Paranormal: Mother Desperately Seeks Help For Daughter

I recently received this email from a desperate mother (typos have been revised):

I am looking for some kind of help and answers, please. I have always been a person that believed in the paranormal. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter in 2002 and life was fine. Unknown to me it would be altered by unseen things. Ever since my baby was born she has sensed something else that we cant see. She always wakes up screaming and staring into the dark like she has just seen a ghost or something. Much to my surprise it was that. She couldn't tell me at that age but as she got older she would tell me that she saw things. Mostly it was dark figures, at times she saw dead people. I thought it had finally stopped till she started talking about seeing dark figures floating around the room. I don't know why the dark shadows seek my daughter but it scares me. She has slept with me for her whole life. She is now 6 years old and still sees things. It isn't every night but enough that she stays scared. Is there anything we can do to make this go away? Her father said that on his side of the family almost every women in the family had the power to see things and converse with them. So is this something that will always be in her life. Please send an email with some kind of help for me.

Note: This email was sent to me asking for help. If you truly think you can help this person, please email me at Lon - Phantoms and Monsters and I will forward the contact information. Thanks.
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