The Ghost of Rose O'Neill

I received the following email from William Leonardos Stavricos, Jr who is a professional artist:

This picture was taken at "Bonniebrook Park " in Branson, Missouri, around 10 years ago. Bonniebrook is the name of the house and property that Rose O'Neill built in the 1800's. Unsolved Mysteries did a story on, "The Ghost of Rose O'Neill", in which the story goes that she still walks the halls and the yards at Bonniebrook. Rose O'Neill was the famous 'Kewpie' artist. I was hired to be the 'Kewpie' artist in 1994 and I left in 1995 for personal reasons. I'm still connected to Bonniebrook in other ways. There is a light colored, white & blue orb at the end of the walkway to the old house. Where the two walkways split just beyond the bridge, there stands the orb. What's odd about the story, I've always felt this close connection with Rose O'Neill, she seems to leave me messages all the time. The work I have done on the 'Kewpie' have always been inspired by her. I know I could never take the great woman's place when it came to the Kewpie's, I still have my own art accomplishments to finish this life. What I'm trying to say is, I think Rose appeared to me in the orb, to let me know what I was doing in her name she approved of. I thought I would send this to you and see what you thought about it. Bill William Leonardos Stavricos, Jr. This is Bill's website

The story of Rose O'Neill can be found at the following link The Official Site of Rose O'Neill and Bonniebrook Museum


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