Ghost Sightings: Belleman’s Church Road, Berks County, PA

In the early days of my 36 years of searching for paranormal events and locales in Berks County, I was apprised of the sighting of a ghostly figure along Belleman’s Church Road near its namesake church.

There are those reading this now who may remember the hours spent walking along that road or camped out in cars seeking the senses others had felt there. Several of us spent a fair amount of time waiting for the ghosts that were said to stroll that roadway.
In articles written in a now-defunct weekly newspaper, I had established myself as a ghost hunter and received many leads as to where haunted houses — and roads — may be found. Dozens, and then hundreds, of correspondents shared their experiences with me, and I would often venture out to the sites of their sightings.

One of them was a stretch of Belleman’s Church Road where two ghosts had been spotted by at least four individuals who had contacted me.

To this day, it is only speculated that the ghosts may have been that of Adaline Baver and the man who murdered her in Mohrsville in 1845. Adaline is buried in the Belleman’s Church graveyard.

Apparently the road still is haunted, but as related in a recent e-mail from a woman I shall only refer to as "K," the ghost she saw was not Adaline, who was described as a trim, beautiful young girl.

"K" was driving home from her uncle’s house at around 2 a.m. when she had a most unsettling encounter.

"I was coming toward the church on Belleman’s Church Road and all of a sudden I saw this huge woman, so bright on this dark road, walk toward my car in the middle of the road. Then, she sat down cross-legged, looked straight ahead, and disappeared!

"She was tall, had medium-brown, shoulder-length hair, and just stared straight ahead! She had on very bright fluorescent clothes that were pink and orange and yellow. An overwhelming feeling came over me, and I was so scared that I barely made it home!"

Her grandmother, who was in the car at the time, confirmed that she also saw the curious disappearing figure.

"The lady I saw on Belleman’s Church Road was so overwhelming I don’t ever go on that road again," "K" said. "I can see her today like it was a few minutes ago!"


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