MUFON Case File: Strange Encounters Over the Years

I found these unusual accounts on the MUFON site today. It is an interesting read though I really don't have any way to verify it. The writer listed their residence in Arkansas. I didn't go through and edit / correct any of the statements. I'd like to see some response to these accounts on the Phantoms and Monsters Wiki.


First of all, we all are here because we have seen, or been a part of something that we cannot explain. Im 39 years old, married. She is 30, and we have 2 kids, 13 and 11. We are all sound minded, and not under the influence of anything. We live in a small town on the border of louisianna and arkansas. Our lifestyle here is very slow, and down to earth. country folk!. I was raised in houston,tx surburbs until i graduated. Then move here to go to college. It truely is a sportmans paradise here. Here missing school to go hunting, or fishing is a good thing.

So basically we live in a combination of pine forest and oak bottom land. white tail country. So here we spend much time out side enjoying nature. While enjoying nature is how many of my strange situations occured. Some of the time i was alone. Sometimes I was with friends and family. Often it was just me and my wife. Some event i cant give a definite time, but the occurrence will not be exaggerated. so here goes.

In fall of 91 i was exploring the woods/trails below the house. i was trying to develope my hunting skills so i spent all my extra time in the woods. i was near this creek deep in the bottoms when i came across some footprints. i was like, what the heck is someone doing in the woods walking bare footed. im thinking maybe a bear. i begin to nervously look around me. i said to myself those are human tracks. i took off my shoe to do a comparison. to make sure that they werent bear tracks. i made a foot print right beside them then i noticed something. each toe had a small hole in front of it. i was shocked... fist i thought the holes were ant holes in the ground. then i was like these have to be bear tracks. I began to follow the tracks there were less then 10 and all had the same claw marks at each toe. I never went back to that part of the woods. Maybe a couple of years later i saw the same tracks again at another fish spot we frequented. HUMAN TRACKS WITH CLAWS AT EACH TOE. AT CORNEY LAKE,SUMMERFIELD, AR WE FISH THERE OFTEN. SO I SAW THE SAME TRACKS IN 2 DIFFERENT PLACES ABOUT 10 MILES APART. BELOW THE HOUSE AND AT THE LAKE.

In the summer of 1996, about 11pm cst. I was lying in the drive way of my then girlfriends house, in bernice,la. There only a few clouds out that night and i was watching the sky. all of a sudden i see a light i thought was a air plane. I keep watching it and noticed that it didnt have the marker light planes have on their wings. it was just a bright white light moving across the sky. This white light went into a small white cloud bank and never came out next i noticed that a air plane approached directly in front of the light but didnt go into the cloud bank. i waited and waited for the light to come out. about 10 mins after the plane passed i saw the clould glow up like a street light in the sky. This was a pure white light the brightest i have ever seen in the sky. I looked up for another 2 hrs at least and didnt see anything else.

Oct. 92/93. im not sure about the date on this one. Me and some cousins were out fishing. about 12 of us. we were at a small creek in the woods a couple of miles from the house. we all started to here the loud growling sound. it was growling so loud that u could feel it. at the same time u could here huge trees breaking around it and the woman screaming for her life. u could feel the ground shake every time this thing pushed over a tree. the growls are making our clothes vibrate. it was close to halloween so im thinking maybe some is in the woods with a bass car system up loud as it could be. This thing is pushing over trees. A woman is sreaming bloody murder. it growling like a tiger or something and it is coming our way. we all laid on the ground and each chose a tree to climb when this thing gets in view. i chose one leading over the water, telling them that when this thing comes over here, im going over there. Next good judgement hit me, and told them that if whatever is pushing over trees. we might want to get on those bikes and get the hxxl out of here. and then we all ran to our bike and got from down there. i watch the news and newspapers for a couple of weeks waiting to see if there would be a missing woman on there. later on me and some cousing were talking about it and they told me that was the 2 time that they had heard that noise/event. the first time it was alot closer to the house i was living in then. maybe a half a mile away in the woods. im goin to make a statement here. INVISIBLE. WE COULD HEAR THE TREES FALLING. SEE THE TREES FALLING.WE COULD HEAR THE GROWLING. FEEL THE GROWLING. HEAR THE WOMAN SCREAM... BUT WE COULD NOT SEE WHAT IT WAS. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN JUST ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CREEK AND WE COULD NOT SEE IT. ALL OF THE NOISE STOP WHEN WE WAS LYING THERE WAITING ON IT TO COME OUT LIKE IT KNEW WE WAS THERE AND JUST GOT QUIET. ONCE AGAIN....INVISIBLE!

SEPT 94. i was walking down a 4 wheeler trail. the same woods below the house. maybe about a mile deep. this was a new trail to me so i explored it. it was tight at firstm but about 50 yards out it started to widen and become a nice road. something a truck to drive down. about 200 yds down it i passed a deerstand. i thought that's a good spot for one. all by itself on an nice rd. i keep walking and about 100 ft down i hear a DEER? get spooked? what i thought i heard was a deer or 2 running off in a young pine grove. it had a little brush near the road but in the trees was clear. i should have been able to see what was running. I could hear them. they headed out and circled around back to my direction. it shounded like a horse galloping. i was closing on me really fast. i have a 270 rifle with me. so i really wasnt to omfortable. the nois got so close i that i paniced and took off running back to the deer stand. i mean running. i could here the charging right behind me. when i got to the stand i leaped as high as i could grabbing the top of the stand, i lifted my legs up so the thing wouldnt impale me with it horns. i could hear it running by. i didnt see a thing come by. my heart was beating so fast. i got to the top fo the stand and sit. i took the lense covers off my scope hoping to get a shot off but there was nothing. INVISIBEL... SOMETHING RUN AWAYFROM ME, THEN BACK TOWARDS ME, CHASED ME UP A DEERSTAND AND I SAW NOTHING....INVISIBLE!

SUMMER OF 95?... im guessing. i was living the life of an outlaw. i was running from the police. so i head straight to the woods. i didnt want to go to deep because it was dark. the moon was out out so i could see the trail well enough to navigate it in the moon light. just a couple of hundred feet from the house is a old trash dump. there is a road behind it. my thinking is that i will take that road, walk towards the raliroad tracks, then hang out on the tracks until it was all clear. behind the trash dump i notice a red light in the sky. i could see it through the trees, im thinking it was the towns water tower, and if i head towards it i will reach the tracks. so i keep walking and i keep the red light in sight, when i come to a place where i know that i can cross over to the brush/briar patchs. i turned and headed towards the light. maybe 50 feet from where i turned. i was within 10ft from the light. it was on the ground. i could hear radio static. police radio im
thinking. so i think i just walked up on a police car parked in the woods. i really thought this until recently. i walked up on a police car in the woods. what i saw was a black object with a red light on top of it. it was less than my hieght,5'4". i kinda was adjusting my eyes to get a good view because im looking up through the trees one second then the next second i was standing by the light i was following. i didnt pause long. i have really good reflects. i have been tested and have pilot type relflects. so it didnt take me long to put everything in perspective. it took probably less than a couple of seconds. i could see the interior glow. i could see a seat with a body/person in it. i could hear the static from the radio. i could see a retangular red light on top of it. i bolted, i over shot the trail i was on and ran up in the briar. i ran about 100ft down and got back on the trail. i was like dam what, how did a police car get down in these woods. for years i thought it was a police car. first of all our police cars are white. second there is no way a car got to where i seen it... a 4wheeler barely can get down there. there is just no way possible a car was where it was. mabye a 4x4 with a winch could make it there. since now im a U.F.O. hunter. i think that what it was, and i was withing arm reach of it. one more thing. when i turned and bolted off from the object. i could see a bright amber light all around me blinding me. that's that's why i overshot the trail i was looking for. i couldnt see anything for a while. i thought the light was part of my panic. now i see the star-like ufo's more often and see them glow very brightly and dim out.

SUMMER 96. My wife, then girlfriend was sitting out at the lake. about 10 miles from the house, Corney Lake. We was going to houston,tx so decided to get some rest at the lake before we head out. it was well after 10pm at night. At about 2:30 my wife wakes me screaming somthing is shaking the car. i tell her it is the wind go to sleep. She is distrot. She is like man something just shook the the hell out of the car. im awake by now and tell her to be still and quiet. She is really panicy. i tell her to sit still and shut up. i remember keeping perfectly still. i eased my hand up to the radio and turned it down, so i could hear anything that was out there. it wasnt up loud anyway. I began to think maybe a bear has walked up on us. we dont have any bear around here, but u never know. I remember keeping my head and body still for at least 10 minutes. all at once i looked out the car window. expecting to see a animal on the window breathing heavily at us. I SAW NOTHING. SHE IS SCREAMING THERE WAS SOMETHING OUT THERE THAT SHOOK THE CAR. to calm her i got out and took a leak. i couldnt hear or see anything. I REALLY FELT LIKE SOMETHING WAS WATCHING ME AND WAS APPROACHING ME. SO I HURRIED INTO THE CAR AND STARTED IT UP A GOT OUT OF THERE. !INVISIBLE... FOR SURE SHE ISNT LOSING IT FOR NOTHING. BUT I DIDNT SEE OR HEAR NYTHING....INVISIBLE!!!

LATE SUMMER 99. I heard about a fishing place in hapmton,ar. i went, it was down a long dirt road. i get there and unload my rod, tackle box. i lock up my care 88 mustang conv. 5.0. i walk off just out of visual of the car. im thinking this water looks great, so i really get into it. im only a cpl hundred ft from my car. i could hear a kid/ maybe 2 playing. its a school day so i figure they are young and at home. the road i was on appeared to be semi-private. selective! there were a lot of reble flags hung on the houses. which were all on stilts. so i was on p's and q's. i could hear a small laughter. coming from where my car was. it was really light and delicate. sounded like kids having fun. i wasnt getting any bites so i decided i better not be here when these home wners get home. rebel flags! so i head back to the car. my door was open. my trunk was open. i got really spooked. the passenger door was open. i didnt get out on that side of the car. im thinking bad joke. but i never saw and signs of kids just the laughter. im talking pre-school laughter, not deliquent. I AM TELLING THIS STORY BECAUSE THIS WOULD NOT BE THE LAST TIME I RETURNED TO MY VECHICLE AND FOUND IT OPENED AND UNLOCKED.

summer 02. me and my wife took the senic/ backway home. we were coming up to the road that heads to our street. maybe about 6 miles deep in the woods. i say hey look there are some light glowing in the sky. there was 3 maybe 4 light dancing in the sky. they where not too high up. not too far away. they danced for a few seconds, then combined one by one into one bight light. and shot off really fast into the horizon. we were both like wow.

HIGH SCHOOL HOMECOMING NIGHT 2003...My wife and I was at my grandmothers house. about 5 miles east of town. we was standing outside talking with an aunt. when i showed the aunt what looked like a star. or a plane with just one light on. the landing white light i guess. i say to my aunt and wife hey yall look at that. i tell them that it is not a plane, where are the other lights. besides what plane do u know fly that fast. they are like yeah,ok. then i was like whatch this, here comes a plane towards it. whatch what it do. they ask what. i tell them watch it hide in the clouds till the plane passes by. It did just what i said. it hid in one place in a cloud till the plane was well by it. it come out about 15 mins later heading in the direction where the plane had come from. we only thought it was going fast at first. this thing now is going at least 2x as fast as it was when we first seen it.

NOV 06. The wife and i decide to go fishing. I remember there being many leaves on the ground and we were off work for Thanksgivings. we went to the lake... of course, corney lake. we gather the usuals. rods, tacke boxes. we lock up the truck 02 sports trac. we especially lock the tailgate because of the tonneu cover on back of the truck. we lock the doors because the truck will be out of visual and ear shot. u really dont know who will come down there to fish... or whatever. so we lock the doors. blow the horn for the alarm. things that we normally do when leaving our vehicle unattended. so we walk about 100 yds or to a place we like to fish. As soon as we got there we could here something walking in front of us. since it was fall there was not brush or briar patches, so u could see at least 50yds in front of us. I thought it was only a deer. Maybe if we were lucky, we could see a wild hog. I was excited, it's heading our way. I tell my wife keep a look out incase it's a hog, I dont think i will cross the creek, but u never know. She nods her head ok. so we keep hearing what sounds to be walking towards us rather quickly. I began to rationalize. is it a armadillo, is a rabbit. maybe a squirrel. I knew for sure it wasnt a deer after thinking about it for a while, deers walk silently. no rodent would cover that type of distance so quickly. The creek we are fishing on have small sand banks on both sides, and is only about 30 ft wide. Where my wife is standing is gets smaller about 10 feet or less. when i could here it on the opposite of the bank, but see nothing, i signal to my wife to be quiet. She nods here head and begin to try to get my attention. I kinda was looking all over, thinking where is it. She is looking at me strangly and looking over her other shouder. i hear it behind us now. it is now moving towards our truck. I looked at her and was like did u see it. where did it cross. she says right beside me, but i couldnt see it. im like what? So i srug it off as the game warder just walked by an i couldnt see him because he was in the green uniform. I then think maybe it was someone else here fishing. and the steps were the echoes coming from behinds us. I tell her to rap it up... lets get out of here. We hurry back to the truck. When we get there the passenger door is open, and the tailgate is down. im really nervous now. i think someone probably has gotten our battery. NOTHING IS MISSING NOTHING WAS TAMPERED WITH. IT WAS LIKE WE JUST LEFT THE DOOR OPEN AND THE GATE OPEN ON THE TRUCK. IM LIKE HELL NO I DIDNT DO THAT. I ASKED MY WIFE WHAT DID SHE SEE. DID SHE SEE IT COME BY HER. SHE SAYS YEAH IT WAS CLOSE ENOUGH TO BREATH ON ME, BUT I NEVER SAW ANYTHING. I SAID HOW DID U KNOW IT WAS CLOSE. SHE SAYS I COULD SEE SOMETHING MAKING THE WATER MOVE LIKE AND I COULD SEE THE WATER RUNNING OFF WHATEVER IT WAS. I SAID WHAT... IT MADE STEPS IN THE WATER AND I COULD SEE THE WATER DRIPPING/RUNNING OFF WHAT EVER IT WAS. SHE SAID WHEN U WAS TELLING ME TO BE QUIET, THAT WHAT I KEPT LOOKING AT AND POINTING TO. SOMETHING WALKED BY MY WIFE CLOSE ENOUGH TO BREATH ON HER AND SHE COULD SEE WATER RUNNING OFF IT, SHE COULD NOT SEE IT.... IT WALKED BEHIND ME AND UP THE RD WE CAME DOWN. I COULD HEAR IT ALL THE WAY. BUT SAW NOTHING. THE TRUCK IS UNLOCKED AND DOOR IS OPEN WHEN WE GET THERE...sECOND TIME THIS HAS HAPPEN TO ME. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN BACK THERE SINCE THEN. THIS IS ALSO IN THE AREA WHERE I SAW THE HUMAN FOOTPRINTS WITH THE CLAW MARKS ON THE GROUND..... INVISIBLE!

SUMMER 06... one night after 12am we were coming through Lillie, La. My wife and brother-n-law saw something on side of the road. they describe a something tall and hairy. my wife says it was black. they both say it was about 7ft tall but really broad. much broader than a bear. bro was thinking it was a grizzly bear. but bigger. but looked like a extremely hairy cave men. u could se that it didnt have on any clothes. at first look u would think it was a man, but then u could see it was very hairy. we had been hearing from friends all summer saying that they were seeing a BIGFOOT ON SIDE OF THE ROAD. this was 20 miles in the opposite directions from what people say they were seeing it, but it was on the same highway. my wife was driving.. i was begging her to turn around for me to see what it was. She was too scared to turn around.

May 08- present. what we really see regulary is the star-like objects that glow up, dim, move fast, or move slow. we have seen them streak off so fast that they leave a white trail of light to the naked eye. they hide in the clouds from the air planes. they dim from the air planes. we hardly see on just plain take off and out run the planes. usually we see only one at a time. they can glow brightly enough to look like an amber streetlight in the sky. we have also noticed that they glow up when they are about to go really fast. 3 or 4 times faster than an airplane.

OCTOBER, A STAR-LIKE UFO jumped from the horizon, to less than a 100ft in front of me and a friend and jump back into the horizon just as fast. i cam directly at us for just a few seconds. then just took offmthen i also notice a jet just off in the horizon. we was thanking god for saving us.

NOVEMBER sitting in the back yard my wife screams for me to come out and see on that just appeared directly over her in the back yard. it was just over the treeline. it move over the house and flew off.

NOVEMBER Around the 8th when everybody had all the sightings. a starlike ufo came do the street and shinned its light on my wife and brother in law. it lighted up the entire street.they ran home horrified.

NOVEMBER. one night in the yard we could see lights through the bushes next to our house. we live next to a huge sewer pond. and there are no lights in that direction. the light was red, green, white flashing and moving. the kids was screaming because they know that nothing should be out there. we next heard something walking closer to us. we heard this this thing trip and fall dropping a beer bottle. company through the bottle beside a tree just out in the bushes. we hear it get up. and go back to where it got the first bottle then move back out of the yard. this time they noticed that it moved from besided us to the back of the yard in less than a second. close to 100ft. then we couldnt hear it any more. .... INVISIBLE!

NOVEMBER. we saw what look like 3 planes going over the house. the only difference was that they had huge square lights completely across them. they where shaped like triangles, and the back was completely lighted up. they were in close persuit by 4 or more planes. 6 saw this.

NOV. 29... me and the wife see a cloud glowing. i went out to feed the dogs, when i turned around to head back to the house i see a huge cloud with light on the inside of it... it looked like something was hidding in the cloud it was huge. my wife said the entire street was lighted up when we first walked outside.. i could see the light shinning on the houses on the next street. i looked like whatever it was, it was smoking. there was 2 jets right behind it. it was very low just over the trees. there was not any moon light out and the top of the cloud was what was lighted up. NOT VERY SURE AT WHAT I SAW.

dec 6th... a huge circular object broke through the atmosphere. it was perfectly round and had a green burning halo around it. the object was the size of the moon in the sky and left a green flame trail about 3x as long as it was. it had the same color glow as the moon but was burning green. 7 of us saw this thing.

dec 6th a starlike ufo was passing over the house being met by a plane. it hovered still near a cloud looking like a star.and the plane went by it and turned around very quickly. the plane passed it again. the plane then turned back around, then the starlike ufo glowed up and shot off like a rocket leaving the plane. 3 saw this.

Something i have noticed about the star-like ufo... they cant be very large. we have been close to them, withing 200 ft and u cannot see a shape of anything. u can only see the light which up close look like the landing lights on planes. 4 adults here have been this close to these things and only saw light. i hope they are military toys.. and some ones joke... a sick joke if its military....ha ha lets chase them around... not funny at all. one thing for sure there is always an airplane close by it. either meeting it... or following it.

Im just sharing some of the things i find strange around me. I would like to hear what others have to share... I COPIED PASTED THIS HERE SO IF IT DOESNT READ CORRECTLY IM INCLUDING A NOTEPAD VERSION OF IT. THANKS I HOPE OTHER CAN RELATE TO SOME OF THESE OCCURANCES.


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