Video: Ghost of Child - Tijuana, Mexico

This link from Ghost Theory was forwarded to me by a reader:

‘Grupo Paranormal’ (Paranormal group from Tijuana Mexico) claim to have video taped a ghost of a young boy in a house that is supposedly haunted.

The group, based in the border city of Tijuana Mexico, received an urgent call from Raul Palacios, a father concerned that poltergeist activity in his home was attacking his daughter. Mr. Palacios being skeptical from the beginning did not really want to acknowledge that what was going on in his home was something that was beyond his control.

NOTE: The video that follows has a lengthy conversation between the host of the show and Mr. Palacios and two members of the ‘Grupo Paranormal’ team. So I decided that instead of doing a word-by-word translation, I will just summarize what is said on the interview.

Mr. Palacios (seen on the video with a red shirt) said that he’s been a skeptic all his life when it came to the paranormal. He does not believe in ghosts or hauntings. It wasn’t until earlier this year that it all changed for him. Mr. Palacios’ daughter started to see a ghost of a young boy around their home. At various times of the day, in various parts of the house. It wasn’t until his daughter decided to ask the ghost what he wanted that the ghost started to communicate with her, telling her that he was afraid of a dark shadow and did not want to be left alone.

Sensing that his daughter might be going crazy or delusional from her pregnancy (she was late stages of her pregnancy) Mr. Palacios blew this off as just imagination. One day, he and the rest of his family began to see physical manifestations of the poltergeist. Objects being hurled around the home, strange noises and voices could be heard around the home. At times, his daughter would say that the spirit of the boy pleaded with her not to leave him alone in the house. Whenever the family would leave the house, the daughter could see the ghost of the little boy looking out the window.

After a few months of this poltergeist activity, Mr. Palacios thought that it was possible that there was some phenomenon inside his home that could not be logically explained. Still skeptical, it was not until the ghost of the little boy started to appear itself to the rest of the family that Mr. Palacios knew that his home was haunted. In one instance, he was in the living room watching television, when he witnessed his daughter exiting their bathroom and all of a sudden, from across the room, an object [plate I think] was thrown at her.

He seeked help from a local church, only to have the poltergeist activity come right back at full force. Desperate and not knowing who to ask, Mr. Palacios contacted the Tijuana based paranormal team.

The team brought in a medium that was able to confirm the story of the ghost’s fear of another shadow being inside the home.

This shadow being, was the one causing the poltergeist attacks on the family. According to the paranormal group, the medium said that it was the the boy’s father that was tormenting the boy like he did in real life. The medium claims that the father killed and buried the body in the property.

With the help of the medium, they were able to cleanse the home. Only to find out that the shadow being was the only entity that had left. To this day, the ghost of the little boy remains in the house. Giving a message to the medium saying that he is staying in order to protect the unborn baby and the mother.

During the next few months, the daughter was the only person to see Felipe running about the house.

No one else saw him. After the birth of her baby, the daughter did not see Felipe’s ghost any more.

To this date, there has been no further poltergeist activity reported in the Tijuana household.

Notes on the video:
If you forward to about the 3:00 minute mark, you can see what the team claims to be Felipe peeking through a 1 1/2 inch gap between the wall and the T.V.

According to the team, the attacks and poltergeist activities were only caused by the shadow being, since after it had left, there were no other attacks on the daughter.


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