Videos: Several UFOs Captured Near Ladner, British Columbia

Witness report:
Date of Sighting: November 15, 2008
Time of Sighting: 5:26 PM to 6:09 PST
Date Sighting Reported: November 16, 2008
Duration of Sighting: 43 Minutes
Location of Sighting: Ladner, British Columbia, Canada (See Map)
Latitude: 49.06 Degrees North
Longitude: 123.11 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: A Few Clouds Were Observed at 2,500 Feet and 5,500 Feet. Skies Were Mostly Cloudy (Broken Clouds) at 15,000 Feet and 20,000 Feet. Visibility Was 20 Miles. Winds Were From the Southwest at 4 MPH.

Description: I was biking near Ladner, B.C. tonight and stopped when I saw some strange moving lights in the sky to the east. I had my GPS with me. My sighting took place at N 49° 03.801 W 123° 06.594 and lasted from 5:26pm PST to 6:09 PST. At approximately 70° true, a group of about 6 lights were moving smoothly yet erratically in the sky. It was impossible to tell how large or how far away they were, but they didn't move more than about 30° above the horizon, or more than about 40° on either side of 70° True from my perspective. These lights were an orange street lamp color. I couldn't detect their size or any other definition. Their movement was fascinating. They would group together in pairs (although clearly not together as one solid object because their orientation to each other shifted slightly), and soar through the sky before dispersing or fading out. Then they would reappear in groups of 4 at times and do the same thing. All the while, other lights moved around them in different directions and speeds. The lights continuously changed speed and direction, and always slowly disappeared after a while only to reappear again in a different spot. Their general motion was in circles parallel to the ground, but at times they would also float slowly on an uneven course upward before disappearing. It seemed that the disappearing might have been due to the change of orientation. This bearing of 70° true is directly in line with the Boundary Bay Airport, but I can't imagine these were any kind of aircraft that would take off from a commercial airport. The only thing that made sense to me was that they could have been model airplanes, although I thought it was a strange time to fly model airplanes an hour after sunset. I am completely positive these were not satellites, fireworks or shooting stars, and I'm pretty sure that airplanes and helicopters cannot do such maneuvers as I saw tonight. I had my HD camcorder with me and was able to take a few minutes of video of the lights which I'll upload soon.


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