Video: Fragment From 1988 Muncie, Indiana UFO Crash Revealed

Statement: I have been researching the UFO subject for the last 10 years. UFOs and Aliens most certainly exist. I wish the media would do some research before they laugh at the subject. It's time the media took the subject seriously and started demanding the truth from our leaders.

Roswell was not a Mogul balloon. Two alien space craft crashed north west of Roswell in 1947. There have been several other crash retrievals since then. I know several "insiders" with first hand knowledge. All of them dream of the day when they could be able to testify before congress as to what they know.

It's not the 1940's any more. We can handle the truth. Like John Podesta said back in 2000, it's not only the right thing to do it's the law. What I'm showing in this video is an actual fragment of a UFO which crashed near Muncie Indiana in 1988. It was recovered by a dear friend of mine who is much older than me. He worked in the Government on a top secret project in the 1990's which was funded by DARPA. He recovered the fragment in 1989 when a friend of his who was a FEMA agent brought him to the site. Not all UFOs are of ET origin. Only "some" are. Project Blue Book was under staffed and under funded. It served the purpose of a PR program to debunk UFOs. The Condon Report was bias and skeptical from the start, thus they came to wrong conclusions which the USAF uses to this day to make it seem like they could care less about UFOs and they know nothing about them.

I am more than willing to let CNN or anyone else who is willing to take this seriously analyze it. Simply contact me. I will not mail the fragment, so you will have to come to me in Atlanta or I will meet you in Atlanta.


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