Paranormal Investigation Conducted at Connecticut Landmark

With close to 300 years of history at the Cheney Homestead on Hartford Road, it’s no surprise that paranormal investigators Michael Krause and Cindy Kabel decided to spend their Friday night trying to divine the property’s secrets.

Krause and Kabel said their investigation of the site, including an old schoolhouse as well as a stand of hemlock trees, would take approximately six hours. Some of the equipment was to be left overnight to gauge “energy” and record possible images.

Krause said he would share his findings with the Manchester Historical Society sometime after New Year’s.

Krause approached the society two months ago about doing an investigation at the property, and the members approved his excursion.

Historical society President Vivian Ferguson said she wasn’t aware of any other paranormal investigations that have happened at the Cheney home during her time with the society.

Timothy Cheney — a farmer, miller, and one of America's famous clock makers — built the Cheney Homestead about 1785.

Krause, who formed Eastern Connecticut Paranormal seven years ago, said he grew up in Manchester and had always been interested in the Cheney property. He said he would use several pieces of equipment, including cameras with night recording abilities, electronic voice recorders, and electronic metal field detectors.

“We’re looking for a lot of voice phenomena,” Krause said of what he hopes to find in the house. “Sometimes voices come out on the recorder.”

He said it typically takes three to four days to go through all the data and discern whether there is anything of note. Ninety percent of all incidents have a logical explanation, Krause said, but he is interested in the remaining 10 percent.

Krause’s interest in paranormal phenomena began during his childhood on Pine Street when he began to hear a woman’s voice in the house and feel hands holding him down in his bed at night.

He explained that he eventually learned that the house, which was built in the early 1900s, housed a Civil War widow and her children, one of whom broke his neck in a fall down the stairs.

Kabel, who has worked with Krause for the past year, became interested in the paranormal when Krause came to her Stafford property and said he had determined that there were remnants of Native Americans there. She said her house is built over a former burial ground.


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