MUFON Case File: UFO Landing - Aguada, Puerto Rico

Video link MUFON Case File: UFO Landing - Aguada, Puerto Rico

Witness statement: On June 11, 2008, at approximately 2:52am, I was alone in the living room when I suddenly got a feeling that I should go outside onto the balcony and there it was again. My camcorder was not in the immediate area, but luckily I had my cellphone with me. It appeared to be a saucer shape craft, similar to the one I've seen previously, with lights around it. It was hovering motionless. Please listen to the sound it made mixed the crickets chirping in the background. The sound is similar to the strange humming sound I've heard before. It was over the wooded mountains near the other house I had to move to in Aguada, Puerto Rico. The reason why I send it to you now was because it was recorded with my cellphone. We didn't know how to transfer the recording into my computer or burn it on a DVD disk. A friend finally transferred the information on a disk and then into my computer. I recorded the object for approximately 15 seconds before I feared to be alone in balcony and in the dark. Thank you for your attention.

NOTE: Aguada, Puerto Rico has a long history of UFO and extraterrestrial activity, evidenced in this link to an encounter we reported on from November 2005 Personal Disclosure: Alien Close Encounter / Abduction - Aguada, Puerto Rico. There have been rumors that the United States government has a secret base in this location and that various UFOs of all shapes and sizes have been seen descending into this jungle.


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