Indian Serial Killer Ate Breasts of Female Victims

Surender Koli, prime accused in the Nithari serial killings, had allegedly chopped off the breasts of his female victims, whom he raped and murdered, and eaten them, the CBI claimed before the Supreme Court on Monday.

In an affidavit filed before the apex court, the CBI submitted that between February 2005 and October 2006, Koli murdered and sexually abused 12 women and children and disposed of their bodies by dismembering them in the most horrific fashion.

According to the CBI, on February 5, 2005 Koli lured one of his victims Rimpa to House No D-5, Sector 31, Noida, and then strangled her with her own chunni.

“Thereafter, accused Surender Koli carried the dead body to the bathroom on the first floor, dismembered the dead body with a knife, threw out the skull, clothes, chappals into the rear gallery and body parts into a drain. He cut the breasts and flesh from the dead body of Rimpa, cooked it and ate it,” the CBI stated in its affidavit.

After about a month, he lured another girl inside the house and repeated the act. “In this case also, he cut the breasts into pieces, cooked it and ate it,” the CBI said.


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