Photo: Pulsating Yellow UFO - Collegeville, PA - Dec. 17, 2008

Witness statement to MUFON: It hovered over a distant area in front of my house in Collegeville, PA. At first it seemed to be up high in the air, like with the stars, however after it started moving (see below) I realized it was only a few hundred or a thousand feet up likely, around the height in the air that a small 1-2 passenger plane would fly.

I was putting out the garbage when I noticed this yellow, seemingly "pulsing" or "flickering" object/light in the sky. It caught my eye. At first there were actually two yellow lights in the sky, sort of next to each other. Both seemingly not moving, however shortly after going outside and noticing these the one on the left moved out of site towards the left. I assumed that was a plane and didn't witness it "hovering" long enough to assume otherwise. The other object stayed in one location for approximately 5 minutes.

After about 5-7 minutes it started to move to the right slowly. Then eventually it slowly moved towards my house and flew over my neighborhood. Up until this time I wasn't sure if it was a helicopter, or what it was? As it got closer the yellow light seemed to be only light, meaning nothing else was blinking like on a plane or helicopter, and when I looked at the light it was almost like when you stare at something and your eyes don't focus quite right, presenting a prism effect coming out of the bottom of the object. I would say that there likely wasn't actually something coming out of the object - rather I was just seeing the light reflecting strangely. This "reflection" of light coming from the object looked like an asterisk shape almost.

The strangest part of this experience, and the part that leads me to believe this wasn't a plane or helicopter, was how slowly it moved and that it did not make a sound. It was very quiet where I was standing, and the sky was as clear as could be. In the time it took this object to fly from the distant spot where I saw it first, until it has passed by my neighborhood, I was able to witness many other planes fly into and out of my visable area. In fact, while it was almost directly overhead, there were other planes, large passenger planes, flying at a much higher distance than this object - and I could see them and hear them, and they would completely come into my visable area and then go out of my visible area all while this object passed by slowly. I would estimate that approximately 6-10 other planes came into sight during the time the object was flying towards me and then left my sight as this object was still passing by. As I mentioned, I could hear the other planes, but when the object was the only thing in sight, I could not hear the object.

Overall I watched it for approximately 20 minutes. The shape of the object seemed circular or spherical. It was an orange-yellow color. See attached photo (sorry it's not very good). I lost sight of the object after it flew over the wooded area behind my house.

I'm not sure exactly what I saw, but I know that it was awesome and had my heart pumping. It easily could have been something explainable, but I'm not sure what? For how close it was, how much noise it made (zero!), and how slowly it crept across the sky, coupled with the hovering when I first noticed the object - I believe definitely something odd was viewed.

I do also have a short video of this object, but it wasn't moving in the video and I couldn't get the shot very focused. It is 30 seconds long.


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