present and all claim having witnessed the luminous phenomenon. Neighbors of the little school say that animals hid when the lights manifested, even though no noise was heard.

Residents of Chicoana as well as numerous tourists pulled up in their cars on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to photograph and look at the strange marks that were left on the wheat field located next to the access road to the town.

Federico Arnaldo Gutierrez, a technician with Nortevision Satelital, a local TV station, was one of the few who crossed the barbed wire fence and inspected the marks. “It’s very odd. The soil looked like something extremely heavy had landed on it. Wheat was flattened but not cut. There were no signs of burning or anything similar, only the geometrical marks.”

Graciela, a biology instructor who also arrived with her camera to take pictures of the figures left behind in the fields, remarked: “This area has a wealth of strange phenomena and UFO sightings. Remember that over the past 15 years three aircraft plummeted from the sky and in all cases, the reasons were the same. Their instruments stopped working, just like what happened to those who saw the colored lights on Thursday morning and tried to photograph them, but couldn’t because their instruments didn’t work.”

Authorities with the Chicoana Sheriff’s Department did not comment. One law enforcement officer, who asked to remain anonymous because “I’m about to issue a personal opinion that shouldn’t be construed as an official story” informed El Tribuno that many remarks “had indeed been received about the situation, but no one wants to make a written complaint. In my opinion, all of these marks are the result of wind and rain.”

However, after consulting the weather bureau, there was no precipitation or strong wind during previous days or on the days that the events occurred. And should this be the case, why were the marks only on three wheat fields and not all of them, which can be found in the hundreds?

José Silva, principal of School 558, whose students witnessed the events, ventured an opinion: “I’ve lived here for ten years and had never seen marks like this. I reject the possibility that they were caused by nature or made by someone. It’s weird, very weird.”

Children living in the shelter also told El Tribuno that those of them with cellphones, and who saw the lights, tried to take pictures and couldn’t. “My aunt,” said Pedro, 13, “lives near the school and has a video device. The same thing happened to her. It didn’t work, as though its batteries had run out.”

Silva adds: “I never saw anything like it. If people are saying that the prints were produced by the lights, let’s be clear about one thing: lights are weightless,” concludes the principal.


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Deceased Celebrities Still Seen In Their Old Haunts

You’ve checked into the Beverly Hills Roosevelt hotel, donned your chicest outfit, and are ready to hit Tinseltown. On your way out, you stop to admire your fresh look in a lobby mirror when eerily, you see a ghostly figure next to your reflection — that of the world-famous blond, Marilyn Monroe.

Tales of haunted hotels abound, of course, especially in older establishments like the Roosevelt. Usually, the haunting spirit is that of a random person — someone who died there, perhaps, or someone who simply doesn’t want to check out. But some of these hotel spooks — like Sid Vicious, Anna Nicole Smith, and Marilyn (who’s specter has also been reported at Lake Tahoe’s Cal Neva Resort) — became famous before their deaths. And conveniently, some of them inhabit easily booked hotels.

So who are these A-listers who have come back from the great beyond to haunt hotels? Elvis Presley, for one. People all over the world have laid claim to seeing the still-living King, of course, but his spirit is popular, too. It’s been spotted in his old performance space at the Las Vegas Hilton — just waiting, perhaps, to do one more show.

Another singer, Janis Joplin, has a different kind of connection to the hotel she’s said to haunt. It was in the Landmark Hotel (now the Highland Gardens Hotel) in Los Angeles that she died of an overdose in 1970.

Naturally, some hotels don’t like to discuss the celebrities — either living or dead — who stay with them. The Roosevelt maintains that their hotel isn’t haunted by anyone, celebrity or otherwise. And the Algonquin Hotel — where writer Dorothy Parker is said to lurk — says it has no documented occurrences of a haunting.

As with any unexplained phenomena, there are more rumors than documented cases. So perhaps these celebrity spirits don’t exist, and the sightings have proliferated because diehard fans don’t want to accept that their beloved star is gone. But maybe there’s some truth to them. After all, why would so many guests insist that what they saw was real?

Regardless, there’s nothing more exhilarating than a spirit surprise around Halloween — especially if it’s a star from days gone by. So grab your Ouija board, pick a hotel, and prepare for an Academy Award–winning ghost hunt.


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---- Mês de Outubro acabando, blog cansado assim como quem escreve já que o ano literalmente voou, mas ainda estamos aí. Em uma das últimas postagens do mês, o assunto que eu quero abordar mais uma vez é a violência psicológica, mas precisamente o “bullying”. Você sabe o que ele significa?
---- Para começar, vamos entender o que é “bullying”. “Bullying” é um termo inglês utilizado para descrever atos de violência física ou psicológica, intencionais e repetidos, praticados por um indivíduo tido como “bully” ou "valentão" em bom português, ou ainda um grupo de indivíduos com o objetivo de intimidar ou agredir outro indivíduo ou outro grupo incapaz de se defender. Pesquisas indicam que adultos agressores têm personalidades autoritárias, combinadas com uma forte necessidade de controlar ou dominar. Também tem sido sugerido que um déficit em habilidades sociais e um ponto de vista preconceituoso sobre subordinados podem ser fatores de risco em particular.
---- Existem vários tipos de “bullying”. Os mais comuns usam principalmente uma combinação de intimidação e humilhação para atormentar os outros. Abaixo, alguns exemplos das técnicas de bullying:
-- Insultar a vítima, acusar sistematicamente a vítima de não servir para nada;
-- Ataques físicos repetidos contra uma pessoa, seja contra o corpo dela ou propriedade;
-- Interferir com a propriedade pessoal de uma pessoa, livros ou material escolar, roupas, etc, danificando-os;
-- Espalhar rumores negativos sobre a vítima;
-- Depreciar a vítima sem qualquer motivo;
Fazer com que a vítima faça o que ela não quer, ameaçando a vítima para seguir as ordens;
-- Colocar a vítima em situação problemática com alguém ou conseguir uma ação disciplinar contra a vítima, por algo que ela não cometeu ou que foi exagerado pelo bully;
-- Fazer comentários depreciativos sobre a família de uma pessoa, sobre o local de moradia de alguém, aparência pessoal, orientação sexual, religião, etnia, nível de renda, nacionalidade ou qualquer outra inferioridade depreendida da qual o bully tenha tomado ciência;
-- Isolamento social da vítima;
-- Usar as tecnologias de informação para praticar o cyberbullying, ou seja, criar páginas falsas sobre a vítima em sites de relacionamento, de publicação de fotos etc;
-- Chantagem;
-- Expressões ameaçadoras;
-- Grafitagem depreciativa;
-- Usar de sarcasmo evidente para se passar por amigo enquanto assegura o controle e a posição em relação à vítima, dentre muitas outras formas.
---- Tomado conhecimento do que é essa prática, as crianças e adolescentes são as maiores vítimas desse tipo de violência já que eles tendem a ser cruéis com as diferenças. Esse tipo de violência infelizmente também está presente em quase todos os lugares. Certamente você já deve ter visto algum tipo de situação citada acima e achado normal, mas não é não. As conseqüências podem ser terríveis como citado no texto da Violência Psicológica” postado dias atrás.
---- Quem pode mudar essa situação? Todos! Os pais fornecem a primeira base moral e cívica para uma criança, logo, se ela apresenta um tipo de comportamento desses, certamente existe uma base familiar mal instituída. Assistam o vídeo para entender mais!

---- Então? Não está na hora de você fazer sua parte e mudar essa situação? A educação é a base de tudo! Eduque seu filho para ele se tornar um adulto melhor! Diga não a violência! Diga não ao “bullying".

Zig-Zagging UFO Captured Over Austin, Texas

Two men believe they saw a UFO flying over Austin in October.

They said they have the videotape to prove it.

Carl Lancaster and Doug McCullough were both outside their apartments on Oct. 8 around 9 p.m. when they both saw three bright lights.

Lancaster said he saw a red light and two white lights that flew in a zigzag pattern across the sky.

"It was just incredible and just unexplainable," said Lancaster. "The lights flew on top of each other and then side by side."

McCullough captured the mysterious lights on his home video camera.

"We've got proof," said McCullough. "It's great to finally capture something on video."

Lancaster started waving at the lights, and he said they responded to him by flying on top of each other and then side by side.

"It was a UFO," said Lancaster. "E.T. probably!"

Torvald Hessel, Austin Planetarium's Executive Director, closely examined Lancaster and McCullough's video.

He pointed out the lights made a zigzag pattern across the power poles.

"Shooting star, meteorite," said Hessel. "It's possible, but I wouldn't be able to explain the zigzag movement."

Hessel watched the video twice and even watched it frame by frame to examine what looked like two lights on top of each other.

He said the lights could have been from an airplane or helicopter, although he said that was unlikely.

"It's obviously two lights, which is interesting," said Hessel. "No idea what it is, probably not aliens over Austin."

Just recently in Stephenville, Texas, high school student Andy Monrreal was hanging out with friends when he also recorded what looked like a UFO.

"You could see the oval shape," said Monrreal. "Got my friend, I said 'dude, you got to come look at this.'"

Meanwhile, Austin Bergstrom International Airport officials said they had no reports of any mysterious objects flying over the city the night Lancaster and McCullough saw their UFOs, but Lancaster and McCullough said they have all the proof they need.

"When I see one, I'll believe it," said Lancaster. "I saw not one, not two, but possibly three that night."


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Health Officials Find 'Road Kill' In Chinese Restaurant

Is road kill on the menu at a popular Hamburg, NY restaurant? A disturbing discovery at the China King Restaurant has forced health officials to lock the doors.

Lisa Williams was going to eat in the restaurant when she got some upsetting news. "Were you coming to eat here?" "Yeah, we were coming to eat." "Did you hear what happened?" "No." "Health inspectors closed it down because there was road kill out here, a deer." "Oh no."

People who came to China King for their Friday dinner found it hard to believe. A dead deer had been butchered inside the kitchen in the restaurant they've been coming to for years.

Patron, Sue Bender said, "Our daughter just called us because she knows this is our take out Chinese, and told us, you're not going to believe what was just on Channel Four."

A witness tells us he saw an Asian man dragging the deer inside.

"I watched him drag it across the parking lot and he dragged it through the front door of the China King Restaurant. I said this is just not right, so I called Hamburg Police and reported it. Sure enough by the time they got there, they said that he had the deer almost all butchered inside the restaurant."

Another patron wonders, "How stupid could that man be? To let that go on."

Erie County Health Commissioner, Dr Anthony Billitier said, "I don't know what the intention was with the deer, but they can't do that in the restaurant even if they were going to use it for private consumption. It's not consistent with the sanitary code.

Its a story that's closed down the restaurant and caused patron to loose their appetite

Lisa Williams said, "That's disgusting, I'll never eat Chinese again. I'm sorry for all these people out there. That's gross."

When asked if Sue Bender will come here again? She replied, "never...never."

The Health Commissioner tells News4 a hearing with the owner is scheduled for next week.


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British Man's Addiction to Cider Turned Him Orange

A man who drank more than four litres of cider a day has revealed how he decided to quit boozing after he started turning orange.

Michael Stenning, 47, said that after years of downing glass after glass of strong cider he realised that he had to call time on his habit when pals started to warn him he looked like he'd been Tangoed.

The former courier, who started drinking heavily when he lost his job, said he was persuaded to seek hospital treatment after friends warned him something was wrong when his skin started changing colour.

And when he turned up at hospital for a check-up he was told "I'm amazed you're not dead" by doctors.

Dr Sumita Verma, who researches alcoholic hepatitis, said: "It was a miracle. I have never seen anyone as sick as him leave the hospital alive."

The dad-of-two, known as Mick to pals, said: "I am a miracle case and just so happy to still be alive. I am touched by the continuous support from my family and friends especially after how I treated them at the time.

"I now want to make up for the years I've lost whilst drunk."

He revealed how he hit the bottle after losing his job as a courier five years ago and only stopped boozing when he was made to realise he was on death's door.

He said that since kicking the booze he has started returning to a normal colour, adding: "Staying off the booze has been easier than I thought and I'm happier drinking non-alcoholic drinks, which compliment my now healthier diet.

"I have even started an exercise regime." Mick, who is divorced, said his two children Matthew 22 and Sophie, 19, helped support him as he battled his booze addiction.

He said: "They really helped me though it all. I can't thank everyone enough.

"When they noticed I was turning orange it was the last straw. I had to do something."

Mick spent three weeks in hospital battling his addiction to cider at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and says he owes his life to the staff who helped him beat his addiction.

Stephen Leggett, one of the friends who warned Mick that he was looking like he had been Tangoed said: "If you had seen the state he was in before and now he doesn't even touch a drop when he is in a bar.

"A lot of people relapse, but Mick has stayed so strong."


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Strange Creature Reported at Kouris, Cyprus

Rumours are again rife that some kind of reptile or large sea creature is lurking below the water in the Kouris Dam.

Talk of the dam being occupied by a “strange creature” started to circulate three years ago, when a report was made that a crocodile had been dumped in the deep waters.

Since then, there have been countless sightings of the “creature from the depths”, with some local newspapers calling the mystery the “Cyprus Loch Ness".

One citizen was so adamant he had spotted the creature that he told a newspaper “I watched this serpent with my own two eyes, this was no mistake.”

Despite the speculation, no proof has yet been found and even the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Affairs have drawn a blank on the Kouris mystery.

An official from the ministry confirmed that they were actively searching for the creature, adding fuel to the rumours that the lake was home to some kind of serpent.

Reports suggest that officials will try and coax the beast from the murky depths by using bait such as live hens and raw meat.

In recent days rain has hampered the search effort, which is expected to resume tomorrow.

A local community leader, Savvas Sava, told a daily newspaper yesterday that if the creature is caught then it will become a tourist attraction and facilities to house it must be constructed.


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Video: UFO / OVNI Captured By News Photographer - Espírito Santo, Brazil

TV report video: UFO / OVNI images recently captured by a news photographer (A Tribuna) - Espírito Santo, Brazil


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Bellingham, Washington Mansion a 'Ghost Hunter's Dream'

Down a long, grass-lined driveway off Eldridge Avenue is a house that looks like it was built for Halloween. Ivy creeps up its graying stucco exterior, and a dramatic circular turret stabs into the ruddy sunset.

But it's what's inside the house that interests Sherry Mulholland, the founder of BOOO, Bellingham Observers of the Odd and Obscure.

On Saturday, Oct. 25, she and two other group members met at the house, owned by Mike and Cis Kennard, to search for evidence of the spiritual world.

"This is like a ghost hunter's dream to get in here," Mulholland says. "It looks like it's haunted, even if it's not."

The place breathes history, and it's been a landmark in the community since it was the home of one of Bellingham's founders, the Eldridge family.

"It's referred to in the community as 'that house,' " says Mike Kennard, who has lived in the home for almost 15 years. "You cannot live here and not have a sense of history. Edward Eldridge is one of the forefathers of Bellingham."

Because of the home's natural ability to pique people's curiosity, the Kennards are usually more than happy to let people take a peek, whether it's ghost hunters or the casual passerby. But Kennard knows that when the ghost hunters come by, they're going to look at the house with a different eye than the average person.

"People can find things that I'm not necessarily looking for myself," he says, describing himself not as a skeptic but someone who is "neutral as water."

"We have noticed an increase in unexplainable activity since we started having people come in here," he says.

Since the Kennards moved into the home in 1994, there have been some unusual occurrences. Doors they know they locked will be found open, or vice versa. A friend who was adjusting a valance upstairs thought her husband had come in the room behind her, and she felt a steadying hand on her shoulder when the stool she was on wobbled. She turned around a few seconds later and no one was there; her husband was downstairs and had been for sometime.

"We had thought when we first moved in here that there were a number of strange things," he says. "Nothing scary, nothing unnerving, there are just little things that are moved around that are inconsequential."

When the BOOO group inspected the house on Saturday night, they were looking for something a little more scientific. They had infrared cameras, digital recorders and electromagnetic field readers. They wanted something measureable. They wanted proof.

It's not like the ghost hunts you see on TV, all dark halls, shadowy figures and terrifying bumps in the night. Along with Mulholland are group members Elena Stecca and John Sterrett. They'll go through each room in the house, trying to speak with whatever's out there, trying to get electronic voice phenomena on their recorders and trying to make the EMF readers light up.

"Ghost hunters have to have a passion for this or else they'll get bored to death," Mulholland says. "You have to be very patient."

Though the night is relatively quiet - with group members hearing a few faint, far-off voices and some strange EMF spikes - all agree that the house has energy, buoyed by the tremendous history of the property. Even Kennard is convinced that the house has a buzz all its own.

"Everybody seems to come to the conclusion that there are lots of good vibes and a good mood and good atmosphere and lots of laughs," he says. "There's always been a mansion here, and it's always been a landmark in the community. They had an expectation that it was going to be a festive or celebratory occasion when they came here."

And as long as the feelings are good, the Kennards don't mind a few ghosts.

"I said all I'm concerned with is if there's somebody in the house with an ax waiting to get me," he jokes.


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Tanzanian Mob Kills Women Accused of Turning Dead Child Into a Ghost

A mob in a Tanzanian village killed two women and burned their bodies after accusing them of using witchcraft to turn a child into a ghost.

Nhumba Nolelaga, 38, and Mwanandama Ndama, 55, were attacked and murdere at Idahina village in Shinyanga district after they were implicated in the death of a seven-year-old boy.

The Citizen newspaper said the boy, Maduhu Masunga, died after he was bitten by a black mamba while sleeping.

However, at his funeral, rumours spread that he was not dead but had turned into a ghost to work in the women's farms.

A mob formed after it was reported that the boy was seen alive under the two women's beds.

The mob had also accused Nolelaga and Ndama of kidnapping another woman, who went missing from her home but was later found unconscious in a nearby paddy field in the same village.

Reports said the mob ‘questioned’ the women then murdered them and burned their bodies.

The report said four or five elderly women are killed each month in connected with witchcraft associated beliefs. It said many in Shinyanga Region believe elderly women with red eyes are suspected to be witches.


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Nazis Hoped to Colonize the Amazonian Rainforest

German scientists took an expedition to a remote region of the Brazilian Amazon on the border with French Guyana to see if they could set up a Nazi outpost in the Amazon.

The book, The Guyana Project: A German Adventure on the Amazon, says the Nazis believed they were destined to colonise and settle in parts of the world much like the pioneers of America's west.

On an island on a tributary of the Jari River, author Jens Gluessing found a 9ft-high wooden cross etched with swastikas.

The inscription says: "Joseph Greiner died here on 2.1.1936, a death from fever in the service of German Research Work."

Mr Gluessing discovered photographs of the expedition by exploring German and Brazilian archives.

He found that Greiner was one of three sent by the SS to explore the region bordering French Guyana with a view to populating it on behalf of the Reich.

The team, using the cover story they were collecting specimens of fauna and wildlife, reported back to their boss Heinrich Himmler on how German soldiers could live in Brazil.

It would appear however the explorers were defeated by the Amazon.

Dr Otto Schulz-Kampfhenkel, an SS officer and leader of the expedition, wrote to Himmler and said: "The two largest scantly populated, but rich in resources, areas on earth are in Siberia and South America.

"They alone offer spacious immigration and settlement possibilities for the Nordic peoples."

He added of the Amazon area: "For the more advanced white race it offers outstanding possibilities for exploitation."

It would appear however before the plan was finalised, Himmler lost interest, thus shelving a potential Nazi South American colony.


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Blood-Sucking Vampire Moth Discovered in Siberia

A previously unknown population of vampire moths has been found in Siberia. And in a twist worthy of a Halloween horror movie, entomologists say the bloodsuckers may have evolved from a purely fruit-eating species.

Only slight variations in wing patterns distinguish the Russian population from a widely distributed moth species, Calyptra thalictri, in central and southern Europe known to feed only on fruit.

When the Russian moths were experimentally offered human hands this summer, the insects drilled their hook-and-barb-lined tongues under the skin and sucked blood.

Entomologist Jennifer Zaspel at the University of Florida in Gainesville said the discovery suggests the moth population could be on an "evolutionary trajectory" away from other C. thalictri populations.

In January, she will compare the Russian population's DNA to that of other populations and other species to confirm her suspicions.

"Based on geography, based on behavior, and based on a phenotypic variation we saw in the wing pattern, we can speculate that this represents something different, something new," Zaspel said.

"But it is really difficult to say without knowing genetic differences between individuals in that population, and among individuals from other populations, how different this group is going to be."

(Zaspel's research is funded in part by a grant from the National Geographic Society's Committee for Research and Exploration. National Geographic owns National Geographic News.)

Blood Feeding

If it turns out that Zaspel has indeed caught a fruit-eating moth evolving blood-feeding behavior, it could provide clues as to how some moths develop a taste for blood.

(Related: "Vampire Bats Hunt by Sound of Victims' Breath" [June 19, 2006].)

Some researchers, she noted, hypothesize that blood-feeding in insects and animals evolved from behaviors such as feeding on tears, dung, and pus-filled wounds.

"We see a progression from nectar feeding and licking or lapping at fruit juices to different kinds of piercing behaviors of fruits and then finally culminating in this skin piercing and blood-feeding," she said.

Chris Nice, a biologist who studies butterfly evolution at Texas State University in San Marcos, said few butterfly and moth species are equipped with the hook-and-barb-lined tongues needed to pierce fruit.

"The fruit-piercing stage in the first place sets the stage, in a morphological sense, for further transitions into, in this case, the blood-feeding," he said.

Nice added that genetic research such as Zaspel's is the only way to test ideas on how certain behaviors evolve.

Sexual Gift?

The next question is why this Russian population of C. thalictri appears to have evolved blood-feeding behavior, Zaspel said.

Only male moths exhibit blood-feeding, she noted, raising the possibility that as in some species of butterflies and other moths, the Russian moths do it to pass on salt to females during copulation.

"There is no evidence it prolongs the life of the male, or anything like that," she said. "So we suspect that it is probably going to the female."

The sexual gift, she said, would provide a nutritional boost to young larvae that feed on leaf-rich, but sodium-poor, diets.

If salt is otherwise limited in the environment the sexual gift theory "would make sense," Nice added.


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Top 30 - 10ª Posição

---- E adentrando finalmente nas minhas 10 músicas favoritas, hoje na 10ª posição teremos uma banda de rock mega famosa e com muitos anos de carreira, tanto que ela é bem mais velha do que eu. Sabe de que banda estou falando? Então eu dou uma pista. O vocalista tem uma boca bem, mas bem grande e não para xingar os outros, mas sim uma boca onde caberia um trem. Hehe! Já sabe de que banda estou falando?
---- A banda dona da 10ª posição surgiu em 1969 da junção de duas outras bandas, sendo elas os Chain Reaction de Steven Tyler e a The Jam Band de Joe Perry e Tom Hamilton. Naquela época, cada um deles possuíam trabalhos bem diferentes como ser o cara que fitava as batatinhas e os hamburguês. Com a banda “Aerosmith” formada, eles já venderam mais de 150 milhões de discos em 23 álbuns e uma coleção de prêmios decorando suas estantes. É claro que o início não foi tão fácil assim, tanto que foi apenas no terceiro álbum da banda que o sucesso foi conquistado. Depois disso foram hits atrás de hits, até que...
---- ... até que uma fase turbulenta começa a assolar a banda. Alguns de seus integrantes saíram da banda, acidentes, drogas e um álbum mal recebido culminou com umas férias da banda. Após esta fase conturbada, Perry e Whitford regressaram à banda em 1984 que de cara saiu para uma turnê para comemorar a reunião dos membros do grupo. Infelizmente as coisas ainda não estavam boas para banda que durante essa mesma turnê, Steven Tyler chegou a desmaiar em palco devido à dependência de drogas, afetando negativamente a imagem do grupo. Depois de outro período turbulento, a banda está pronta para voltar com tudo. “Walk this way”, parceria com Run D.M.C. estourou no mundo inteiro, colocando novamente a banda nos patamares que merecia. Nessa mesma época, a banda finalmente se livrou das drogas. O último a largar foi Tom Hamilton, que deu sua última "cheirada" nas gravações de “Permanent Vacation”.

---- A banda começa os anos 90 com tudo e mais um pouco. Cada álbum lançado por eles estourava nas paradas, culminando com o single de 1998 “I don’t wanna miss a thing”, trilha do filme Armageddon. Em 2000, o Aerosmith vai para a Calçada da Fama do Rock 'n' Roll e no ano seguinte é lançado o álbum “Just Push Play” que vai aos topos das paradas dos EUA com singles como "Jaded".
---- Em 2007, a banda passou pelo Brasil para uma única apresentação no dia 12 de abril, abrindo a "Aerosmith World Tour 2007". Para o delírio dos mais de 60 mil fãs que lotaram o estádio do Morumbi numa quinta-feira, a banda tocou seus clássicos por quase 2 horas, com destaque para a abertura com "Love In An Elevator", "Baby Please Don't Go" e "Draw The Line". Atualmente a banda está curtindo umas férias e infelizmente ainda não existe previsão para um próximo álbum.
---- Aqui no blog, nós vamos ficar com o épico “I don’t wanna miss a thing”. Não tinha como ser outra música. Hehe! 10ª posição então, Aerosmith!
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