The Haunted House On Pershing Street

The Stockton Record wants me to do an initial investigation at a legendary haunted home in Stockton. The home is located at N. Pershing Street. Waiting for me in this home are the lovely Christine Taylor, her brother and videographer. The owner Rick Freeman, his enchanting daughter Bobbie Lawson and her grandmother are also waiting.

The owner gives me a briefing about this home that reminds me of a cross between a countryside cottage and a European castle. Legend has it, that it was built in 1925 by the man that built the Stockton Hotel. One of the stories that are constantly told in Stockton is that a man committed suicide by hanging himself in this home after his fiancée called off their wedding. People say that a little boy apparition has been seen looking outside from the attic window. People have heard a little boy and little girl crying and when they investigate to see where the children are, there are no children crying, nor are there any children for that matter. Many people think that the little boy was confined to the basement and died of starvation. As I looked into the basement, Bobbie showed me crayon marks that read: ‘Hi there, bye there.’

Rick Freeman, the owner bought the home as an investment. He tells me that the longest any occupant lived in this house was for 6 years, all others stayed in this house no longer than 6 months. Many former occupants feel that the home is cursed. Family tragedies have occurred to previous homeowners after they moved out of the home. I used divining rods and asked if there was an entity in the house. The rods crossed indicating yes. I asked the rods to take me to the location where the entity was. It took me to the garage. Note: Divining rods are not a sound science, but should only be used for experimentation. Checking my digital audio recorder, I have a menacing sound that sounds like a man growling, I need to place this on audacity to verify the sound. My photographs display a huge amount of orb activity. I plan to prepare a December scouting mission to this location and see what we can fully discover at the most haunted house in Stockton.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator & Ghostwriter
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International

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