Video: The Ghost of Grimaldi's Grave

From Haunted Earth Paranormal Video Investigations

Joseph Grimaldi is regarded world-wide as the creator of the modern day Clown.

He died in 1837, and is buried in an old churchyard renamed Grimaldi Park, Islington, London.

What few people know is that he is alleged to actively haunt The Theatre Royal and Sadlers Wells.

Would the spirit of Mr. Grimaldi speak to Haunted Earth?

Chris Halton - Independent Paranormal Movie Maker

Joseph Grimaldi (18 December 1778 – 31 May 1837), the most celebrated of English clowns Grimaldi's performances made the Clown character the central character in British harlequinades.

To this day, on every first Sunday in February, a memorial service is held for Grimaldi at All Saints' Church, Haggerston, Hackney. At this service, hundreds of clowns flock from all over the world in full 'garb', and the service is followed by a show for the children. The church hall had been the home of the Clowns' Gallery, but after a fire they relocated to a nearby community centre.


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