Blame For 'Georgia Bigfoot Hoax' Placed On Biscardi

Steve Kulls of has recently posted an 'official report' ...his account of what happened during the 'Georgia Bigfoot Hoax' debacle in the summer of 2008. Frankly..and predictably, he lays the blame on Tom Biscardi. Below is a preamble to his report and the link to the website:

This official report while covering a specific incident which occurred in 2008, is actually a culmination of several investigations initiated in April of 2006 by Steve Kulls, the writer of this report. While it will begin with the details of a hoax which originated from Georgia, it will end up the investigation of the man whom propagated this hoax, C. Thomas Biscardi, and an exposè of his company; Searching for Bigfoot, Inc., it's real purpose, and will answer all the questions about this incident and surrounding. Much of this information came about upon the conclusion of this hoax and subsequent investigation.

This writer took many accusations and allegations, while knowing he was actually withholding some evidence, until such time was right to present it in a detailed, formatted and final disposition as well as allowing some time to pass and for emotions to simmer to obtain the information necessary to expose the absolute truth in the matter surrounding the original hoaxers Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, and their relationship with Tom Biscardi.

It also should be noted that in any investigation of this magnitude, as in the criminal investigative world, dealing with "less than innocent" people will occur. This sadly is a simple fact, but dealing with people whom were involved was necessary to understand motivations and gather the required physical evidence and proper investigation via interviews, fact gathering and visiting on site locations.

Of the three, two have come forward to admit their share of the blame. The one whom hasn't has the most to lose, Tom Biscardi. Biscardi, has not answered one tough question when it comes to complicity in this hoax. Through thorough investigation and interviews, what really transpired in Georgia can now be fully explained.

This for many will also reveal exactly, my involvement in the events surrounding this debacle. Many sadly thought my involvement was dubious. And granted in the event the alleged body was real, yes, I would have had a large role to fill, and was promised some kind of monetary gain, and rightfully so. But I never had anything in writing with Searching for Bigfoot or Biscardi over this ordeal, as amounts and percentages were never discussed. And I never publicly stated this was real and privately, told people that Biscardi stated he had seen it and it was real. Through my travels, and slow arduous investigations of him, he had never lied to me about current research events. So unfortunately my tendency was to believe him. Yes that was my mistake, perhaps I lost my "Donnie Brasco" reason for being there in the first place. I mean how could he lie about something so big? Well he never did to me...until now.

The facts contained herein were gathered between April 2006 - February 2009. The revelations of Biscardi's involvement in the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax and evidence, were collected and documented February 3rd - 6th, 2009.

The Official Report of Steve Kulls regarding the Georgia Bigfoot Body Hoax of 2008

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